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Name: Ash

Species: fire Spirit

Creator: Hephaestus

Gender: Male



Personality: Ash has a natural sense for duty cause he will always let it came first before personal desire. He is very faithful to his master Hephaestus, doing whatever he orders him to do. He can come up as rather dense when communicating with other and has his own weird sense of humor.


Ash, a fire spirit was created my Hephaestus. He was created with the purpose of helping his master at his forge in Olympus.Ash's fire resistant helps him to do his duty to his master well. He served him through all Hephaestus needs, and meets it with great height. Hephaestus was quite please with Ash's performance.

Ash continued to serve Hephaestus for years, until that day, when Hephaestus decided to let his fire spirit for some time off in reward for all of his accomplishments at the forge. Ash tried to decline the offer, feeling that he is most useful at Hephaestus domain, but later let in the idea after Hephaestus stubbornness towards his no.

Ash still wants to serve Hephaestus so he decided to go to camp so that he can keep an eye on some children of Hephaestus. With that said, Ash was then later sent to Camp Half-Blood.

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