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Name: Ashlee Lynette Winters

Gender: Female

Godly Parent:

1. Poseidon

Current age: 16

Mortal Parent: Ashlynn Winters


Personality: Now little miss Ashlee Winters is a shy spoke individual at first but when you get to know her better, she actually has an interesting spit fire attitude that is waiting to pounce when you make her mad. She is hot tempered and fiery when angered but can be sweet and kind if you pacify her enough to know that she is acrually a good natured person. She loves the oceans like she loves life, she always dreams of going off into faraway journeys like pirates to uncover buried treasure. She is a loyal individual, though to an extent that she would sacrifice the world for her loved ones. She is a hopeless dreamer and thus, it make her naive and gullible at times. She is impulsive, indecisive and rash, but she truly does value and treasure her loved ones and friends. She also has this tendency of stuttering that she had gotten from her mother.


Many years ago, at a beach in the quiet of Bradford, U.K, Ashlynn Winters was a young doctor in her mid twenties. She was dipping her feet into the waters of the seas as she sat on a rock that was hanging over the seas, Ashlynn always wanted to go off into distant adventures and to explore the big wide world. She wants to satisfy her curiosity of what's out there. The young doctor sighed softly before she felt a tap on her shoulder. Ashlynn looked up and noticed a tall black haired male with the most gorgeous green eyes you will ever see. She was awestruck for a moment as the man smiled kindly.

"Be careful there Miss. You might fall off. I might need to save you if you do that." The male teased as he held out a hand for Ashlynn to grab a hold of. In a daze at the god like male in front of her, she accepted his hand and the man helped her up. "What's your name?" "A-A-Ashlynn... W-W-Winters." The male chuckled and Ashlynn thought it was one of the most heavenly sounds she had ever heard. "Well Miss A-A-Ashlynn W-W-Winters, would you like to go to that mearby seafood restaurant and have lunch with me now?" Now this comment made Ashlynn over the moon as she eagerly nodded her head and followed the male, who she later learned was named Gareth Sumners.

"What do you mean you are a god?!" Ashlynn shrieks as she looked at Gareth. Gareth's face was calm and collected, as if he had done this so many times before. It was about a few months after they had gone out and Gareth had just professed to his girlfriend that he was actually Poseidon, God of the Seas. "I am Poseidon." He just simply said as Ashlynn sat back in the chair with her eyes wide opened. Her slightly large belly was being cradled by Ashlynn's hand. "And I have to go soon... After our child is born." Ashlynn's soft brown eyes just softened into sadness. "Alright... Gareth... I... Believe you... I might be crazy... But you might be telling the truth." Poseidon smiled and give his current lover a hug.

A few months later, little Ashlee Winters was born. Poseidon had only a few minites to spare but he wanted to look at Ashlee first... Ashlynn was currently craddling her child as she looked up at Poseidon. "Come meet your daughter, you big oaf." Now Poseidon has been doing this for milleniums... But he always looked forward to looking at his newborn children for the first and last time... "She has your eyes." Ashlee looked up at Poseidon with those big sea green orbs that most of his children has.

"Indeed she does." Poseidon whispered before he took out something from his pocket and put it in the tiny hands of Ashlee. It was a circlet, lined with little sea corals and jewels. "Always make Ashlee bring this with her... She will be a very special type of girl." After a few tearful goodbye from Ashlynn, Poseidon left and Ashlynn never saw him again.

Ashlynn kept Ashlee's existence from her conservative family by running away from Bradford. She packed up her stuff and carried Ashlee before buying a flight ticket all the way to Manhattan. Here, Ashlynn was able to start a new life with Ashlee. Though she had gone on a few dates and there, she found out that only Poseidon resides in her heart. As for Ashlee, the little twerp was indeed a special little thing. She was shown to indeed be her father's daughter.

One time, when Ashlee was six, she was seen by the teachers conversing with small little fishes. Her schoolmates noticed it and made fun of her by catching the fish, putting them in a plastic bag full of water, and shaking it. She ended up crying about how the fish was telling her he was scared. Another incident was when she was nine and it was raining cats and dogs. Everybody was walking under the rain and everybody was getting drenched... Except for Ashlee. She was actually completely dry. These weird incidents led to her schoolmates bullying her and thinking that she was this weird freak. Another incident of Ashlee's heritage showing was when a fury disguised as a teacher had tried to lure Ashlee to a desolated part of the school after school but Ashlynn manage to catch her before she tried to do anything fishy.

Everytime Ashlee ran home crying to her mother because of her bullies, Ashlynn would always tell Ashlee stories of her father and how he was like. She would also tell Ashlee that whenever she holds her circlet, Ashlynn would be sure that Poseidon would protect his daughter.

Everything was actually peaceful for Ashlee apart from those bullying incidents. However, everything changed one day.

When Ashlee was ten years old, one of her bullies followed her home. She was this slim and pretty girl with dark black eyes. Ashlee always thought that she looked pretty but there was one time... She thought that dhe had seen the bully with fangs for teeth before. She casted that thought away because she thought it was just her mind playing tricks on her. The bully named Chelsea quickly cornered her into a dark alley in Ashlee's stupid attempt of throwing her off. Chelsea soon turned from an innocent and sweet looking girl into a ravenous Empousa with flaming red hair. "The blood of a demigod... Especially of a daughter of the Big Three is rare... I will enjoy devouring you!" The Empousa then pounced on her.

Ashlee was so afraid and scared, she didn't know what happened to her. She just let her instincts took control of her and she rolled on over to the side, evading a fatal attack. The little ten year old didn't sven processed what happened, she just depended on her ADHD to continue moving. Ashlee subconsciously touched her circlet out of habit and prayed for something to help her when her circlet turned into two twin knife fans called Tensins. They had celestial bronze blades stuck on the under side of the fans and had a triton inscripted into them with the words 'Ebony and Ivory' inscripted in Greek.

The Empousa readied for an attack as Ashlee soon countered it with a block from one of the fans and threw one in her shoulder. The fan came flying nack with an arch into Ashlee's hand. The Empousa screamed in pain before she snarled, "No more games daughter of Poseidon! You are mine!" As the Empousa got in for the killing blow, a dagger was lodged into the side of the Empousa's neck, killing her and making her explode into dust.

From behind her and Ashlee's saviour, was a half man and half goat. A satyr tasked with the job of bringing Ashlee to Camp Half-Blood. The satyr's name was Steve and he looked like a midget business man with goat legs. "Ashlee Winters? I am tasked with bringing you back to camp." Dazed, Ashlee however wasn't so convinced that this being was someone that wanted to protect her so she just went with him for a while before running off back to her home. Back home, Ashlee had told Ashlynn everything that had ever happened and this caused the mother to be worried. Ashlynn packed their bags and moved to another state. Meanwhile, Steve was being told to wait by Ashlynn because of how Ashlynn thought Ashlee was too young to leave her. However, he was welcomed to follow them.

This continued for six years where Ashlee slowly transferred schools whenever the monsters took notice of her. It was a different monster attack for every year! However, with her satyr's help, she was able to defeat all of them. Ashlee had put up a happy facade to her mother but was secretly feeling lonely with not much friends around. Soon, Steve decided that Ashlee was big enough to go to Camp Half-Blood. However, Ashlynn at first didn't want Ashlee to go but she then noticed the look of loneliness and longing to have friends in Ashlee's eyes and finally allowed Ashlee to go.

Soon, they got to camp without much trouble. Ashlee was brought to Camp Half-Blood at the age of sixteen and was claimed as a daughter of Poseidon.

Weapons: Twin tensens fans named Ebony and Ivory. They have celestial bronze blades melted at the underside of the fan.


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  • First off, you don't need any god parent choices. Just have the one you have first picked.
  • A god wouldn't have an affair with a mortal for as long as a year. Gods are busy beings,so they wouldn't waste their time running around with a single mortal. A few months would be good.
  • Please expland a little more about her childhood.
  • I'm fine with the empousa. It's a medium monster here, used for quests and all, yet you may want to check the lighter monsters for claims here.
  • The wiki has this two-week rule, in where an unclaimed demigod can only stay in Camp for two weeks prior to being claimed. Several years in Camp before claimed as a chaarcter here is not allowed.

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  • After the first attack, more monsters are drawn to her. So there is one (or more) attack/encounter every year that goes by unless the demigod arrives at Camp. You don't need to decribe them all, just havethem generalized.
  • Steve's job is to bring the demigod to Camp as soon as possible. Why didn't he talk to Ashlee's mom or convince them to bring there immediately?

Well, those're the only ones. See ya again!

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