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Name:Anton Chekov


God Parent:Nyx,Persephone,or Melinoe

Mortal Parent:Johan Chekov

Appearance:Brown hair,brown eyes,5'10

Personality:Anton is very calm and collective and isn't afraid of most things.He's a very caring and clever person and is very nice to everyone he meets.He is also very protective of Alice.He would do anything for her since he cares deeply for her and even has romantic feelings towards her too.He doesn't get mad easily but does get offended when someone insults him or his accent.

History:Anton Chekov was born on October 17,1899 to Johan Chekov and his lover,who turned out to be the goddess Nyx.They met at a local pub and it was love at first sight.She warned him of the dangers and what is needed when the time is right.He understood completely since he could see through the Mist.She left without a trace the day after Anton's birth.Johan still did his best to raise Anton right and bring him up good into the world.Anton never knew who his real mother was until a certain point in time.

Anton grew up in a small town in Moscow,Russia.His father,Johan,found love again and married a woman named Ida Navishka.They all lived happily over the next couple years until Anton turned 7,where he had a strange dream.He was standing in the clearing of a forest.It was pitch black at night and he was sitting on a log,feeling that he wasn't alone.That moment,a young woman appeared in from the shadows.She was beautiful,with slight palish skin,dark hair,and wearing a black dress."Hello Anton",she said."You may not recognize me but I have been watching over you for a while.I am Nyx,goddess of the night,your mother".Anton shook his head in disbelief.He replied,"You aren't my mother,I already have a mother".Nyx looked at Anton with sympathy on her face."They must have not told you yet,I see.Anton,I am your mother believe it or not.In time you will believe me and you endure quite a lot whilst growing up ",she said.Nyx couldn't stay much longer,but before she left,she gave Anton a ring."This is a gift from me to you.Only use it in time of need",she said.With that,she disappeared,and Anton woke up.

A day after his weird dream,his mom,Ida,was diagnosed with tuberculosis and had to be treated far from where they live.The boys protested but Ida assured them that she would be alright.The first month without her was unbearable but Ida wrote Anton a letter saying that she was making progress and that she would see him very soon.The next day,however,she died as her condition had worsened all of a sudden.Both Anton and his father were heartbroken and devastated.After her funeral,Johan decided that they move to America to get away from the sadness.They packed up and took the trip by boat,where the arrived in New York,where they spent the next 9 years.

During his time in America,Anton learned to speak English but never wanted to lose his accent.He went to school and learned much about American culture.It was dangerous at the time,being that they were going to war,but they managed.However,when he turned 15,he was attacked again by another hell-hound,this one a little bigger than the last.It stalked him and his dad while they were strolling in a field.They heard it's growl and turned,horrified.The monster was about to pounce when something came down on it.It was a man with goat legs.It was battling the monster with a club.They were in battle and the satyr was winning until the hound stabbed him in the stomach with its claw.The satyr fell down and the monster turned towards Anton.Anton,who remembered what Nyx said in his dream at age 7,took out the same ring and pressed the top by instinct.It immediately changed into a bronze sword.The hell hound roared and charged,while Anton charged as well and swung the sword at the monster's head,making it disintegrate into dust.He then ran to check on the satyr,who wasn't going to make it.He looked at Anton and said,"Do you believe your mother now?". With that,he passed away.

A year later,Johan told him the truth about his real mother,what a demigod is,and where he needed to go.Anton started to slowly understand a lot about himself.He now keeps his ring with him at all times.Johan wanted to give New York a break for a bit so they went back to Russia to visit the grave of Anton's step-mother.They left again on the RMS Lusitiana.On board,he found a little spot on deck where put his precious belongings,like his ring,his books,and the letter from his step mother.He even made a friend.They met when she bumped into him,yelping.He helped her up and introduced himself and told her about himself.She said her name was Alice.She was a year younger than him and she was quite beautiful.Anton offered to show her around the ship properly,and she accepted,smiling.He smiled back and took her hand as they explored the ship for 3 hours,finally showing her the little space where he keeps his belongings."Why do you keep them here?",she asked.He replied,"Think of it as a emergency spot.If anything bad happens to the ship,this is where I can easily find my belongings.You can put your things in here,if you wike".She nodded and left to get something of hers.She returned with a photo of her and her sister and her diary.She would come to this spot every day to right in her diary and be with Anton.

On May 7,1915,the RMS Lusitania was near The Old Head of Kinsale, Ireland. The ship had more lookouts now, they were taking the warning from the Germans seriously. The U-20 had spotted the ship, but no one on board the Lusitania knew. At roughly 1:40 PM, a torpedo was launched at the Lusitania, hitting the starboard (right) side of the ship. Almost immediately, another explosion rocked the ship, the cause still unknown to this day. Some say it was another torpedo, some say it was something on the ship. Chaos broke on the ship, and passengers and crew tried to get off. This had been a few years after the Titanic, and most ships had more lifeboats now. The RMS Lusitania had the right amount needed. But on one side of the ship, the boats swung out too far. Attempting to get onto one of those would be too dangerous. On the other side, getting into the lifeboats wasn't the problem. It was getting them to the water safely. Boats would be crushed by debris and other boats coming down. In a little over 18 minutes, more than 1000 people died.During the time,Anton was with his father,when the ship was starting to sink.Their cabin was starting to fill with water,and all Anton could think about was Alice.The water was rising up their chests now.Johan said,"Anton,we don't have much time.Go find Alice,get yourselves to the camp if you can,and be safe".Anton protested but Johan responded,"Don't worry about me,I'll be with Ida soon.Now,go!Use your powers to move outside of here".Hesitantly,Anton shadow-traveled out of the cabin and went to his little spot.He got both his and Alice's belongings and went to look for Alice.He saw Alice's father as he got onto one of the remaining life boats but as it was dangerous deployment.No one survived as they were either hit by debris or fell into the ocean.The ship was almost tipping over and Anton decided that she must have gotten on one of the life boats,so he got on the remaining one as it deployed.A couple hours after it drifted through the sea,Anton noticed who was laying on his shoulder.It was Alice.

"Awice?".The girls woke up to Anton,and she flung her arms around him,crying.He continued,"I didn't wealize that was you until now.I saw what happened to your father and I am sorry.Where's Edith?",he asked.Immediately,she started to cry even more.She said,"A-Anton. If we get out of this alive can I come live with you?".He nodded and put one arm around her,putting his coat over her shoulders.During the next few hours,Anton put together an idea in his head.As the life boat washed ashore land,Anton picked up Alice and carried her out of the boat.When Alice woke,he told her,"I have an idea Awice,but I can't tell you it yet,we must wait a bit".Alice was a little confused at first as Anton went to the nearest shop and bought food,water,and a pair of boots for Alice.He laced the boots onto Alice's feet as he told her,"Alice,I'm what people call a demigod,half god,half human.My mother is Nyx,the Greek goddess of the night.The world is at var and we need to be at a time where it can be safe.I have an idea.I'm going to shadow-travel us to Canada,then we take a bus to the USA and go to a hotel my father told me about.When we get to Canada,we'll check into an inn.I'll be extremely tired so you'll have to help me.This might be a little odd,but I need you to trust me,Okay?".She was attempting to take it all in, but nodded. Grabbing her hand, a few second later they were in Canada. Anton stood for about a second, then collapsed to the floor. Going all the way from Ireland to Canada, taking another person had made him nearly die from exhaustion. Alice helped him up. Luckily they were a five minute walk to the nearest Inn, and payed for a room. She helped him into bed, tucking him in and giving him the bottle of water.

The next day,they got onto the bus and Alice fell as they rode.Anton woke her up as they arrived at their destination.When they got off,he told her,"I'm going to shadow travel us to ze hotel".She nodded and they arrived in seconds.He explained to her that why they needed to go into the hotel was because they needed to be in the future.He explained that this hotel was magic and that they won't age at all.After time would pass,he said they had to go to a place called Camp Half-Blood as his father had told him.She understood barely and they both entered the hotel.90 years later,time has passed.During the time,Anton had had dream from his mother,Nyx,warning him that is was time to leave.Before she left again,she gave him a necklace for Alice that had the same powers as his ring.He woke Alice up from her nap the moment he got up.They exited the hotel and Anton shadow traveled them to the entrance of Camp Half-Blood.They were about to enter when two hell hounds attacked.Anton pressed his ring and it turned into a sword.He threw the necklace at Alice which immediately turned into a bow and arrow.They easily defeated the two monsters,surprisingly for Alice,being this is the first time she shot an arrow.Anton then took her hand as they ran into camp.


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okay, how did he figure out his powers and hell how would he know it's called shadow travel? >.< 

2227111-miles super.jpg I'd rather be web slinging -Hydro 00:21, June 2, 2013 (UTC)

Well,my dear Hydro,his father told him what he had heard from his mother Nyx.Since he could see through the Mist,he knew that she was telling the truth and that she was actually Nyx

Black Jedi.jpg "The Force is with me." ~ Darkie 02:17, June 2, 2013 (UTC)

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