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Arelia Night

Melanoi Jet

Name: Arelia Night

Gender: Female

Age: 15

God Parent: Poseidon, Apollo, Ares

Mortal Parent: Lucianna Night

Appearance: She has long brown hair, with lighter brown stripes highlighting her face. She has softly pale skin, with a weird golden glow. Her lips are naturally red, but she has no idea why. She is pretty tall at a good 5'6, and is very skinny. She has glorious sky blue eyes, with a black line around them. Yet again natural. She has petite feet, with a size 6. With delicate hands, with finicky nails. She always likes to wear dresses, and look her best, but will get down and dirty.

Personality: Arelia is a very sophisticated, posh girl. She always behaves well, always looks her best. She is very confident in herself, has no fear in talking to others, and putting herself forward. As she is number one. But other than that she is a normal girl, just loves to talk about boys, and just have fun with her friends.

History: Lucianna Night worked as a prostitute on the streets of Los Angeles. Though this was not where she met Poseidon/Apollo/Ares. One night that she was not working, she was at a gala her parents were holding. All dressed up, this was where she met Poseidon/Apollo/Ares. He was in a simple black tux, and there eyes met across the room. They danced for a while, staring into each other's nights. Minutes later they were upstairs in Arelia's grandmothers room, doing the nasty. Nine months later Arelia was born. Lucianna's parents disowned her, and she knew she was not going to live with the baby. She begged her parents to look after it, and sadly they obliged. After she had the child she went back to LA to continue work. And her parents looked after Arelia till she was 6.

This was when they sent her off to boarding school. Never seeing her, well very few days. She began to make a few friends, such as her first boyfriend, Reif. He was Italian, and sent away by his parents. Well that was his story. He went to a school very near, so they spent every free hour together. Until the day. They were strolling through a small village. When a rabid 'horse' ran across the road, straight towards them. Arelia, paralyzed with fear thought her life was over, she closed her eyes and waited. Reif leaped in, shoving her to the pavement, withdrawing a small blade, which he jabs into the horses chest. But not before the horse, actually a mad centaur, stabs him with a sword. The centaur crumbles, leaving a bloody mess. Seconds before Reif passed on he revealed it all. About him being a satyr, that she was a daughter of a god. All about camp. And the only thing he never got to tell her was where Camp was. Stricken with fear, she ran. Back to school. She phoned her grandparents, who just told her to stay where she was. And she did. For 2 years.

She excelled in physical education, amazingly fast. Strong. She failed most of her other subjects though, as she was not the smartest tool in the shed. She was always burdened down by the truth though, but had no idea what to do. She had not told her grandparents what Reif said, knowing they did not know. And just decided to put it in the past. Or at least she thought she did. She was attacked 2 more times between the age of 13, the age of the attack, and 15. Once was by a sea creature when she was at the beach, but she managed to get out of the water in time. And the other was by a rogue harpy. Since she knew, she saw it as what it was. And managed to close the window before it got in, she turned to see if everyone was ok, and when she turned back it had vanished. When she turned 15 though, she and her friends took a trip to New York. A shopping trip, they stayed with one of their friends grandparents. And spent hours shopping.

She was wandering around central park when she met the second satyr. A young one, just allowed to head off, in search of Demi-gods. It managed to catch her in the park, and tell her where camp was. Arelia both shocked and filled with glee, agreed to meet the satyr tonight. With all her stuff, ready to head to camp. She got her stuff from the house, saying she was heading home to her grandparents, met the satyr and headed off. They got quite far, making it almost to camp when they were disrupted. A flock of stymphalian birds soared from the skies, pecking them with the razors. They made a mad dash for it, along the road. The satyr was not a fast runner, he tripped, and as Arelia turned to help he just told her to cross the hill at the tall pine tree. She took one last look, remembering how she could not help Reif. But yet again, she was unable to help him again. She turned around, as the birds focussed on taking out the satyr. She bolted down the road, having a few minutes lead. She kept fleeing, and hit the bottom of the hill while the birds finally caught her. She began to climb, and just hit over the hill as the birds swooped down. Crashing into the border. And finally, after losing two protectors. She had made it to Camp, for Reif.

Weapons: A hefty solid gold axe, or a birch rod spear

Other Belongings: A small bag of clothes.

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You can't use that model, she was voted as too recognisable ages ago, sorry :/

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You need to work on some of the grammar and spelling, add some more details about the entering into camp.   Slay Talk  "Shadows wonder why we scream."20:27,11/20/2012    5,915  

I have dealt with the model issue and the spelling, I will add more detail about Camp tomorrow.

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running into a closed window wouldn't kill the harpie, OH also, if you want more poses, not sure if you knew but the model is Miranda Kerr so I bet if you google her you'll find more poses :)

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