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Name: Annora Forrest.

Gender: Female.

Godly Parent: Hades.

Current Age: 12.

Mortal Parent: Heather Forrest.

Appearance: Long, copper brown hair that is usually worn in a braid. Forest green eyes with some brown specks, and a tan-ish complexion. She is 5'6". All in all, she looks more like her mother.

Personality: She often keeps to herself and is very independent. Whenever she spots someone in need, she helps and comforts them. She's also pretty emotional but mainly calm. Once you anger her, she still keeps quiet and deathly calm, though if you step over the line she will explode. Her loyalty is what gets her so protective over the people she loves, though not so much that it gets overbearing. She respects your space. She is also sarcastic when she wants to be and is very stubborn.

History: Her parents ran into each other - literally. They crashed into each other, her mother spilling her things. She apologized and cleaned up her mess, while Hades waved it aside and helped. They conversed with each other and soon fell in love.

After months of dating (for Hades, it was secret meetings that consisted of him sneaking out of the Underworld unoticed), Hades decided to come clean and tell his love of the Greek Gods.

Heather took it quite well and understood the danger. She was still brave, and when she was pregnant, she still held her head high, promising to protect them.

Hades told her about Camp Half-Blood, at which Heather knew her children must go there for safety, even if it would break her heart.

Annora Forrest was born in Connecticut. Her childhood consisted of only her, her mother, and her twin brother Alex Forrest who she dearly loved and still loves. Going to school was pretty good for her compared to an ordinary demigod. She has ADHD, but no dyslexia. On her eleventh birthday, she and her brother were finally told of their demigod status and Camp Half-Blood as soon as they got home from school.

About nearly a year later, however, a horde of dracaenae attacked her home. She tried fending them off with only a kitchen knife, but she was outnumbered. The day still haunts her to this day...
Annora shrieked as she threw a chair at a snake-lady whom she didn't know what it was at the time. Not her best moment, but she was desperate and trying to survive and protect her family at the same time.

Dodging another attack from another green snake-lady - seriously, how many of these are there - she found herself backing up as she waved her knife uselessly in the air. She racked through her brain, trying and failing to come up with a strategy to defeat these monsters that she never knew, only that they seemed to be from Greek Mythology. She didn't know anything about Greek Mythology aside from some basic knowledge.

"A-annora..." A voice called out weakly.

Annora whipped her head side to side, her eyes darting across the room, searching for the voice that sounded like her mother's and fighting back the monsters at the same time.

"U-up he-ere..."

Throwing a punch to a snake-lady that was coming perilously close to her, she rolled out of the way as another one came at her, hissing dangerously. She jumped over her fallen dining table as she climbed up the stairs.

The door to her mother's room flew open to show the frantic gaze of her brother as he ushered her inside, blood staining his clothes.

A horrible sight was laid in front of her.

Her mother laid on her side, blood pooling around her, slash marks apparent on her stomach. She had tried to protect her children by taking the hit of one monster for them. It made Annora's blood boil that they had hurt her mother.

Annora knelt in front of her, not caring if the blood soaked her jeans. She reached out a trembling hand to her mother's, tears streaming down her cheeks. She felt Alex kneeling beside her.

"Alex . . . Annora . . ." Her voice was so quiet the twins had to lean down to hear her.

"S-stay strong . . . stay strong for each other." Their mom took a deep shuddering breath before continuing shakily, "Stick together until the end . . . fight for y-your survival. Be th-there fo-or each oth-er." Her voice was steadily growing weaker, fainter with each passing second. "Don't wo-worry abou-out m-me. Car-carve your-r own p-path. Cre-ate y-your ow-own destiny. You deserve it . . . both of you . . ." Her voice faded into a whisper as she sighed out her last breath.

Annora and her brother both stayed beside their mother's body for a while, head bowed, but the thundering of the door threatening to collapse as monsters rammed into it reminded them that they needed to leave and make their mother proud.

"Annora, grab my hand," Alex instructed. "We're going out through the window."

Annora breathed deeply before clasping her hand in Alex's. They walked toward the window, feeling oddly at peace.

The window opened. They jumped. They ran.
Since then, they had been on the run from multiple monster attacks, from empousai to hellhounds. Making whatever weapons they can through nature, the twins fended for themselves as they followed the directions their mother gave them.

However, when a manticore attacked them, Annora lost her brother.
"Run!" Alex yelled as more spikes came sailing over his head.

"Don't you think I know that!" Annora shot back unthinkingly, but she ran.

The manticore - as Alex helpfully pointed out - roared, shaking the earth, "Puny demigods! You can never escape me!"

Annora huffed. She couldn't just run like a coward and let the monster get away with a comment - any comment. "Oh, yeah?" she taunted. "If you're so high and mighty, why don't you come and get us instead of standing there and roar like the idiot you are? Don't you want to catch us and not let us escape?"

"Annora!" Alex screeched rather loudly. "What. Are. You. Doing?"

Realization dawned on her as she watched the manticore roar again in fury and start to march toward her. "Gods, I'm such an idiot!" she muttered to herself as she shifted her feet and sprinted.

She wasn't exactly sure what happened next, but suddenly an explosion shot from behind her. She felt herself flying through the air, heard her brother scream out her name, but most of all she felt the pain in her leg. She heard the manticore roar again - she wondered why it sounded so distant - and then the yelp of pain and surprise from Alex. When she finally landed on the ground painfully, she risked a glance behind her.

Only to find the manticore nowhere to be found. Alex was gone.

It was all her fault. The manticore distracted her with an explosion, used that to his advantage and whisked her brother away. Her mother would never forgive her for leaving Alex. Annora wouldn't forgive herself.
Annora tried but came up with nothing as she searched for her brother, all while continuing their trek to her destination - their destination.

Oddly enough, no more monsters attacked.

She was badly injured - her leg was cut open from the manticore attack - when she arrived at the entrance of the camp her mother told her to go. She limped to the top of Half-Blood Hill before promptly collapsing from pain and exhaustion when she saw some other demigods.

Earthspirit10 (talk) 11:58, November 22, 2019 (UTC)


Hey there! I'm Flopfish3, a recently returned Claim Worker, and I'm here to help you finish up your claim. So far it looks like you've just about got it down to a T! Just a couple things left:

  • Due to a lower wiki activity, you actually only need one choice of godly parent. Take your pick!
  • How did Annora's mother know/when was she told about Annora's godly parent's status?
  • How did Annora survive for the last few years (I'm assuming two, based on the history)? It's highly unlikely for a 12-year-old to be able to support themself on the streets without help.
  • How was she injured?
  • How did she know about Camp?

Cheers! You're doing great.

Flopfish3 (talk) 22:53, January 7, 2020 (UTC)

Awesome job! Just one more thing - I'm still kind of unclear on how Annora and her brother kept themselves alive. Things like food, shelter, potentially money, etc. wouldn't come easy to them. It's a bit of a nitpick on my part - sorry - but I just want to help your character be fully up to snuff. Your writing is excellent!

Flopfish3 (talk) 11:24, January 11, 2020 (UTC)

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