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Name: Ariana “Ari” Arabella Unknown

Gender: Female

God Parent: Demeter, Eros, Themis

Mortal Parent:

Demeter: Justin Lee Unknown. A highly-paid CEO of a company that manufactures costumes. He always told her that her mother never wanted her and she believed it. Her parents met when her father was on a business trip and they hit it off. Her father became bitter when Demeter left and was always spiteful to her, especially when she handed over Ariana. He had found out about Demeter being a goddess because when they were arguig over Ariana, she accidently let it slip. He couldn't believe it and he was in a shocked silence so, she just left Ariana with him then went back to the other Gods/Goddesses.

Eros: Anastasia Leean Unknown-Lango. A simple house-wife, who re-married to a florist and he cared for Ariana very much. Her mother and Eros met when she was travelling, deciding what to do with her life. When she found she was pregnant, she was over-joyed, even if Eros couldn’t raise the baby with her.

Themis: Jacob Matthew Unknow. A big-shot lawyer. Never re-married because he’s still hung up about Themis. Themis and him met on his way to a conference. He couldn’t help falling in love and loved their baby. He hates that Ariana is the last thing to remind him of the love of his life.

Appearance: Soft, blonde hair ending at her mid-back. It is completely straight. Her eyes are a deep and dark chocolate brown. She has a generally fit body and is slightly curvy. She has slightly tanned skin and light freckles dotted across her cheeks and nose. She stands at about 5'5 and is 15. She never wears much make-up, either.

Personality: Ariana is actually a very sweet girl. She believed her parents from the moment she could remember. She never thought people were aloud to lie, so, she has yet to. She doesn’t necessarily like her god parent and won’t really talk to them if they call. She always loves making new friends and watching nature. She is also on the ditzy and oblivious side for just about everything.


Demeter: Since she was young, her father told her how horrible her mother was. She naturally believed it and hated her mother, thinking she was really just off dead somewhere. When she was around 5, her father hired a nanny and they didn't really care either. They just gave her the necessities and nothing more, not love. When she started to go to school, she was an outsider because she never really interacted with children her own age before. When she eventually made friends, they were together no matter what. She found out she had abnormal growing abilities and hid it from her nanny and father. Her father eventually saw her bringing a plant back to life after he stepped on it. He sent her away to a boarding school half way across the world in hopes of her getting her powers going away if she was far from her Goddess mother. When she was home for the summer, however, a monster attacked. After accidently creating a Venus Flytrap, which ate the monster, her father told her everything. He sent her to Camp Half-Blood and said that he never wanted to see her again. She tried to object, saying that her mother was a horrible person, or, now as she knew, Goddess and that she had been a good daughter. She didn't deserve to be there. She eventually went, though, noticing the hate in Justin's eyes. She then transferred her hate towards her father into the already hatred of her mother.

Eros: When she was but a baby, her mother re-married for her sake. She was taken care of very well and always thought that her step-dad, Joshua Lango, was her real dad. She started playing with the orphanage kids. When their first field day came and she was invited, she went on a team of all girls, considering the boys always walked into posts or tripped when she was around. She was chosen for archery and she was facing the biggest and most popular girl at the orphanage. Once the other girl got a bullseye, Ariana went next. She ended up splitting the other arrow in half and won the competition. Once she got into the 7th grade, boys started to notice her more and her them. Her father, being manly for a florist, always scared the boys she liked or that liked her, away. She knew that that was a duty of a father, though, and didn't really mind, knowing that it was because he loved her. However, at a school dance, a monster broke in, causing an extreme panic. Her mother than told her that Joshua was not actually her father. She then turned on the two of them and refused to go to Camp Half-Blood, claiming she was nothing special, just a girl. Her mother spoke through the door afterwards that she got her archery skills, her attractiveness to guys and her peace-making skills from her father. Ariana still refused to believe it, until a satyr showed up. She then left. However, hesitantly, because she didn't want to meet the person who abandoned her mother and her.

Themis: Since she was young she has been unable to be fooled, which is how she got the concept that people couldn’t lie. Since she was young, she helped in solving little crimes like who stole the cookie and juice box. She genuinly loved to right other's wrongs.Once, when her father had taken her to work and her 11th birthday party was going to go on any minute, she just walked through the door. She, secretly, listened to the facts and then she became known. She spoke that the man was innocent and that the real guilty party was the prosecutor and sure enough, when they dug deeper, they found it was really him. When she was in the 6th grade, she got tired of everybody not following a rule. However, all the children started to obey. She started to occasionally have a few second visions, resulting in her going blind for a while, but, she was able to prevent quite a lot of accidents. Her father soon decided it was time to tell her who her mother was and she was shocked. Then, a satyr came to get her to Camp Half-Blood on her 13th birthday. She forced him to tell her the truth and that he just wanted to get his Searcher's licsense. She ran away and intended to make it to Camp on her own. Two months later, she did but, only after being attacked by numerous monsters, sleeping in the woods and staying unseen for the entire time.

-Little Unusual Me 23:01, May 7, 2012 (UTC)


If it's unknown, you don't have to put that. Please sign this with 4 ~. You need way more history. Add stuff about her early life, school life, etc. How was she recruited? Why was she hesitant? "You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you do have some say in who hurts you." ~Ruby 22:00, May 7, 2012 (UTC)

No, no. Her last name is literally the word Unknown. Is what I added good? It's a lot longer than what it was.

- Little Unusual Me 22:59, May 7, 2012 (UTC)

(In the Demeter section): How would the boarding school make her be farther away from her mother the goddess? What were the abilities she found out about at her school? What happened with the monster attack? How did she find out about the gods, how did her father know? Why did she hate her mom more at the end? "You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you do have some say in who hurts you." ~Ruby 21:54, May 8, 2012 (UTC)

Sorry, I meant half-way across the world, cause they're currently stationed in the US. At her school, as in the ordinary one? Cause that one was the one where children of Demeter can talk plants back to life. She didn't really find out any more about her powers at boarding school. I added a bit more to involve the monster attack, too. I added how he found out about her in his description, too. She just transferred the hate towards her dad to her mom because she was taught to hate her mom but, love her dad.

-Little Unusual Me 22:48, May 8, 2012 (UTC)

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