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Name: Aria Darkclock

Gender: Female

Age: 16

God Parent: Pandia, Nyx, Boreas

Mortal Parent: August Darkclock


Personality: She changes frequently, a day, you might find her really happy and outgoing, and the next, really gloomy and dull, she might seem bipolar. But when you get to know her, all those "personalities" are actually just one: hers. All her personality is that complex because of her past, and she thinks she might even have a bit of schizophrenia, but she's not sure.


Parents Meeting: August, my dad started to be fitness model since he was 17, so by the time he was 20, he was already very famous, he lived in London, where he met someone special in a magazine photoshoot. His photographer was Paige (Pandia), since he saw her he got attracted to her, and for him, that had never happened. He liked her simplicity, it made her look more beautiful. So he invited her for a coffee, and since she too got attracted to him, specially while starting a photoshoot with a model, she accepted. The photoshoot was never completed. They chatted the whole day in the café, until it was dinner time and dad, again invited her, but this time to a romantic restaurant. After dating for a few days, one thing led to another, and well I was conceived. As dad told me, the next day, she told him that she was fired from the photography company, and that she needed to move to another place. He got really sad and felt depressed for some months. Until one fatefull day,a basket was put inside his flat. He looked inside it, and there was a beautiful girl sleeping with a note that said all the truth, except, now I know it exists, the camp. Along with it was a watch  that can either transform into a short sword or the three throwing knives. He couldn't forget mom, he never did.

Early Childhood: When I lived in London, it was normal, my first 8 years were kind of normal. Just 8. Kind of. First, I've never been popular and my life has been full of sorrows.  I have some mental issues, according to my psychologist, and I didn't think I had, but I may have, specially when dad discovered I was ADHD and I had dyslexia. Well you maybe now this part of the story as in many demigod children happen: dad married a woman. But what doesn't happen so often, is this: she just wanted all his money, she hated me and her name was Pat. She would never play with me, she didn't work, but dad loved her, like if he was in a trance, she was so mean to him, little did I know that she was also a demigod: the mighty daughter of Aphrodite. Then, suddenly, when I was 8, dad "misteriously dissapeared". Just waiting four months to pass to be sure that his body was found dead in a sewer, and to top it off, when the autopsy took place, it was assured that his death wasn't even for drowning, he had his throat slit in a small, specific vein that could kill someone in seconds with a very small knife, that's why I say: really "mysterious". Many respected detectives studied the case, but no luck. They always said the crime scene was "too clean". After that Pat suddenly changed, she started to talk with me to give me advise. She stopped being my stepmother and started to be my mom.

After some time, when I was 12, I found a little chest, with an intact small knife when sneaking in her secret stuff, and in the tip, there was blood. She probably kept it because of regret, or any reason a girl would do it, I don't even understand girls. Very carefully, with a small needle, I took a sample of the blood, and asked a favor to Jaisy, the house maiden to take the sample to a laboratory and make DNA tests. I even paid her from my money that I had extracted previously from my bank account to pay for the tests. Since she and me met even before dad married Pat, she totally trusted me, so she didn't complain. After the tests, we found out that the DNA was really similar to mine. I realized what had really happened: she had killed dad and she took pity on me, that's why she started treating me well.

Anyway, I forgave her, and acted like I never knew. She even put me into girl scouts, were I got a knife, but somehow, I don't know, call me crazy, but I knew I needed more training than that, so I started training myself: I saved my knife and went to the girl scouts again and faked that I lost my knife, so they gave me another one. I did the same thing again, and finally, I had three knives, so I learnt how to throw them, which would help me a lot later on.

Pat married with someone else, who was an actor, I suspected that she might've done the same with him, as she did with my dad. But then I realized they both loved each other, and I couldn't help but to be happy for them. His name was Sean Gunstripe, and "mom" (as I started to call her) always told him that I was her real daughter. Amazingly, he treated me really good, we would go to the ice cream together, he would attend to my school projects (mom couldn't go since she started working), he would like me the way I was. Little did I know that those would be my happy years, soon to realize they had gone so fast, they would run away from me, and I awaiting for the sadness to come... again. Maybe Sean was the best thing that could've happened to me: to have a whole, happy family, like I never had, but one thing was for sure: he would never replace my father.  

First Monster Attack:

On my 13th birthday, my mom's gift triggered the end of my childhood. She gave me the watch, she told me I would use it when I needed help (apparently dad had told her I was a demigod), she told me to keep it always with me, and to press any button when I faced danger, and, oh danger did come. But only until I was walking home when I was coming back from school, and well, I saw a very big dog with... what was it? Ummm... maybe intentions to kill me... oh yeah that's it. Well now I know it was a hell hound. I decided to press the right button and instantly, three throwing knives appeared, one in each side of my jeans, and one in my hand. Perfect, I thought. After some time of dodging and hoping my life wouldn't end, I realized that the hell hound was moving in a pattern, I used it to my advantage  and threw a knife to its feet, just a distraction. Then when it screamed in pain, I threw another to its mouth, making him angrier. and finally to its heart, then it dissolved into golden dust and I retrieved my knives. I didn't tell anybody, probably, because people would think I was crazy. But mom may have noticed, because just a day after we moved to Austin TX, without even packing. In school I met a guy named Jake, he seemed quite a wallflower. But I liked him. We moved again from neighborhood, so I went to another school, where I met another guy named November, now, he was really popular, and very hot, everybody called him Nove. I liked him as well, but not physically, he was really kind to me, and gave up popularity to be with me. 

I had another attack at almost 15 years: two fire breathing horses, but this time I was with mom, and tried to change my style, I pressed the right button, this time a short sword appeared, it was comfortable, but I hadn't trained with it, so it was difficult to use it. We got to kill one, but the second one was tricky. He breathed fire on my face, but I got to dodge it, then I  killed him by stabbing the sword in its neck. I turned back in victory to mom, but she was in the floor with her face burnt. It was all my fault, when I dodged, it killed her, if I only used the knives again, this wouln't have happened. "Mom, are you fine?" I managed to say through the tears."No Aria dear, my time has come, for being a demigod I lived long enough..."she said. "A-a what? mom, you can't die, you-". "Aria, we are demigods, I'm a daughter of Aphrodite, and you are a daughter of Pandia, your father told me this. You must survive and go to camp, many dangers await Aria, make my death be worth it." she said. "Mom I can't, we must go to a hospital, you are -". "Aria, I've waited for this my whole life: a honorable death, if you want to help me, leave me here, tell Sean that I love him. And Aria, you must go to Camp Half Blood, please do this for me, I want you to live-" she stopped, and a word never ame out of her. "Mom? Mom? Mom! please don't go" I cried and kissed her in the cheek. Not able to make her wake up from that permanent dream I would also fall into one day. Coming to Camp:

After that I lived alone with Sean, still good with me, but not as happy as before. I would normally hang out with Nove and tell him all, the only person I trusted besides Sean. A few weeks ago, when he was bringing me home we saw two harpies. We killed them like we were made to fight along each other. That's when we kissed for the first time. We explained each other that we were demigods. We explained our darkest secrets. He had gone to a camp last summer called Camp Half Blood. When I heard that, I got in shock and started to shake violently, then everything went black.

When I woke up, I was at home in the living room with both Nove and Sean at my sides. "Aria, I've already told Sean the truth, you should come to camp" Nove said. "Aria, it's fine for me, if you must, go" Sean said. I hugged him goodbye, and packed some clothes and provisions. Since Sean was an actor, we were rich, so, we got a flight to NYC. In our way to camp, we saw an empousa when we were almost there and killed her, leaving a gash in Nove's left biceps, I got to cure him with the first-aid kit. Today we got to camp, and I am safer than ever, ready to get over everything that gets in my way, so don't get into my bad side, I have a bad temper, and I don't like showing it. Beware, I am here. Oh yeah, I am really here. Weapons: A short sword and three throwing knives that she got can shine white at night (if there is a moon, and when fuller, the weapons can shine brighter, however, if she wants to, she can either "turn them off", or just make them shine less, depending on her needs), which she got as a present from Pandia. They hide in a watch with two buttons, one at each side, if she presses the left button, the short sword appears, if she presses the right, the three throwing knives appear in each side of her jeans, or pants and the other one left in her hand, the weapons are CB

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How did Aria know Pat killed her father? Wouldn't the police know it first from the autopsy? Like the specific thing that slit his throat, etc. Seeing as they were a rich family, any detective would love to investigate and earn fame from it.Such is life~ lol. Jap32.gifBroken

fixed "I'm not suffering from insanity, I'm enjoying every minute of it" DrXax MINION.gif

Since when do you learn how to throw knives in Girl Scouts? Stay gorgeous,  Stay you.  - Kane Result-50.png 

Well, my friend learned how to kill a chicken by slitting its throat; however, to be safe, can we say it was self training? As I remember, girl scouts are given a knife to cut ropes and such. You can say she had self-training. Also, how can two fire-breathing horses kill two demigods? One being trained, while the other being trained in some way.Such is life~ lol. Jap32.gifBroken

fixed although I didn't quite understand the part of the horse you mean "I'm not suffering from insanity, I'm enjoying every minute of it" DrXax MINION.gif

Why would her mother keep the same knife that killed her father from two years ago? Also, from getting to a legit lab test, wouldn't the scientists wonder how she was able to obtain a murder-like weapon?Such is life~ lol. Jap32.gifBroken

fixed "I'm not suffering from insanity, I'm enjoying every minute of it" DrXax MINION.gif

How would a 10 year old child know how to go to lab for testing? Still, if the authorities asked for what reason was the needle examined, what would her reply be? Also, isn't it extremely difficult to get a result from a dried blood sample with only a hint of it on a needle? Where would she get funds to continue with the blood test? Wouldn't the mom even keep it with excellent care and caution?Such is life~ lol. Jap32.gifBroken

changed her age to 12,and even though it is really difficult to get the dna, her familly was really rich, so i think she could pay someone to look at it, with probably extracted money from the bank.

fixed "I'm not suffering from insanity, I'm enjoying every minute of it" DrXax MINION.gif

Can you explain her personality a bit more, I don't understand it that much. Why would the people at the labratory let her do check the blood at such a young age o.O. Even if she bribed them, someone find out making them lose their jobs. Fix some of the grammar and sentences so it's easier to read please.

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fixed "I'm not suffering from insanity, I'm enjoying every minute of it" DrXax MINION.gif

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