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Aglea Met Arian Houston's in New York' city ​​​​.He invited her over to his home after. She had Ariala 9 months later. Shortly Arial was born she left Ari with her dad.

She,was a fashionista diva in school. An A honor role our until 6grade .She had a her first Monster Attack at the bathroom.After washing hands a monster bit bite her hand . She got suspended from school for fighting a "teacher "l.When she turned 14 on her b-day she got attacked again She was with some friends at the mall she she went to the bath room and she was in the stall and black stuff was coming from the toilet bowl and she screamed and her friends opened the door to find her passed out .2 years afterter that she was sent to chb


Hi there, I'm Flopfish3 and I'll be helping you get Ariala ready for the wiki.

  • What is Ariala's personality?
  • What is Ariala's age?
  • Can you add more detail on how Aglea and Arian met?
  • Please expand a little on Ariala's early life, childhood, etc.
  • Please add more information about Ariala's first monster attack. How old was she when she was attacked? What monster attacked her? How did she defeat it or get away safely? Please choose an easy monster from here and describe the encounter.
  • What was happening with the "black stuff"?
  • How did she know about and subsequently get to Camp Half-Blood?
  • Please try your best to clean up the grammar of your claim - it's a bit hard to understand and read.

Thanks for your patience!

Flopfish3 (talk) 12:35, January 11, 2020 (UTC)

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