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Name: Ariela

Gender: Female

God Parent: Poseidon

Mortal Parent: Unknown

Appearance: Long alburn hair that falls to below her shoulders, with large sea-green eyes that seem in a constant flux of green and blue. Although rather petite at only 5"6 she is built with very long slender limbs with pale skin. Freckles dot her face and arms


Personality: Having lived a majority of her life as a sea nymph protected by her father, she doesn't really know much of the modern world. She holds onto the childish ideals lof love at first sight and knights in shining armor. She's naturally inquisitive and wants to learn as much as she can about the 'human' world and is willing to try almost anything. She holds a deep love for Ryker Thovain, even though she hasn't actually met him yet.

History: When Ariela was actually born is no longer known. It was rumored that she was born to a princess of a small seaside country, after she was courted by Posedion. Ariela was viewed as a gift from the gods, and as such, a blessing to the small port town she lived in. 

Ariela was one of the younger princesses born, and as such, was given more freedom than others. She was mainly raised to be like a priestess in her country, used to show the favor the Sea God held for the town. But as she grew, and her powers manifested, men from other countries wished to claim her as their wife.

But our young princess did not want to marry these men who wanted her power, not love,but there was no way for her to escape. Her country was launched into war, all for her hand. Yet in the midst of battle, she herself was killed by a rouge strike from a suitor who had not realized who she was. The battle ceased, and she was cast out onto the sea in an ornate boat, their version of a pyre for the girl. Poseidon felt pity for his young daughter, killed only after seventeen years of life, by no fault of her own, and turned her into a sea nymph.

For centuries she lived as a nymph in her father's sea kingdom, living in the underwater castle as a sort of lady-in-waiting. But Amphrite hated the girl, who merely reminded her of her husbands indescressions with humans, and sought to find a way to rid herself of the nuisance. And after so many years of planning she finally found an away.

Ariela had heard of Camp Half Blood from the other sea nymphs, how demigods and other creature's live there in peace all protected from monsters and way from humans. How Poseidon's children all lived there together in safety. She longed to see it for herself. One day she finally grasped up the nerve and swam up to the beach that bordered the camp. Peaking out from the water and looking around, her heart nearly stopped.

She saw a boy, most likely no older than her age when she died sitting on the beach. He was clearly good looking, even at this distance. Luckily it seemed he hadn't spotted her. She swam up to a rock outcropping to get a better look at his face. He looked so- so- sad. Almost guilty. Her heart melted at the sight. What could make this boy so sad? Why did his eyes show so much guilt? She stared at him for hours as he sat there, and she felt an urge to cry out and get his attention as he stood up and walked from the beach. But no words came out.

For months and months she swam up daily, in hopes of seeing him. Some days he was there, others he wasn't. On days that he was she would watch him. Wondering about who he was, why he looked so sad. She felt such a connection to this young man. And as time went on, she was sure that she felt love. She knew that if only she could talk to him, comfort him, he could love her too. Yet she could never seem to gather up the nerve. She was tied to the ocean as a sea nymph. How could he care for her if she wasn't even close to human anymore? She had to be human again. That was the only way.

Ariela went to her father, begging him to turn her human, to let her be with her love. Poseidon refused angryily, how dare she deny his gift of immortality, all for a demigod? Was it not human men who killed her? How could she know love when she barely even lived? Ariela feld the room, heart-broken and distruaght. But little did she know that Amphrite had been listening, a wide smile across her face, for she finally had a way to be rid of the Ariela.

Amphrite came to Ariela and comforted her, saying that she understood how strong love could be, and that she could help her. Ariela was over joyed, and begged for Amphrite to help her in anyway she could. Amphrite said that she could turn Ariela into a demigod again, but a spell of such magnitude could only last for so long, only a month and a half.  At the end of that month and a half, if the boy did not love her, she would be turned to sea foam, for a spell that changes you that much, could never change you back. Ariela wairly agreed to do the spell, for a life without love was nothing to her. Amphrite then brought up the matter of payment, which would be Ariela's voice. Ariela was unwilling at first, how would she get the boy to love her if she couldn't speak to him, tell him of how she watched him for so long, loved him from afar! But Amphrite said it was the only way. Ariela agreed.

The next day she awoke on the shores of Camp Half-Blood, a demigod girl, where she was then claimed as a daughter of Posedion. Inable to speak, no one was able to find out how she ended up on the beach shore, but she was able to convey that she was looking for someone, someone important to her.

Weapons: Her powers as a daughter of Poseidon Bctcz (talk) 18:51, December 29, 2012 (UTC)


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