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Name: Aria Whitman

God parents: Hebe, Nike, Tyche

Species: Demigod

Mortal Parent Name: Martin Donner (biological), later adopted by Stephen and Heather Whitman.

Current age: 16

Appearance: Aria is rather beautiful, but not in the traditional way. Her head is fire red, with natural curls. It's long and flows all the way down her back. It looks like a small ocean of flames is falling down her back. Most people tend to think it's colored but it is actually her natural hair color. Her eyes are ocean blue in contrast to her color of hair. Her skin is rather pale. She stands 5'4, which is slightly smaller than most 16 year olds. The height doesn't bother her much though. She has a healthy body; she's slim but not skinny. A rather faint layer of freckles is sprinkle upon her cheeks.

Personality: You could say that Aria is like  “a fire girl”. Her personality is like fire. She’s usually calm and soothing, a very social and friendly girl. She’s passionate about everything she does, she never does anything halfly. She’s a rather excited person to be around. She has a brave approach to life and likes to try new things… However, a not so great trade of hers is that she can very easily become angry. Like a fire, you just need to “pour” the right thing on her and you will have a burning inferno in no time. She can go from calm to angry within a matter of seconds if you know which things to mention to anger her, and when she’s angry, she doesn’t really have control over what she does or says. Aria is hard to read and have many sides to her personality. She’s usually very friendly but have you become an enemy of hers, she won’t forgive, at least not before a longer while has passed. To her enemies, she’s cold and rather sarcastic. Her type of humor in general is sarcasm but not offensive (at least not to her friends… Again, if confronted by an enemy, she won’t really mind what comes out of her mouth, as long as she doesn’t show weakness herself).  Another worse trait of hers is that she’s not very good at thinking before acting. Words usually fly out of her mouth before she really thinks twice. Aria is a very charismatic person as she has used much time in her life getting friends so that she wouldn’t become a social outcast. She a confident girl with a realistic view on life. She’s very loyal.

History: Aria’s story starts with her father, Martin Donner. Martin Donner was a college student, studying in San Diego, just 19 years old when he became the father of Aria. On a warm summer night at an open beach party, about 9 months before Aria was born, Martin had met the lovely Hannah. He was immediately attracted by her beautiful features and began to talk to her. What he didn’t know was that Hannah really was the goddess, Hebe, in her human form. Both being half drunk, it didn’t take them long before they got decided that the party was boring that they would have much more fun at Martin’s house. So, Martin drove himself and Hannah home to his place and after a lighthearted conversation at the couch they began to kiss which later led to sex.

When Martin woke up on the girl was gone. He didn’t hear anything for the last nine month, and never saw her again. However, after night months, one day he walked out of the door and almost tripped over a basket… a basket with baby in it, with fire red hair, freckles and ocean blue eyes. Aria. Martin was immediately frightened.  He couldn’t raise a baby as a college student. Heck, he could barely afford living on his own. So he gave her up for adoption, but first he named her Aria, the name of his mother.

Aria spent her first ten years in the orphanage. It was not the best life. She was always walking around with the hope that a nice couple would come and adopt her or that her real father would come and take her home, although he never did. To this day, Aria still doesn't know her father. The orphanage wasn't the wealthiest, being owned by the government but it wasn't lousy either. Aria quickly learned that making friends was a vital thing on the orphanage. The outsiders would get bullied and occasionally beat up. So, she began to socialize, and she quickly mastered the skill of Charisma. She was one of the orphanage more popular girls, but she still hated it there. The empty space in heart, knowing that not her father or her mother (at that point, she had no idea that her mother was a goddess or under which circumstances her father had given her up for adoption. She just knew none of them wanted her) was eating away at her and sometimes she would just lay in her and cry for her mom and dad.

But it all changed when Aria was ten. The orphanage finally found her a family.  Stephen and Heather Whitman had wanted a younger girl for a while now to add to their household. Heather and Stephen were very wealthy, Stephen was a judge and Heather was successful surgeon. They already had four kids through adoption and Aria was their 5th child. Aria was almost jumping for joy when came to the orphanage to pick her up. They were more she could ever hope for... that's what she thought, at least. But when she came home to their house, it didn't take her long to realize that not everything was all happy and ideal. Sitting by the dinner table, with her new mother and father and her four half siblings, she realized the note able amount of difference of food on each plate. While walking around the great Mansion where the Whitman family lived, she noticed great difference in the different children's room as well. Where one of them was fully decorated, with princess themed wallpaper, bed and toys that had probably cost more than 1000§, another room was simply plain and wooden, with a car and a teddy bear and regular bed. Aria quickly learned why. The family had a hieraki. The father came first, then the mother, and as for the last spaces... that was whoever the parents decided their favorite was. The parents would favorise to the extreme point, and wouldn't even care if they let it show. Aria was scared, however didn't know what to do. "Can you even report parents for picking favorites?" she thought to herself. So she thought, "If I can't stop the game, I may as well win it."

She quickly learned the hieraki so far. Being new she was only in the middle. It went like this:  First, there would be their oldest daughter, Veronica, 14 years old with good grades and perfect blonde hair.

Then, there would be Robert, who was also 14 years old. He was great with sports and popular in school.

Then Beatrice, 12 years old with alright grades, nothing special about her compared to Veronica or Robert but nothing bad about her either.

Then herself, and at last, Travis, a stubborn seven year old with brown hair. It was easily to see why he was disliked by his parents. He always seemed to get into whatever trouble he could possibly think of and challenging the rules. Heather and Stephen hated him and she often heard them whisper to each other, that they shouldn't have adopted him. That his was disgrace.

Aria went to work. Starting in school she would do her best to get good grades. She joined different clubs, such as the debate club and the Junior-cheerleading team. She always enjoys debating and especially Stephen was very enthusiastic about her joining in.  As for cheerleading, she really had no interest in it, she actually thought it was dumb, but she was well aware that if she wanted to become popular that was the way to go and getting popular on the school, meant getting popular with her parents.  She moved up in the hieraki with lightning speed, moving above both Beatrice and eventually Robert. When Aria was 13 she began to play piano and eventually sing. She made a performance in front of the entire school singing, and that was what brought her to the first place of the Hieraki of her family. Travis, Beatrice, Robert and Veronica hated her but she didn't mind (or at least she tried to convince herself that she didn't), she had a beautiful room with her own piano and her own balcony and walk-in closet. "I don't need my siblings love" she would try and tell herself although she knew it wasn't true. She hated herself, knowing how Beatrice and Travis was treatet. She hated her parents, yet was too scared. Living in the orphanage, she barely had anything. Now she had everything. But she still couldn't help but feel guilty.

One night, she was walking home when something… strange happened. She was walking home casually, down the road leading to her house, after a concert at her school, it had gotten dark early. She suddenly felt their air around her change. She turned around just barely reached to jump out of the way before a winged creature flew right past, where she had just stood. It was a harpy, although she didn’t know, she had never even heard of harpies before. It dove right towards Aria, who again dove out of the way. Aria picked up a square cut stone that had loosened from the side walk and hurled it towards the harpy, hitting it in the head. A scream pierced their air. It didn’t kill it but the stone was enough to make it unable to fly. Aria watched as the winged creature flew away in the night, her mouth gaping open. She never told this experience to anyone. “A woman with wings tried to kill me.” She knew that if she tried, she would end up in a mental-hospital.

But one day she snapped. Her parents mistreating of her siblings got too much for her. It was a summer day. The Whitman family was sitting outside at the dinner table on the patio. Stephen was grilling. Aria, Robert, Veronica and Beatrice was sitting outside waiting for the food. None of the half siblings talked together; there was never a friendly feeling between any of them because of the favorism.  A sound, the sound of breaking glass was heard from the living room, "STUPID KID!" Aria heard Heather yell from the inside and dragged their half-brother, Travis out on the porch. "He decided to play ball inside and broke the Chinese vase!" Heather yelled. Stephen stopped grilling and turned off the grill. He walked over to Travis and smacked him on the face, knocking him to the ground. And that was Aria snapped. She had always felt bad for Travis, and the conditions Heather and Stephen let him live under, but she hadn't dared to stand up. Until now.

Aria stood up so quickly that her chair fell down. She yelled and yelled and yelled, calling her parents "hypocrites", "Sick minded maniacs" and "child abusers" and many other things. She called her a mother a "materialistic cu**" and her father a "heartless bastard". Her speech went on for her minuets and her parents did nothing but stare, with their jaws hanging to the floor. All these feelings of anger and sadness just flew out of her Aria; she wasn't even able to stop herself. After she was done, a very awkward silence spread between them. Then she left the patio and just ran up to her room, scared, but still proud. She finally felt she had done something right.

Aria was now, naturally, the most hated child. She didn't even get dinner or breakfast, but had to buy her own. She quit cheerleading, and began to dance instead, even though it was less popular. She didn't care anymore. She didn't need popularity. At the dinner table, she would sit with Travis. The other siblings didn't dare talking to her, afraid to wake their parents’ anger. Travis shared his small amount of food with her and they bonded in a special way. The 2 years between them never mattered for Aria, she loved Travis. She began to search for licenses to become a street-music and    some days after she turned 15, she received one. She would then go out in the streets with her ocarina and play for money, as a street-musician. Sometimes she would sing too. It brought in a little money and she began to safe up to buy Travis a special gift.

On Travis' 13 year old birthday, she bought him a guitar. He had always been interested in her ocarina and just music in general, although Aria knew he secretly wanted a guitar. He was jumping for joy when he got it. It was his only birthday gift. The children lower in the hieraki did not get presents. They began to play together on the street. Aria's profit became much higher after Travis joined in with his guitar. He would play and she would sing and they would share the money together. They were happy, even if the rest of their family hated them.

But their happiness together didn’t last long. Aria turned 16 and some days after, she met a rather… weird friend at school. He didn’t seem to socialize with other than her. One day, he pulled her inside a classroom and took his shoes off revealing hoofs instead of feet. Aria stood with her mouth gaping open as he told her everything. About her mother being a demigod, the camp and the mythological creatures that lived in the world. She discovered that it put her family in danger to stay with them. Her family didn’t matter to her but Travis did. So she decided to go with the Satyr.  She went home and explained everything to Travis, the only person she actually cared at that point. She said she was sorry and that she was going to return for him.  That she was going to send him letters. That she would one day buy a big mansion for them to live in. Travis swore not to tell anyone about it. Aria packed her stuff and left her home with the Satyr, at night, hidden by the darkness so that no one saw. Her parents didn’t even bother reporting it to the local police. She was gone, that’s what they wanted. They just took her out of the school to have her sent to a boarding school and they told her friends that as well.

The trip was long. Most of the night, they would sleep on benches in different parks, using sleeping bags that Aria had “borrowed” from her parents’ house.  Aria had a lot of money from her days as a street musician. Although she wanted to save most of them for later, she would use some of them to eat at dinners and such so that the long trip would become a bit easier. They arrived at camp after 3 weeks, using different bus routes to shorten their journey.

Their journey wasn't all troublefree. Once, they were walking through a forest, they were attacked by a hellhound. The Satyr yelled at Aria to back off but she couldn't just watch as the Satyr risked their life for her. She watched as the satyr was swipped into a tree by the hellhound, knocking the Satyr into tree and into uncontiousness.  She picked up a big, thick, branch on the forest floor and wacked the dog in the head with it. Before it could reach to react, she hit it again. Blood came out from its nose. In the hounds anger, it jumped towards her. She dove out of the way and got an idea, using the hellhounds lack of intelligence against it. While the hellhound turned, she ran to stand in front of a tree ready for it to charge. As it charged, she dove out of the way, so that it ran into the tree. The hellhound howled, and Aria used to the oppertunety to wack in the head with the stick twice again, before retreating, waiting for it's next move. She did the same trick again, with same results, but this Aria did something different. She threw the stick away and picked up a rock as the hound ran into the tree. She then ran up to the dog, that was still trying to gain consciousness from the collide and did something she didn't think she was capabel of. She smashed the rock into the eyes of the hound. Blood splattered everywhere, as she blinded it. She quickly got away from it, fearing it would charge her again but instead, it fled, confused and terrified that it's eyesight had become red with it owns blood. She dragged the Satyr the rest of the way to camp, as they weren't that far away when the hound attacked. She was still 16 when she reached camp. Here, she was nursed back to health and so was the satyr. After she got back to health, Aria was given a spear which she quickly showed skills with

Weapon: Spear


Okay, so I read your dilemma regarding the godparent but, in the end, the decision is up to you. So, kindly choose only 3 godparents. Next, how was she able to survive up to 15 with no monster attacks? Did she and the satyr encounter any monsters while on their way to Camp? Lastly, what age was she when arrived at Camp? Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

I choose my godparent, thanks for the help Demi! Also, I moved up her monster attack so that it happens when she's 13 and add her age when she reaches camp. And I added a monster attack :3

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