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Name: Camreigh Ash Michel

Age: 17

Parents: Poseidon and Daria Michel

Personality: Ash is the simple type of a nice person - kind, gentle and fragile. He searches for things that can avert his mind from thinking, "Am I too helpless?" He always has the need to just do something, whatever that may be. However quiet he can be is also how much restless he is. Weirdly enough, his restlessness is a sign of him staying calm, in which we can safely say that his panic attacks are worse. He may not be that fond of getting close with other people, but if he thinks it's for the best, he'll do it. He also will prefer campfires over the sea, add it with thriller stories. But it's not just Ash who's around.

When Taylor, Ash's brother, takes over his body, he becomes rash and impulsive, the complete opposite of who Ash is. Although a practiced fighter, he tends to be reckless when in battles, unless Ash chides him in his mind. He is not the friendly type, and is overprotective over his brother, even though they're just in the same body. He's noisy, in Ash's mind, and irritating, but when somebody breaks through his walls, he becomes nicer only to that certain person. When Ash and Taylor are working together, whoever is in control of the body, they display a clear and strong air of victory in battles.


A century ago . . .

Ethan Cornell was a dreaded person in Colorado. Since the last war that occurred there, more and more rebels seemed to attack the state, and they seemed to grow so fast in numbers. As someone who led the watch on rebels, he was in charge of imprisoning them and taking suspects. If jail wasn't enough for the crimes of a rebel, then death was necessary. He'd done a lot of bad things that even his wife, Rosamund, couldn't explain. During a hunt, his team had captured a small group of what they suspected to be part of the rebellion. Cornell, without even minding to collect proofs that they were rebels, ordered them to be executed. 

The group had a ten year-old, three teenagers and three adults in their late twenties, and with no mercy did he consider his decision. An old woman had begged for him to release them, for they were just children. Some of the other women there had protested, but the hanging proceeded. When Cornell returned home, the same old woman was waiting for him in the lobby, telling him what crime he'd just done. Cornell ordered his guards to take the woman out, and Rosamund offered to accompany her out. But the old woman suddenly stood tall and erect, and the hood of her cloak fell to reveal an enchanting woman. 

"You who had hurt my son and countless innocents, I have come to end your mindless fraud. I will not forgive, nor will I show you any mercy. Despite my personification of peace, you have done too much, as the others who had done the same had ended up bathing in their own blood. You will see the same end, I assure you," the woman said in a haunting voice, to which Cornell mocked. Rosamund was wide-eyed with fear.

Suddenly, all the guards who were around to take her out turned to stone and broke into ash. This made Cornell stop. "You have ridiculed me, and so this is the proof I show you of what I will do to you. Remember this, you hideous mortal, once you had spilled the life's blood of a breathing creature, you will join him in death as well, as so to prevent you from doing what you have learned doing." 

Rosamund cried out and begged the goddess to take back her curse as Ethan stood motionless, shocked and scared. "Please, just give it to another person who does the same, I swear I won't let my husband do the same thing again! Please!" she said, but the goddess didn't comply. "I beg you, curse our children, just not my husband! As long as he lives, I promise, he won't do anything." 

Then the goddess thought of something else. "I admire your love for your husband, but what about your own children, you imbecile? I will not take back the curse, but this is my say: The curse will be bestowed on the first child of your line born after your eldest child dies. However, you will suffer for eternity as soon as you leave this mortal world. Remember these words spoken by Eirene." She smiled too wickedly for a goddess of peace. "May the child be in good hands." Then she disappeared.


Daria Cornell had always looked up to her grandfather, who never stopped telling her stories about the old people, the old myths and legends. She had looked forward to visiting him in his little townhouse every summer vacation. But that was short-lived when he died before her twentieth birthday, and to her, it felt like the world was crumbling down on top of her. This went on until she met a man named Alec when she visited Greece. He was kind and handsome and rich and a very generous person who owned a huge company established in Greece. It wasn't long before she married him, but they decided to have children on a later time.

Managing the company was hard, especially for Daria who wasn't used to doing those kind of jobs. She preferred farming, herding, and someday owning her own ranch. But that all went downhill for she loved Alec more than those. On their first year as a couple, everything was smooth and good, but the other side of Alec she'd never seen was revealing itself. He was manipulative and overstrict, hurting anyone who gets in his way. Daria found herself avoiding him, occasionally getting beaten up by Alec if ever she irritated him.

However, through those hard days, she met another man named Elias, a tourist who joined the tour through the Melissani Cave in Kefalonia Island. He sat beside her on the boat and blurted historical facts about the cave to her - it is the Cave of Nymphs, where the god Pan and naiads danced to rituals, where Apollo let the sun's light shine through the open roof of the cave and reflected blue light on the walls. He was fun to talk with, and he asked Daria to lunch afterwards. 

Since that time, Daria had been secretly going out with Elias while Alec was busy at work. She didn't mean to stray; she was just tired of Alec, and he even wouldn't let her file a divorce against him. Elias made her happy, and that's that. Things got deeper a few months later, and he disappeared without a trace after a night together. If ever a baby was developing, she made sure to do it with her husband to have it look like the child was his - and he wouldn't have any objections.

Months later, for the first time in years, Alec smiled when he held his firstborns.Yes, twins they were. He gave Daria the honour to name them. She happily accepted, and had help with her mother (who came to Greece from the US). They both wanted daughters, and had decided to name them with a bit girly names.

Early Childhood

Camreigh Ash was older than Taylor Reign for a mere five minutes. However, they were the complete opposite of one another. Ash was calm and collected where Taylor was impulsive and wild. Ash was one who thought things through, made sure everything was in their right places, and laid out plans carefully until their precise. Taylor was the one who carried out stuff and didn't care about thinking. He'd do what his instincts would say and just take the mistake if ever he went wrong. They were both loved so much by their parents, but Alec and Daria were always away, and the twins would stay with their grandmother who chose to live in Kefalonia, just a few minutes away from the place where their mother met their true father.

The kids were home-schooled, paid by Alec, so they didn't have the much chance to socialize with people their own age. It was only the two of them for most of the times, sometimes their grandma would join in their little circle. She'd tell them stories she'd read when she was young, classic novels and legends and all the more fiction. She brought them to Melissani Cave, and the twins fell in love with the site as soon as they saw the reflection of the ultramarine water on the solid rocks of the cave. 

Krizia, their grandma, had too much heart attacks in their lifetime. They were three when they jumped in her six-feet pool in her yard (she jumped after them and found they were fine), four when they ran outside the gates and crossed the road, almost getting hit by a car (she apologized later to the driver that stopped), four and a half when they almost let the toaster burn the house (she thankfully got the fire extinguisher in time), five when they somehow found their way to the roof of the house, jumping nonchalantly (she went up a ladder and took them by the collars down), five and a fourth when they let the bathroom flood so that they could have an indoor pool (she called for help to clean up), and six when they rode on their bikes and got lost (the police found them and took them back to her). 

But Krizia was fine; she still loved them no matter how ridiculous their minds seemed to be. She urged them to have friends, but they just wouldn't. Ash tried twice, but it didn't work out. Taylor bullied anyone who got near him, so he was never really one to socialize. It was just them, with Taylor following Ash around to the point that it was infuriating to have him around. Ash found him too protective, and he didn't like that. Meanwhile, Krizia received a letter without any hint from whom was it. She read it while the boys were having fun in their four-feet pool, and thought the sender was crazy. True father? Greek god? Demigods? Monsters? What the heck were those? However, she was intrigued about the parent part. Was Alec not their father? Krizia didn't say any of this to her daughter or her husband.

When the kids turned eight, Krizia had spied on them while they were splashing in the pool, and saw something the twins promised to keep secret and thought no one saw them. Ash accidentally made the water rise into a wave and crashed it down on Taylor, furious. Ash was frightened, and swam down to get his brother, but Taylor broke the surface and laughed, saying he could breathe underwater. Ash tried, and he was under for a time a kid couldn't hold long before he surfaced, no panting or catching of breaths. Krizia would've thought breathing underwater was absurd, but Ash was too logical, and he believed it. Not including the wave, she almost had her last heart attack.

A retired martial arts mentor moved in their neighbourhood, and the twins became close to him, happy to have found a carefree person. Taylor forced Daniel, the mentor, to teach them some of those he had taught. Laughing he agreed, dragging Ash with them in lessons. Krizia observed and watched, still not letting out a word about the boys. Then on one night, Poseidon sent her a dream, telling her all the things she needed to know about the twins. Krizia had asked why he didn't tell this to Daria, but the voice said it was for the best. 

First monster attack

Alec had decided to give the twins business classes that year. He wanted them to be honed company executives as early as possible. He also included taking them on business trips. However, the twins had the opposite answer in hand and threw tantrums about it. Krizia brought them to the seaside, where she once hanged out with her dead husband. It easily calmed them down, making them spill everything they feel about their parents and what they wanted, if they could ever have them. Moments later the twins were as good as fresh, laughing and playing by the water. Meanwhile, Krizia, who went to get some snacks, got the same voice's warning in a sudden dream - Ash must not kill, or else it was as good as killing himself.

Utterly confused, she ran as fast as her aged legs could take her. The twins had then been confronted by a hideous creature that seemed to want to enjoy killing them. Ash had it on his tail, while Taylor grabbed a handful of rocks and threw it at the telekhine. Another one appeared from the sea, and that almost made Ash faint in shock. Like a sudden flash of light hitting a mirror, a golden hilt of a sword shined in the dunes a few feet before him. Instinctively, he grasped it in his hands and pulled. A bronze blade left the sand, and Ash could only stare at its beauty. A telekhine charged towards him, and before he slashed, Krizia had shouted for him to duck. He ducked, the telekhine behind him striking and ended up hitting the one in the front. Taylor ran with a battle axe in hand and killed the remaining one.

A deadly game

Krizia explained, and the twins only showed deadpan expressions. After all, they have abnormal abilities. Their newfound weapons could turn into small charms they could hang from neck or wrist chains. But Taylor was scared for his brother's life, if what their grandmother was saying was true. Testing it was a bad idea, so he swore to himself he would protect Ash no matter what. The twins viewed their life as a game of survival, like all the games they were masters at. Krizia kept the twins with her for three more years, the three of them barely defeating the monsters that came their way. Ash had almost killed a harpy, but Taylor was the one who finished it off.

To keep their calm and let their problems dissolve even for just a while, the twins would always return to Melissani Cave, sneaking their way in and splashing and diving, swimming under for as long as they liked. Even Krizia was sometimes unaware of this. The business classes they went through, keeping everything as if they were normal in front of their Alec. But they couldn't find a way to talk to their mom personally, as she was too busy cities away. Taylor always kept a close watch on his brother, and became more overprotective than he had then. Daniel, meanwhile confused on where they got their weapons, taught both how to use them, and a lot more. 

When they turned twelve, after a practice meeting in Alec's main office, they went to find their mother, searching the whole building. In the garden they were stopped by a single pit scorpion. They ducked as it thrust its deadly tail at them. Taylor took out his axe and slid under it, attempting to hack it from under. But the monster was fast. Luckily, a little lake was recently added in there, and Ash willed the water to splash all over the creature. He wanted to help, but Taylor clearly wanted him to stay away. It was a dangerous game of tag, and before its tail poisoned Taylor's blind side, Ash had jumped and slashed it off. A stranger came in with  huge sword and helped in killing the monster. He screamed at them that it was after him, and it was all his fault.

Ash, with his mind blank for a moment in worry for his brother, slashed one of the scorpion's chinks in its armor. The stranger did the same, but Ash gave the final blow. It burst into golden dust, and the stranger, who apologized twice, ran away a second after. But Ash crumpled to the ground, feeling what the scorpion might've felt before it died. Taylor ran to him, chiding and crying as his twin slowly lost his breath. A disembodied voice echoed around them, an intimidating yet cool feminine voice. "I will give you the chance you should never waste again." In an instant, Ash's eyes flew open, and Taylor, for the first time, broke down in tears.

After that close call, it became even much harder for Ash. Although he could run from attacking monsters if he was alone, he couldn't just keep running forever. Taylor, however, has been getting more anxious every passing day. They had talked to their mother and tried to explain everything, but she became too busy and rational to believe any of it. Even Krizia, who could only call her, couldn't convince her. Alec, worse, was impossible to deal with.

The next year had been pretty busy, as they were forced to join business trips with either Alec or some of his representatives, but not even once with Daria. To different countries they went, staying in each for two to three days. They didn't like planes, and they hated every trip that had them saying hello to another monster. Taylor fought like a nightmare, not even letting Ash swing his own sword. The monsters seem to blend in with humans excellently that it they always had to stay alert. That made Taylor greatly apprehensive. And a day before their fourteenth birthday, they learned that Daria had died of a metastatic cancer. That was the only news the got about her, and they only had their birthday to see her one last time. Alec made work his distraction, and he dragged both with him.

Fourteen was when the twins's arguments fired up quickly. Ash was worried how Taylor could be so impulsive that he had almost killed a suspicious-looking yet innocent person. The other would argue that it was for safety. And the feared happened. Two empousai had lunged at them. Ash had weakened them and Taylor finished them off, but another woman, the same age as the monsters seemed to be, happened to pass by. Taylor threw his axe at her, but it passed through her like she was air. Frightened, she screamed, and Taylor, blinded by his rage, took out a mortal dagger and stabbed the woman. Ash almost lost his mind. He helped Taylor in hiding the body and erasing all evidence. The younger twin wasn't so fazed about it. Since then, Taylor had the trouble of checking his spleen and fury. During meetings their dad pushed them to attend, he was obviously uncomfortable, and hyperactive. 

For a whole year, Ash tolerated Taylor. Going back to the cave was a help, but wasn't when it came to Taylor increasing hostility that he brought his anger not just to the monsters that came and went but also on the company employees. This made Alec mad, and he grounded Taylor with his grandmother. Taylor, however, became too worried for Ash that he started an argument with his father. They were too busy fighting that they didn't notice the giant scorpion crawling towards them. Ash, in shock, immediately took out his sword and fought the monster, momentarily forgetting whatever curse he was bestowed upon. Taylor punched Alec and jumped to hit the scorpion with his axe, and succeeded, killing it. He chided his brother, and the other did the same, and they brought Alec to his room, hoping he'd just forget everything. 

Undetermined resolve

Unfortunately for them, Alec remembered and went on a rampage that he firmly decided to disown Taylor and keep the older twin. They couldn't change his mind, and Taylor went off, away and mad. Ash was worried, for his brother and himself. 

Time passed, and Ash became restless, wondering where his brother was, now that there was news that some people were killed in a place where they both used to hang out. Then,  week after their sixteenth birthday, he found Taylor in the same place, a simple park. He was wild-eyed and terrifying, what with all the temper he's having. Suddenly he told Ash everything he's done, and broke down in front of him. Ash didn't know what to do or say. Then a Fury attacked, but they helped each other, having Taylor finish it. 

Ash went back home, and prayed to the gods he thought were real to keep his brother safe. Taylor, meanwhile, did the same. Harmonia, a goddess who was quite fond of Ash's tranquil behaviour and hated Taylor's hostility, went to talk to Eirene, the goddess who gave the curse, about the situation. She suggested something that would stop Taylor's war intents and protect Ash's life. Eirene found it better, and so she let Harmonia do as she wishes. Harmonia told this to the twins's father, Poseidon, but he did not do so much but nod. 

A month later, Ash woke up feeling heavy and different, as if somehow his body wasn't his. Then he heard a soft feminine voice in his head, saying that both of them will be safe. Suddenly, he saw his own body moving not by his will. He could see his himself walking and holding an axe - the axe that belonged to his brother. Taylor's voice resonated in his mind, talking to him. Ash, a moment later, had his body in control. Then he understood what happened. Taylor's mind had fused with him.

For the next months 'til they turned seventeen, the twins practiced using one body - two minds yet one vessel. It was hard, as one of them would always like to take control. But they soon had an agreement: Ash would use his body like he has always done, unless a situation arises that may activate Ash's curse. Taylor would take over and fight; in that way, the curse wouldn't take effect. Practice and training, with dummies and monsters, until a satyr found them. Jimmy was his name.

Jimmy didn't understand the situation at first, and when he did, Ash left a letter for Alec about everything, and where he might be. He and Jimmy left Greece, taking a plane to New York. It took a few days for Ash to adjust (Taylor, too) in Camp Half-Blood after being claimed by their real father. He's been there for a week.

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