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Name: Andrew and Amara "Amy" Mason

Gender: Male and Female

Age: 17 & 16

God Parent: Poseidon, Prometheus and Astraeus

Mortal Parent: Amber Mason

Appearance: check upcoming pics

Amara's Looks

Andrew's Looks


Amara's Personality

Amara is a very neat person,almost to the point, probably at the point, of OCD. She refuses to sleep in a messy room, and she will know when people touch her things. She also loves odd numbers, for some 'odd' reason, (Ha, get it? xP) and finds things like vanilla cake with chocolate icing abominations and, refuses to eat them. However, Amara is also very passionate about things, and isn't afraid to show that side of her. She also enjoys being calm, most of the time, so she is obsessed with meditating and yoga. The whole ordeal with her brother, she finds it more of a relaxed thing than Andrew, and doesn't mind if Andrew dates other girls outside it. However, she believes she must keep it a secret, because they'll treat the two differently once they find out.

Andrew's Personality

Andrew is normally calm and relaxed, not really caring or sweating most issues that pop up. He's quite a slob, often too lazy to wash his clothes, brush his hair or clean his room. In fact, he finds comfort in a completely messy room. Unlike most of his siblings, he doesn't care for the water at all. But he takes his secret relationship with his sister quite seriously, he does his best to maintain the secret and make sure no one gets between him and Amy.

History: Amber Mason was a fair horseback rider, it was her profession and dream ever since she was younger. Amber tended to fall into many relationships with men, none had ever lasted. She had a strange bearded man, they dated for a few months and Amber had given her heart and soul to him. A few days after they consummated their relationship, her lover had vanished with the wind. Amber was left pregnant, but she wanted the man to come back so badly and gave birth to the bastard child nine months later. She named the baby boy Andrew, unaware that his father was Lord Poseidon. King of the Sea, The Earthshaker, Father to Horses and one of the Big Three.

A few months after Andrew's birth, Poseidon returned to her. Amber was overwhelmed with joy. They talked laugh and such, obviously Poseidon had to lie because he was pretending to be a mortal. They had some drinks and went off to bed again. Where she was once more impregnated and abandoned by the god of the sea. She reluctantly gave birth to her second child, she was a young baby girl named Amara. She was only a year younger than Andrew. Amber decided to quit her career and raise them, but she would always hate Poseidon for leaving her. She ended up moving in with her brother Chester. He allowed the three of them to stay, but on the condition that they stay out of his bedroom no matter what.

Growing up, it was like Amara and Andrew were complete opposites. Amara was clean, while Andrew was messy. Amara was always the serious one, and Andrew never took anything seriously. For a time, the two couldn't stand eachother. However, on Amara's 6th birthday, that changed. The birthday part was in a park and, Andrew couldn't believe he had to come. So, as they played kickball, and, Andrew wandered away, not liking to be around girls because cooties, the ball drifted into the street. Amara wandered to get it, their mom looking else where, and, as she bent down to pick up the ball, a minivan swerved and, sped right towards her. And, the only one to save her was Andrew, who pretty much tackled her out of harm's way, saving her life. After that, the two were pretty much inseparable. Best friends until the end of time. This was also around the time that he started to call his sister Amy.

One day, when Andrew was 10 and Amara was 9, their mother decided to stop for ice cream, a little reward for Amy getting straight A's and Andrew not completely failing. As she was getting them back in the car, she caught sight of a man who looked almost exactly like her lover who she hadn't seen in years. However, after she blinked, he just disappeared. She went into complete shock and, complete heartbreak she had kept hidden for years. And, everything rushed back and she collapsed, having a heart attack. Andrew jumped out of the car and, began to shout for help but, it was too late. His mother had died of Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, also known as Broken Heart Syndrome.

Their mother was dead and their uncle had gotten the news. Uncle Chester had taken custody of the Mason kids, but the seemingly loving and caring uncle had a dark secret. In their first week, they noticed how Uncle Chester was always vanishing. How he always had tapes lying around and how kids were always brought to his house. One day when they were coming home from school, a pack of harpies attacked them. The two of them dashed for their lives, fortunately a 24 year daughter of Aeolus easily slew the beasts. But when she tried to find Andrew and Amy, they had already fled the scene. They both agreed never to discuss it and besides, they had FAR more worse things to find out about.

Uncle Chester began getting strangely interested in Amy, kissing her neck and cheek. Andrew didn't like it one bit, but there's nothing he could do. A few days later, Andrew was woken up to a troubling scene. His sister was naked and in tears and his uncle had a video camera. Chester was a child porn producer, he made tens of thousands of dollars forcing poor children to make love.

He made Andrew a proposition, either he would make a video with his sister or Chester would. Andrew didn't want that to happen, so he gave into his uncle's demands. This went on for 3 years, Andrew and Amy would be forced to commit incestous acts on film. They would cry themselves to sleep afterwards, but eventually they grew to enjoy it. They also had a few monster attacks, like a pack of hellhounds tried hunting them down. But they were run over by a passing truck and the Mason kids were gone before they had time to reform. A few more monster attacks occurred, fortunately they were all telekhines which were easy to outrun.

One day Uncle Chester was feeling generous, as the mason kids had to perform an orgy with 3 other kids. He took them to the zoo, but Andrew was still steaming at his uncle. When they got to the Zebra exhibit, Andrew realized he could talk to them. As a child of poseidon, he could talk to equine animals. He commanded them to trample his uncle to death, the zebra ran out of the open fields they were kept in, broke through the fence and his uncle was soon in the Underworld.

Amy, having been traumatized not only by the molestation, but, by her Uncle's death too, broke down into a full mental breakdown, comforted by her older brother. The authorities soon came, and, seeing the death, took them into foster care. Because of Amy's mental breakdowns, hardly anyone wanted the two of them. Until one day, as Andrew turned 15, Amara being 14, a woman came up, and adopted them. She told them that she was not only their new legal guardian, but a veteran Demigod. She was the 24, now 29, daughter of Aeolus, and she wanted to help the two out. The first thing she did was help them get over their trauma. She put them both in therapy, to get over what had happened, to get over the sexual feelings the two harboured for one another. The two got better mentally, but, feigned getting rid of the feelings for another.

She not only helped them mentally, but, physically. She trained them with every weapon she could and, helped them defeat every monster the three encountered, having an extremely strong scent now. She told them great tales of adventure and, was like their real mother. However, when Andrew grew to the age of 17, and, Amara to the age of 16, the two knew that it was time to move on. It was time to move out, to Camp. So, they packed their things, taking with them their weapons, and, headed for Camp Half-Blood, arriving in almost no time.


Andrew's Weapons: A Club & A Lance

Amara's Weapons: A Spear and, as a secondary weapon, a Whip.

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Please expand on all the monster attacks over the years. In the first attack, were they still 9 and 10? Could you please clarify?

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I don't really understand why there would be a situation in which the kids would spent the night at their Uncle's house even if they thought he was nice at the time. Also, did their mother ever get another job?

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