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Name: Angel Stewart

Age: 14

Mortal Parent: Martin Stewart

God Parent: Eris

Personality: Angel is almost the exact opposite from her name. She's destructive and doesn't care about much. She's free living and loves what she loves, and hates what she hates. When you first meet her she has a bland personality, unless she likes you of course. Once you get close to her she's a lot of fun, and a real rebel. 

Appearance: Rita Ora. :)

History: Martin Stewart was a rich, bi-polar, well-known criminal in California. He was in his current hide-out where a woman,Rose, knocked on his door. Goodness she was beautiful. She was also a criminal but she never explained what she did. Martin a sucker for a pretty face took her in. They stayed alone for a while before on thing led to another. She left unexpectedely saying she'd be back. A few days later Martin was found by the police and sentenced in jail for killing his father with a knife, skinning him fully. 

About a month later Rose came back with a baby. They argued about how he couldn’t take care of a child on prison so they arranged something with his previous ex Monica. His ex was a money-hog, so she took the baby gladly along with the pin number to his credit card.

The baby girl was named Angel. Due to the absence of both her parents and the ignorance of the ex, she was raised loosely. Manners were there but not towards everyone. She inherited the bipolarness from her father so making friends wasn’t easy either. She got kicked out of many schools for vandalizing, getting into fights, stealing, skipping, yelling at the teachers and occasionally the principal.

The school that accepted her was a small public school. It was a middle and a high school. She dressed like she didn’t care but she still managed to make it look good and expensive. Being friends with the high schoolers around the age 13 got her a lot if privileges. She hung out during lunch, vandalizing the school walls with an obvious signature. She often brought her skateboard and skated around the halls bumping into other students not giving a care in the world.

Once night she was invited to a party. At that party were many jocks and one of them turned out to be a cyclops. She didn’t know at first, but he insulted her as a joke but due to her bi-polarness she snapped on him. She cursed him out in front of his “friends” and left. It later found her somewhere else at the party, cornered her near the juice bar and out of instinct she yelled for help, and short kid with a whole bunch of acne came from behind the cyclops and killed it with a swipe of his sword.

The boy introduced himself as Roger and gave Angel a white and gold watch. The two stayed with each other at the party and talked for a bit. They crossed each other at school and became closer.

On her 14 birthday, she and her older friends skipped school to go the Chuckee Cheeses. They raided the place and tormented the kids. An empousa snuck up behind her while she was in the play tubes. Angel freaked out and kicked like crazy. A random voice said Twist your watch and when she did an 3 foot celestial bronze sword came outta nowhere. She panicked even more and stabbed the empousa without knowing. The fight was too much pressure and cause the tubes to break. The manager called the police and the group went to juvie. After an annoying mother explained the story completely’ wrong, Angel got let easy since she was obviously younger than the rest and was only tried for two weeks, while the others stayed longer.

The same boy who had befriended her at the party was already her best friend. She vented to him about the attack she’d received. Roger later explained to her that he was a satyr. He showed her his hooves and goat legs before she almost fell off the chair surprised out of her mind. He later explained how she was a demigod and how she needed to get to camp.

Monica took this well and let her leave. But out of a kind heart she gave Angel a credit card. They took an airplane to camp and fought an empousa in the back of the plane and continued the ride in peace. She was still 14 when the reached camp, and when they did she was claimed as a child of Eris. Roger then gave her a hug and left camp to go find some more demigods. 

"Because you're my friend,  Seaweedbrain. Any more stupid questions?"~Annabeth Chase"  


i'm kinda edgey on the hook up, like I feel like if an inmate was getting some. The guards would have to shut that down XD. i'd suggest having him conceive Angel and THEN go to the slammer. also if roger was a satyr, he would've taken her to camp ASAP. oh and swords can't be 8 feet taller. that's way taller than any human V.V, i'm guessing you meant 8 inches..

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5 feet is still too long and I guess the rest is fine :/

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I'd think a lot of people on the wiki would know who Rita Ora is, so I'd suggest putting her up for vote.

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What happened tp Roger the satyr? Did he immediately leave after Angel got to camp or did he stay in camp with Angel? (btw, everything is fine for the claim and all you need to do is answer this question, once you do that, i will claim her :3)


I think Rita Ora can pass off for at least 14-18 just saying. Template:Kat claim sig

to kat's comment, i think she can pass off for 16-18, not under 16. >.<"

but besides that, everything looks peachy. XP


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