30 May 2012
A helpful video on how to make your claim:

22 May 2012
Due to the results of this vote, you are now able to claim male nymphs, once the minor species revamp is done, of course. Please take note of everything on that forum.

20 May 2012
Per the results of this vote, until the power revamp is done for non-demigod species, no new nymph types that are not in Greek mythology will be allowed. Once the revamp is done, there will be stricter guidelines behind what is required for histories and powers in the existing nymph types on the wiki, and guidelines behind what will be allowed in new nymph types that anyone may propose in the future.

Any level 5's and up, should keep an eye on the voting forum as the powers are put up for voting.

19 March 2012
The number of campers needed to fill a cabin have been changed, see the cabins section for more information.

5 February 2012
All people helping do claims: We are now not going to rename them with Unclaimed and Claimed, we are going to leave just the name. This is due to extra work while doing claims and plus we already have sections. Any questions can be sent to admins in the Admin and Support Department.

26 January 2012
Don't forget, per the new rule about WIPs, any WIP in the forum, for longer than 7 days, that is not ready to be looked at for claiming, is subject to deletion.

18 January 2012
REMINDER!!! As of 21 January, any WIPS created prior to 14 January will be subject to deletion if they are still WIPS and not yet ready to be claimed.

14 January 2012
Per a new rule that has passed, see Forum:Time Limit on WIPs , you may not have "WIP" claims for more than a week, after a week, they will be automatically deleted. For any WIPs currently in claiming, the count down starts now, in one week from today, if there are still WIPs, they will be deleted.

20 April 2013
We have a rule regarding claims of characters that are children of Athena. Athena can only have children through the union of the minds only, because she is a virgin goddess. As such, we will take into careful consideration on how she and her partner had the child. In the Percy Jackson books it insinuated that it comes with a "meeting of minds", as in Athena and her "partner" have common intellectual interests.

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