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Name: Anton Borisov

Age: 11

Mortal Parent: Tasha Borisova

God/Titan: Boreas

Appearance (optional): ->

Personality (at least a sentence or two):

Anton is one cool customer. He's not very friendly and he doesn't open up very easily, if at all. He just doesn't see the need to have friends, he's managed to get by all on his own for the past 11 years. Consequently, he can be rather arrogant as he truly believes that he doesn't need anybody's help. He can do it all by himself. He doesn't actually think he's better than other people, he just doesn't want or need anybody else's help.

Because of the lack of love that was present in his home life, Anton doesn't readily accept or give love. He doesn't know what it's liked to even feel loved much less how to accept that. So he's closed himself off from other people and doesn't associate with even his half-siblings very much. He prefers to practice using his spear by himself, and he's gotten quite good at it.

Like all Boreas children, Anton has a natural resistance to the cold and prefers to be in colder temperatures. This matches his personality perfectly. A cold enviorment for a cold dude, Anton think it's perfect.

History (more than a paragraph):

Tasha Borisova was a Russian Immigrant living in NYC working as a waitress. Unfortunately for Tasha she probably just wasn't cut for being a waitress. She didn't make very good tips as she didn't leave a good impression on customers. She rarely smiled and it looked very forced if she ever did smile. However one person did become smitten with her, but he wasn't your average guy. His name was Boreas, god of the North Wind.

Boreas visited the restaurant that Tasha worked at and discreetly flirted with her. Tasha flattered that someone would ever flirt with her took her chances and flirted right back at her. Boreas wrote a phone number on his receipt and Tasha winked at him before pocketing the receipt. She and Boreas started sexting after her shift was over and it wasn't long before the pair hooked up. Boreas left her pregnant and never contacted her again.

Nine months later Tasha gave birth to a son whom she named Anton Tashaich Borisov. Because of Tasha's job as a waitress, she wasn't around a whole lot as she worked some pretty brutal hours until she was laid off because she was such a terrible waitress. Tasha decided that finding another job as a waitress wouldn't be a great idea so she became a receptionist. While it's nice to have a friendly receptionist... it's definitely not a requirement and it paid the bills. She still wasn't around a lot, so Anton spent most of his time at a daycare facility. That lack of love and attention had a profound effect on Anton... he's a pretty cool customer and the daycare kids picked up on that. He didn't have a lot of friends.

The first 11 years of Anton's life passed by without incident then one night when Tasha and Anton were at their home on Long Island watching a movie when a pack of hellhounds crashed through the window. The biggest of them bit Tasha's neck out when she instinctively dived in front of the dog to protect her only son. She died instantly. Then, one of the older boys from the daycare came in through the window as well and wielding a heavy wooden club he beat the hellhounds off before they could hurt Anton.

Now, of course, Anton was supremely confused and upset. The only person he actually cared about was now dead, killed by a bunch of huge dogs, and this older boy who had barely spoken to had randomly beaten the dogs off with a staff. The boy said his name was Frank, and he was Anton's protector. Frank told Anton that he was a demigod, the son of a god. Probably a male god since he had a mortal mom. Frank didn't know which god, only that he had to take Anton to this special camp now. Seeing at that the boy wasn't really giving him an option, and Anton had nothing tying him to the mortal world anymore, he went with Frank.

The pair arrived at Camp Half-Blood without any incident. Which was somewhat of a miracle apparently. Within 24 hours Anton was claimed by Boreas and was moved into that cabin with all of his newfound siblings.

Weapon(s) (optional): A steel spear surmounted with a celestial bronze head named σημείο πήξης

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