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Name: Angel White-Heart Godly parent: Apollo spiecies: Nephlem/demigod Age: 10 years old (Mortal Age) Parent: Aratraya (Angel) Personality: Protective (mothers side), caring, humble, outgoing, loves the outdoors, arrogent. Apearance: five feet three inches, White skin and Light blue eyes and Blond hair and wing span one foot past finger tips. Pet: Cheetah History: born in the heavens but sent to earth to live a mortal life... i was on my own from five years old till i found camp half-blood. I have pure white wings given to me by god himself and i can bring the wings out on command but otherwise they don't show until then. I lived with the Amazon worriors for years to hone my fathers abilities. Weapons: Golden archers bow and arrows, the whip of truth and great healing hands.

Signature: Angel White-Wing


Hey there, I'm Flopfish3 and I'll be helping you out with your claim.

  • Honestly, I'm very confused about this - Who is the owner of this claim? The user Angel White-Wing, or Eos12? Whoever isn't the owner, please don't edit someone else's claim. Alternatively, if you're one person with two accounts, please only use one on the wiki.
  • What is a Nephlem?
  • Who is Aratraya? What do you mean by Angel? If you mean another species, that's not allowed on the wiki. Demigods consist of a human parent and a godly parent's union.
  • Wingspan, and wings, is a problem. Mutated or otherwise modified human forms aren't allowed on the wiki.
  • Angel's pet cheetah will need to be seperately claimed after Angel is claimed. See pet claiming.
  • How did Angel's parents meet, fall in love, etc.? About a paragraph woul be good.
  • I'm not sure what you mean by "sent to live a mortal life"? Is Angel immortal? What gave them their immortality?
  • How would a five-year-old survive on their own without support for five years?
  • When was Angel's first monster attack? Please describe in detail, using an easy monster from here.
  • How did Angel know about Camp Half-Blood and how did they get there?
  • When did Angel meet the Amazon Warriors, train, etc.?
  • When/where did Angel get their bow?
  • What are the whip of truth and great healing hands? When/where did Angel get them?
  • Create your signature by typing four ~ at the end of your claim.

Thanks for your patience!

Flopfish3 (talk) 11:37, January 11, 2020 (UTC)

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