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Name: Arista “Aris” Mireldis

Gender: Female

Godly Parent: 1) Melinoe 2) Lyssa 3) Apate

Mortal Parent: Travis Mireldis

Personality: Aris has very smart and creative mind. She has a talent for music, mostly piano and guitar but, nobody knows about it because she thinks it’ll make her look weak. She’s always strong and protects the gang like their part of her family. She shows very little emotion and it’s hard to gain her trust and respect but, when you do you’ll find her as a good friend.

Appearance: Arista has long charcoal black hair, and dark eyes. She has some native American features.

History: Travis Mireldis was at a bar one night after a fight with his wife. At the bar he ran into a young woman and he was so drunk that he began to flirt with her. She flirted back and after about an hour of flirting and drinking they went to Travis’ hotel room and made love. The next morning Travis left the woman and went home to find his wife begging for forgiveness and he quickly forgave her.

Nine months later, Travis was getting ready to go to work when he opened the front door and found a small black basket with a baby and a letter. He was shocked and quickly read the letter which told him that the baby was his child and about the Greek gods and goddesses. After reading the letter, he didn’t want the child but, he knew that he couldn’t just abandon the child so he took her in. When his wife found out about the baby she was furious and she left Travis and took their ten year-old son, Jason with her.

After they left, Travis became depressed and moved back to his birth home of Santa Fe, New Mexico. He decided to call the girl Arista and he called her, his mistake. As Arista grew older she started to dislike her father because he became a drinker and he thought of her as a mistake. When Arista started school people bullied her so she would hang out with the oddballs of the school. She grew to like them and they grew to like her. One day, her father wasn’t home so she decided to look through his stuff and she found the letter. She read it and kept it.

When Arista turned seven, her drunken father was driving her home from school when he ran a red light and a car slammed into them and she blacked out. A few days later, Arista woke up in a hospital and a teenage boy was holding her hand. He told her that he was her older brother and that their father had died in the accident and that also she had broken her leg and bruised two ribs. Arista was sort of happy that her father was dead and she learned that she would be moving in with her older brother and was very pleased with that.

After she was let out of the hospital, Jason took her to his apartment in Seattle. After a few weeks she started school there and again they bullied her and she became an oddball but it didn’t bother her as much. After school, she would walk through the woods behind the school to the dinner her brother worked at. By the time she was eight she had memorized the woods by heart and she decided to start her training as a demigod, so while Jason was working she would go out and train herself like the Greek would in the myths and books.

The night before her tenth birthday, she was laying in bed when a slight breeze came in through the window. When she got up to close the window she tripped over a gift box and she opened it. Inside were two throwing daggers and a birthday card from her mother. She was so happy that she told Jason about it, when he didn’t believe her, she showed him the birthday card and the letter. After reading the letter he believed her.

When she was eleven, she went exploring around town and was passing an ally when she heard a hissing noise. She turned down the alley and found an empousa and threw her dagger at it, killing it. After that she found an older girl and figured she was a demigod so she told her to come and stay with her and her brother. The girl decided too and Arista took her back home, were she told her brother about the girl and he agreed to let her stay.

Arista learned the girl’s name was Elizabella Wright and they became like sisters. When Arista turned thirteen, she and Elizabella decided to create a gang. Soon the gang was very large and had a rival. The gangs would get into fights all the time. A little while after Arista turned fifteen a hellhound attacked her but, she killed it quickly and Jason decided it was time for them to go to camp, so he flew them to Camp.

Weapons: Her Two Throwing Daggers

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Don't forget, the deadline for this to be ready to be looked at is 8/15

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The indication of her being a mute would start earlier than two, indications would be her never crying or making a single sound as a child. How did her schoolmates know she couldn't talk? A six year old creating a social networking account with no assistance? How old is she? "Facebook" was launched in the year 2004. So, keep that in mind for her age. How did she know it was her brother if he left when she was an infant? Sure, they could have the same last name, but on Facebook there's a large, growing number of accounts. How did an untrained demigod kill an Empousa so easily? Catcat Oh, my paws and whiskers! Iris Message ❤❤❤ Minxie ❤❤❤04:15,13/8/2012

Changed it He Who Finds a Friend, Finds a Treasure ~ Shady 04:21, August 13, 2012 (UTC)

By "young" you mean they found out she was mute around what age? Also, as she's mute from birth and by natural causes, odds are she'd go to a special school to learn sign language and such, and wouldn't be put in a normal school. Or at the very least she would have tutors to teach her sign language

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