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Name: Anja Nikolaievitch

God parent: Tartarus

position in camp: Priestess of Hestia

Age: 15

Mortal Parent:Ellie Nikolaievitch

Appearance: Orange-brown hair, green eyes, 1.53m, 43kg

Personality: Anja hates what her father’s blood can make her act like so she is always trying to be really happy and optimistic. She also is very social and will talk to anyone that comes her way and loves being in massive crowds of people.

History: While on a trip around the Mediterranean, Ellie and 2 of her friends, Anja and Jessie (both demigods) were staying near Mount Etna visiting some of the places Ellie had always wanted to go to, when she and her friends accidentally stumbled upon/fell into a hole that lead straight into Tartarus made accidentally by the struggle of Typhon.

Being a daughter of Notus, Ellie could slow her groups fall into Tartarus enough to only have minor injuries. Hearing stories from camp about two demigods survieing Tartarus, the group started to retrace the way the heard in the story. After a while of walking towards the heart of Tartarus, a massive cyclops had appeared out of the darkness and started to attack Ellie and her friends.

They successfully killed the cyclops but not without Jessie dying. Anja and Ellie dug a rushed grave for their fallen friend just before they heard what seemed like something or someone was walking towards them. Ellie and Anja quickly ran towards the nearest rock and hid behind it. As they hid behind a rock, they saw a man that looked the same age as Ellie that also happen to be Tartarus disguised as a human. Tartarus was disguised as a human because he had started to take a liking to Ellie and didn't want to scare her in his normal form. Ellie was instantly attracted to him and came out behind the rock to introduce herself.

“How did you survive the fall to here” Tartarus said as he saw Ellie and Anja.

“I slowed us down with my powers” Ellie said.

“Oh so you're a demigod then” Tartarus said “Who is your parent then”.

“Mine is Notus and Anja over here is Ares” Ellie said “How about you”.

“My father is Demios” he said.

“Why don’t you come with us to get out” Ellie asked. “Anything to get out of this pit” Tartarus said. So Anja, Ellie and Tartarus disguised as a human set off to the heart of Tartarus. When they came close to where Akhlys is, the titan Koios burst from out of the ground. He had just finished reforming after he was killed in the mortal world and the group just happened to stumble upon him by accident.

“Ah demigods” Koios said “I haven’t had a good fight in a while”. As soon as Koios said that, he attacked the group, striking straight at Ellie. Anja jumped right in front of Ellie to block Koios’ strike to make sure Ellie didn’t get hurt. Anja was hit so hard so disappeared into the darkness. Anja died on impact with Kioios’s sword. After Anja was hit by Koios, Ellie tried to keep herself safe underneath a dome of air. It kept her safe for a while until Koios started to blast with energy on Ellie’s dome.

“That is enough” Tartarus said as he madde Koios reform somewhere else.

“How did you do that” Ellie said in a small voice. “Because I am Tartarus” he said as he turned into a human sized version of his normal form.

“I can get you out of here but with a price” Tartarus said.

“Just get me out of her” Ellie said “I can’t stand another minute in here. No offence”. Just as Ellie finished her sentence, Tartarus transported her back to her home in Miami. Ellie found out she was in Tartarus for over a week and had a visit from Tartarus’s essence in a human body a week later. Tartarus’s price of getting out of Tartarus was the Ellie had to have a child with him and on the 15th of July, 2001 she did. Ellie named her child Anja in memory of how Ellie’s life was saved by her best friend in the pit.

When Anja was one, Tartarus returned to make sure his daughter will be safe. He didn’t show himself to either Anja or Ellie but left a arm band and a 1m long Stygian Iron sword. Once Tartarus had left, Ellie found his gift for Anja and hid the sword in the crawl space of the roof and decide to give the armband to Anja for her 12th birthday. Ellie had always tried to train Anja from an early age with some weapons she had kept from her early years as a demigod. The weapon Anja mostly used was a khopesh. Even though with all of the training Ellie was putting through her daughter, Anja had always went to a normal school. On her 12th birthday, Anja got the armband that was from her father and was told by Ellie that is she should have that with her at all times.

On the way back from one of her friends when she was 12, Anja saw a pure black horse with red glowing eyes staring right at her. She didn’t like the look of the horse so she started to back away but the horse ran at her. Anja closed her eyes and put out her hand and when she opened her eyes, she was extremely tried and the horse was gone. Without knowing Anja used her powers to vanquish the monster. Strange animals disappearing in strange ways kept happening to Anja two more times over the next two years like a two headed dog falling down a hole that wasn’t there before, a dog/seal hybrid disappearing without a trace then a massive black dog also disappearing. Again by accident Anja used her powers, first making a hole deep enough for the dog to not get her and second vanquish two monster again. Anja never told her mother about any of this stuff until her mother talked to her about camp.

“Anja, we are going to need to talk about something” Ellie said one day when Anja was around the age of 15.

“What is it mom” Anja said back to her mother.

“Has there been anything weird happening lately to you” Ellie said.

“Now you mention it there has been a few times” Anja said.

“There is this place you can go to that will keep you safe from monster that might have attacked you” Ellie said “You can go whenever you want”.

“I’ll think about it mom” Anja said. And that was it about camp for a while.

Being in Tartarus and seeing Tartarus himself had massive effects on Ellie later in her life and was slowly dying. Mortal medicine or even demigod magic could not cure Ellie, only the power of a god could cure her. Anja prayed all she could to summon a god to help her mother. The only one that listened and was Hestia. Hestia had always respected Ellie and her daughter.

After a few days of praying, Anja started to give up hope when Hestia appeared in front of her and said “I can help your mother but we have to make a deal, when you go to camp and you must at sometime, become my priestess”.

“I will do anything if you help my mom” Anja said in tears.

“She will be cured in the morning and i will have a gift waiting for you at camp” Hestia said before she disappeared to Hephaestus’ current forge with the sword Anja’s father had giving her and Ellie’s old khopesh. The next morning, Ellie was all cured and full of energy.

“Mom I think it is time for me to go to camp” Anja said when she found her mother. The next day, Ellie took her daughter to camp where Anja told Alexander she was a child of Tartarus and was also appointed by Hestia herself the priestess of Hestia.

“So this must be for you then” Alexander said as he handed Anja a sword that looked like her mother’s khopesh but with a black blade instead.

Weapons: A 1m long khopesh. When a bending force is put on the hilt it will change for either CB to Stygian Iron and vice versa. Armband that can turn into armour when a button is pressed on inside.

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All right, I'm Merlin and I'll be checking your claim today. It seems th whole part with Tartarus needs a bit of fixing/editing so I'll let you do that before I comment on the rest in case any changes you make in the beginning impact those later.

  • I'd appriciate it if you would expand on the personality a bit. (not mandatory but I highly recommend it)
  • How old are ellie and her friends?
  • The Gods would not allow a mortal or demigod to "stumble upon/fall into a hole that leads straight into Tartarus." Even the gods are afraid of it thats how bad it is there. This seems unrealitstic.
  • Describe how they killed the cyclopes. This is a medium monster and is not easily defeated. (not mandatory but I recommend it) 
  • Why would Tartarus disguise himself as a human? He is in the underworld and they are demigods so there are no mortals around.
  • The myth says Tartarus's parents were Aether and Gaia. Why would he lie about this? This isn't a policy thing, but rather I am generally confused here.
  • Why would Tartarus want to leave Tartarus? Why could Tartarus leave Tartarus? He has duties he needs to fulfil down there? How does he have time to talk to these demigods?
  • Tartarus is the personification of Tartarus and it is his own domain. He doesn't need to travel the normal way to enter and exit. He could pretty much transport out if he wanted to leave.
  • The Titans are locked in a seprate part of Tartarus known as the Brass Fortress which is quite far from Akhlys. If they were to escape they would wreak havok on Tartarus, and chances are, they wouldn't end up having sex because Tartarus would A: need to deal with that and B: if one breaks out they all break out pretty much and they would wreak havok on Tartarus and chances are any demigod in it would die.
  • A titan is much more powerful than a demigod. Both mortals (Anja and Ellie) would die almost immediately despite Tartarus.
  • Gods do not kill other Gods/titans on this wiki. We stick to canon, and absorbing the essense of a God or Titan kills them. this is not allowed. Also, when Tartarus absorbs an essense, he must be in his true form, which is petrifying to even gods. Ellie would have some crazy reaction to this, maybe even die.
  • Ellie would want to leave Tartarus right away that's how bad it is. It is essentially the hell of hells.
  • If a titan escaped, Tartarus would be taking a TON of crap from Zeus and well, everyone and he would be much too busy to visit Ellie.

So yeah, fix all this and then I'll read the rest but i didnt comment on the rest in case these changes impact the rest of the claim. "You know what they say... Opposites attract." Merlin Is Magical Tumblr lmx6eywomf1qey6nyo1 500

Ok here are the points i need to explain and all the points i need to expand are already done

  • in early 30's-late 20's
  • it was on mount Ethna, the original prison of Typhon so there was a hole Typhon created by accident and is unknown by the gods
  • Tartarus is disguised as a human and told he was a son of Demios because he is try to get with Ellie and doesn't want to make her afraid of the normal him
  • im going off that Koios was somehow defeated in the mortal world and Ellie, Anja and Tartarus stumbled upon Koios just as he finished reforming
  • Tartarus just made Koios reform somewhere
  • She did
  • After the second titan war most of the titans are free in the books and as of what the wiki says are out in the mortal world so that is what im staying with

Ok most of what you said above is fine then, but a few things still need to be fixed as far as Tartarus is concerned.

  • If I recall correctly, Mount Etna was thrown on top of Typhon by Zeus, trapping Typhon under the mountain's weight. He was not trapped in Tartarus, but rather simply under the mountain so this would not lead to a hole in Tartarus for no reason the the Gods would neglect to cover up. Even so, you still need to explain why the gods wouldn't know about it or if they did why they would let mortals near it and why they didn't fix the hole.
  • Only another God or Titan would have the power to force Koios to reform in Tartarus. How exaxtly did this happen? Please expand so this is clear. Once in Tartarus, Koios can't reform because as a Titan he cannot die.
  • Sorry if this all seems nitpicky, but Tartarus is complicated. But hey, that's part of picking Tartarus as ur char's godparent i guess.

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  • first off Typhon was massive so his struggle trying to get out caused to hole to appear and the reason why the gods didn't know about the hole was the only put magic around it to keep only 2 people out in time and considering demigods found it the magic was majorly weakened
  • It has been stated in the books that Titans can be killed like monster when in a weakened form like when they just reformed or a minority of their essences is at one place

  • Please state in the history some of the explanations you had for things that you stated ^ above
  • Please expand on the weird occurrences. She might not know why the weird stuff kept happening taking away the monsters, but you do, so please enlighten us.

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Done both at the best I could do

  • Why didn't Koios recognize tartarus?
  • 13 is kind of a late age for a first monster attack, considering she lives with another demigod, and has been aware of who she is. Could you lower it?

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  • disguised as a human and considering he is in Tartarus it would be harder to tell the difference
  • I was going to change the age until I saw this in the powerset: Children of Tartarus draw less attention from monsters than most demigods, excluding children of the Big Three. So im going to leave it at that age sorry for sounding rude

they may draw less attention, but that doesn't negate the fact that she lives with another demigod, and is aware she is a demigod, two things that heavily increase her scent. If it had been one thing, I'd let it slide, but it's two things so Imma still ask you to please change this

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ive changed the first attack to 12 and added another attack. Hopefully it is young enough

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