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Name: Aria Sinclair  

Gender: Female

Godly parent: Iris

Current age: 12

Mortal Parent: Daniel Sinclair 

Appearance: She is a bit taller than average with long wavy black-brown hair that comes most of the way down her back. She has bright blue-green eyes, and her skin is very pale. She usually wears comfy jeans or leggings and a very bright and colorful shirt. She has a warm smile that can brighten anyone's day. 

Personality: She is kind, friendly, and nearly too generous for her own good. She always knows the right thing to say and is always ready to help a friend. She always stands by her friends no matter what and will never say a mean word about anyone. She is inteligent, and always ready to listen. Given all these things, she can be very sensitive and sometimes a pushover. She also loves animals and they love her too. 

History: Aria lived in a house in a nice part of new jersey. She lived with her loving dad, stepmother, and younger step sister who was wise beyond her years. They all knew she was a demigod, and they all love her very much. Now they shelter her from the fact that she is a demigod. She had a good childhood and had one extremely close friend at her school.

Daniel Sinclair was fascinated by rainbows. One day, he was staring at one when a strange woman named Anya (who turned out to be Iris) came up beside him. They immedeately hit off and Aria was born a month later. Soon after, Daniel proposed to Anya who reluctantly turned him down and revealed her true Identity as the rainbow goddess. She explained Aria was a demigod and how to protect her. She told him about camp half blood and to get Aria there if any monsters attacked or if Aria discovered her magic abilities. After that, Daniel never saw Iris again.                      

When Aria was five, she got a dalmatian for her birthday that she named Grace. One day when she was seven, she had a playdate with the school satyr in disguise who told Grace the dog about Aria being a demigod and about camp half blood and how and when to lead her there. From then on, Grace was extremely loyal to Aria and acted like her protector. Iris blessed the dog so she would be alive as long as Aria needed her.                                                

When Aria was eleven, her best friend at school and the school satyr dissapeared without a trace. Nobody remembers them except Aria. About a year later, Aria is sitting in her backyard when a cloud nymph who is a servant to Iris appears out of nowhere and is able to communicate to Grace that it is time for Aria to get to camp. Aria is very confused and slightly scared, but Grace gently bites her wrist and drags her out to the street.. From there, Grace lets go and takes off running, stopping every once in a while to make sure Aria is following her. They get to an open feild, where there is a herd of horses and they are all abusing a pegasus that is trying to be like the herd. Aria somehow calms all the horses down and the pegasus smells her demigod scent. The pegasus gives her a ride the rest of the way to camp half blood, untill they are attacked by a`drakon just at the bottom of half blood hill. Her best friend came to her rescue, along with Alexander the Great a few other campers who Aria doesn't recognize. She and her best friend have a happy reunion. A few days later, Aria is claimed, and they realize that they are half sisters because they are both daughters of Iris. Aria has gotten to know her half-siblings in the Iris cabin quite well, and due to her sweet personality, they are quickly becoming fond of her. Aria has now been at camp for two weeks and is still getting used to the strange life of a demigod. Even though she doesn't necessarily need to stay year around, she will because she doesn't want her family to be in danger if she comes home.

Possesions/Weapons: Her dog, and a sword that vanishes when you put it in its special rainbow messenger bag, and materializes in the bag when she needs it. She also has a special bracelet (a gift from her mother) that shimmers with rainbow light and glows as brightly as she wants it to.

(This is my first claim, and the template wouldn't work, so sorry if it's bad, I welcome all critisism)

Bookworm3848 (talk) 23:37, April 6, 2016 (UTC) 


Hello, and welcome to the wiki! Just a few points of inquiry/ things to fix

  • How long did iris stay with Daniel? this is for clarification
    • As a sub point to keep in mind, goddesses have kids very fast
  • Iris telling Aria when to go to camp is a tad to much goddess interference; You could, however, have her send a servant to tell Aria
  • Chiron is no longer the camp director. Instead, it is Alexander the Great
  • Please don't include characters from the cannon books in your claim
  • How long did she stay at camp? This is for clarification
    • As a sub point to keep in mind, she can only have been at camp for a maximum of two weeks

Hope to see you back soon!

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I have fixed all the things you told me to, is there anything else I need to fix on the claim?

Bookworm3848 (talk) 00:41, April 9, 2016 (UTC)

what monster attacked her?

Mamamoo1  is coming back for you~

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