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Name: Annetta Moore

Gender: Female

God Parent: Hephaestus, Astraeus, or Boreas

Current Age: 16

Mortal Parent: Isabel Moore

Appearance: Anna is around 5'6 or 5'7 in height. She has lightly tanned skin that hides her freckles well. She has reddish-drown hair that reaches her shoulder blades that she usually wears pulled back. Her eye color shines a bright chocolate brown. She had high cheek bones and slims her face out from its past chubbiness. She also has a slim figure that allows her flexibility.

Personality: Anna is a very reserved person. She has certain qualities she tried to show more than others. She tries to be more approachable and accepting than others but finds it very difficult. She is naturally a nice person but has that deflecting quality where she speaks her mind a bit too quickly. She believes herself to be strong and resolved. She has an awkward sense a humor but a sense of humor nonetheless.

History: Isabel was rushing back to her small apartment on the lower side of Manhattan. Her shift at her part-time, low-paying coffee shop job was over, even though she had to stay an extra shift because another employee quit that morning. She had just exited the taxi when a strong, cold blast blew the remaining of her coffee and bag of breakfast muffins to the concrete. She cursed herself and made her way down the block. As she walked, the wind picked up; heavily blasting frigid winds that washed her hair into her face. After a half of a block of freezing, Isabel decided to take her famous short cut. The short cut consisted of a labyrinth of ally-ways and backyards. In the midst of her walk she surprisingly took a wrong turn and ended up crossing a brick wall. She turned to turn around and a shadowed figure was standing behind her. She, again surprisingly, expected as much. She asked him if there was anything he needed but he didn't respond; so they just stood there in the freezing cold. Then suddenly the wind stopped and they were in Isabel apartment. She thought this was normal somehow and offered the strange shadowed man a drink and they drink tea in silence.

Slowly, the shadowed man reveled himself to her; himself entirely. A relationship seemed to form and, in a span of 4 months, Isabel had gotten pregnant. The father of the child told her the responsibilities he had to oblige to and told her he could only stay until the child was born. Isabel accepted this and still loved him and the child.

Once the child was born, though, the man did not leave; at least not immediately. He made sure they were safe and were well accommodated (by hiding well hidden weapons all over the new apartment) before he left. He even left a little "gift" for the child.

During Anna's childhood, she was brought up to believe that her father had never existed. She lived a happy childhood though; she didn't let the teasing keep her down. Though, every now and then, she would ask Isabel what her father was like, some of the things he liked, his favorite foods. She soon found herself missing him. She begged her mom to let her take on archery; some precessed information she wormed from her mother. And, of course, her mother didn't give into.

Around 10 years of age was when the attacks happened. They weren't horrible, but they weren't pleasant either. At first, they were just simple things, strange things following her home, huge dogs attacking her, evil teachers threatening to fail her. Slowly, they turned more series. At one point Anna was kidnapped by a family of cyclopes that were idiotic enough to leave her outside to "marinate" after they doused her with slimy, pink, foul-smelling sauce. They kept getting worse and worse, so her mother finally took her to start some archery lessons. She was a natural at it, even though she did need improvement. She was well enough at it that her instructor told her she didn't need a teacher anymore and could practice on her own. So she did. After a while she was band for continuing because that was all she did.

The night before her 16th birthday, her mother never came home from work. So, Anna went to her work to investigate. She found that her mother never even made it to work. On Anna's way home, she stumbled across a necklace that seemed familiar to her. It was her mother's. She ventured down an alley and found a shattered brick wall and an arm buried under the rubble. This absolutely shocked Anna. She fell to the ground next to the pile of bricks and cried heavy tears. Then she heard a hiss and straightened. A hydra the size for Anna slithered up to her shaking body and spat at her. Anna naturally dodged the outtake out was still affected. Anna ran up the alley back to the apartment and locked the door. Once she turned she was attacked by a large cyclops. She fought it off with a simple kitchen knife that she later found to be celestial bronze.

That night Anna went threw her mother's things (something she would have never done) and looked for the gift her mother had said she would've received. As soon as she retrieves it, she gathers a hiking bag and fills it with the essentials, money that was in her mothers room, and easily packaged food then ventured out alone. She traveled nonstop for two days before she open the "gift". Inside was a bow, a dozen arrows, a note explaining two things: what her father really was and where she was to go, and a map. Determined to somehow avenge her mother, she traveled on, only stopping when absolutely needed. She rarely used the bow and arrows though. She rode in taxi after taxi and strange car after strange car. She was more resolved than she had ever been in her life.She expertly traveled to Long Island.

On the afternoon of her 16th birthday though, she was faced with a great test. When the last taxi she needed to ride came to a halt and she exited, the smell of strawberries was faint enough for her to realize she was close. She took one step and a growl erupted from somewhere behind her. She turned towards the woods and almost fainted when she saw it; the largest hell hound she's ever seen. She and the hound starred at each other for what seemed like forever, the hound seizing her up, Anna trying to breathe, think, and stay calm all at the same time. Anna reached for an arrow and the hound lunged. Anna scrambled away and aimed at the hound with as much determination as she could muster. The hell hound growled and came after her greedily. She released the arrow and rolled out of the way as the hound stumbled and cried out in pain. Anna punctured the hellish animal in one of its eyes and ironically she wasn't aiming for that. Thick liquid rolled down it's face and it shakily rose. She hadn't touched such equipment in years; she was rough at it by now. Anna readied an arrow and shot it's other eye, then it's underbelly. The hell hound collapsed into the ground and Anna groaned out in satisfaction. She buried her head in her hands for a few seconds and when she looked up, the dog's body was gone. Anna continued slowly, steadily upon the acknowledged entrance on the map and basically strutted upon Half-Blood Hill.

Apon passing the pine, she realized there was a cloud of smoke everywhere. Then, she saw the dragon. She starred at it until it stirred and she scurried away. She emerged from the trees and stopped in her tracks; she was being held at arrow-point by teenagers in matching orange t-shirts. When they asked her who she was, she didn't have to answer. They starred above her head at the glowing figure in the sky. When she turned to see it too, it was fading away. Someone declared that she'd be taken in. And she was.

Possessions: A wrinkled picture of her mother, The "gift" from her father, and a stuffed penguin

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At what age did the attacks begin happening? How was she able to escape the family of cyclops that kidnapped her? How were they able to get a Celestial Bronze knife? Did any monsters attack her on her way to Camp? And how did she that she had to go to New York, of all places?

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Did she have any prior training/lessons on how to wield/use a bow and arrow? I don't think it would be that easy for her to defeat the helhound if she had no prior knowledge on the weapon she had.

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Where did she get the money to travel? Was she claimed by her godly parent? And finally, how old was she when she got to camp?

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