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Name: Ashlyn Davis Gender: Female Godly Parent: -Hypnos -Nyx -Hephaestus

Mortal Parent: Larissa Davis

Appearance: Ashlyn has loose long waves that frame her heart shaped face. Her green eyes  peer out of her pale skin; and are one of her most notable features. Ashlyn can be described as lanky and has long legs, which she can't seem to control making her a bit clumsy sometimes. 


Personality: Ashlyn is athletic and for the most part a friendly girl. She can be shy at times; especially when she talks to males that she finds georgus. Ashlyn is pretty loyal until you give her a reason not to be. Even if it seems like she doesn’t like someone, she’ll stick up for them if she thinks they’re friends. Ashlyn doesn’t believe in the concept of secrets, she’ll just blurt out whatever comes to mind first.She finds she has trouble waking up, like most of her siblings.Although sleep troubles Ashlyn, she tries her best to train and do what other half-bloods do on the island; whether it be train, climb, explore, or swim. She’s up for any activity thrown at her. She also finds interest in things that most won’t. For example, she is determined to find a solution for all the sleepless nights some of her friends are having. Most brush off something like that but she finds it her obligation to help the people she cares about.

History: Larrisa Davis was always considered a dreamer by her friends, taking pictures, always photo-editing, and writing fantasy stories in her many journals, so its no wonder Larrisa fell in love with the god of sleep and dreams. Larrisa Davis had a hard life before that though. Her mother and father got into a train wreck right before Larrisa went to college; the accident leaving her dad paralyzed, and on top of that having serious mental conditions while her mother was dead. Larrisa was forced to abandon her dream of college and traded it in for working 5 jobs trying to pay off the medical bills.

While Larrisa was working in the local diner, her last job of the day; a man came in. Larrisa; who always saw the bright side of things was smiling while pouring this stranger a cup of coffee. Of course she found this man attractive- with his unshaven stuble, dark thick hair, and stunning gold/brown eyes. This georgus man fell asleep with his head sillouted against the window. Larrisa in her mind found a perfect model for a photo. She took out her camera and as soon as she hit the button; he awoke; temporarily blinded by the flash. Larrisa sheepishly apologized and blushed, while the man found this adorable and couldn't stop smiling. He invited her to talk and eat with him as soon as her shift was over. The two hit it off; Larrisa exitidly talking about the places she would go, and the pictures she would take- while the handsome man reminded her not to take any more of sleeping strangers. The two spent the night after this, and then Ashlyn came along. David (Hypnos) helped Larrisa with her financial struggles, and the two traveled to Paris and Madrid; Larrisa's dream trips. The day after his daughter was born David left; leaving Larrisa with only a sheet of paper with one word written on it - Ashlyn, an Irish name meaning "dream". Hypnos never did explain to Larrisa what he was, or what her daughter was either. Larrisa just assumed he kept traveling, and wasn't cut out to be a dad. But that didn't bother Larrisa she understood.

Larrisa raised her daughter with care; she became a photographer for a modeling company; and was known for her creative work all around Rhode Island where the two lived for the first 7 years of Ashlyn's life. Larrisa then met Peter, a man who worked as a novelist; and the two got married a year later. Peter loved Ashlyn and treated her as if she was his. The three lived a happy life; and Ashlyn thought her life was completely normal. Ashlyn was always known for being a heavy sleeper, and an amazing artist. Ashlyn (called Ash by her friends) started painting pictures from her vivid dreams. Portraits of winged horses and poppy flowers, dream-catchers, and even distorted mashed-up looking monsters covered her walls.

All was good until Ashlyn turned 13. At the start of 8th grade weird things started happening. Ashlyn once made her whole class fall asleep when she was dreadfully bored in Math. Another time her dyslexia got the best of her and she insisted that she could read Greek words without having previous knowledge of the language. On a rainy day in November; Ashlyn and her best friend Cecelia were walking to school as usual. They walked in Jessie Murdolph Middle School and Cecelia pointed out that the new kid kept staring at her. Cecelia giggled and explained to Ashlyn that he must have a crush on her; so she pulled Ashlyn along and said hi to him. The new kid was tall and hairy, having a huge brown mop of hair on his head almost coming down to his eyes. He walked painfully around and told the girls he was sore from football practice. Ashlyn and Cecelia befriended this new kid, named Kevin and got to know him better. Finally 6th period (Ashlyn's favorite class) art arrived. Everybody had assigned seats, and in this case Ashlyn was partners with Carnia, the school's mean girl. You know, the matchy matchy with her clique; decides who is popular and who isn't 'Queen' of  the entire school. Yes her, Ashlyn hated her but when your favorite class's teacher assigns you as partners there is no complaining. Ashlyn was working with her on a paper machae project when Carnia suggested that to finish this they work togeather during study hall. Ashlyn agreed, a bit suspicious. Together they worked on their paper mache flower for about 45 minutes when Carnia suggested that Ashlyn should go and get some more newspaper. Ashlyn questioned this because they had 5 stacks still here, but she went anyway.

When she came back TheSleepyOne (talk) 22:58, February 11, 2013 (UTC) Ashlyn didn't seem to notice the empousai staring down at her atop the counter. She gently put the newspapers down and looked up, now face to face. All Ashlyn saw was Carnia with flaming hair. Her first thought was to run and put out Carnia's head because somehow she had gotten it caught on fire, but as Ashlyn looked closer she saw that Carnia also had red glowing eyes with a bronze leg and a donkey leg. Carnia lunged for her and Ashlyn shrieked, grabbing the nearest object (the hollow paper machae flower) and hurling it at the empousai. It hit Carnia straight in the face; the glue sticking to her face while she franticly scratched it off with her claws. This gave Ashlyn time to run out the exit straight into the new kid, Kevin. He immediately sensed she was in danger and grabbed her and ran through the parking lot. Carnia now on their trail, followed hissing as she ran. Kevin hurled himself into the nearest car and pulled Ashlyn in with him. Kevin yanked the wires on the red pickup truck and then brought them togeather creating sparks. The truck lurched forward and Ashlyn protested, screaming and demanding to be brought home while Kevin was franticly trying to soothe her. Ashlyn finally had enough with this physco kid who pulled her into a car, hotwired it, and started driving her out of town. She opened the door and when they hit a red light; and jumped out, unknowingly running back towards the empousai. She ran all the way back home and discovered it was eerily quiet. She unlocked the door, and as soon as she opened the door she saw Peter and her mom tied up to a chair, and in front of them was none other than Carnia, or whatever that thing was. Ashlyn ran to the kitchen as the empusai grabbed at her, scratching Ashlyn's arm and drawing blood. She grabbed the kitchen knife and hid behind the swinging kitchen door, when Carnia ran through the door she met Ashlyn's knife which unfortuanlty bounced off the empousai and harmlessly fell to the floor. Carnia barred her fangs and Ashlyn was now cornered in the small family kitchen. Just then; Kevin burst through the window holding wind-pipes in his hand. He blew a little toon into them and soon vines started growing wrapping themselves around the confused empusai. She finally realized what was going on; but it was too late, Carnia was completely entombed by vines. Ashlyn, wide eyed,stared at Kevin; partially because he had magic pipes and partially because Kevin had goat legs. After a few minutes of shocked silence he finally said, "What the hades were you thinking?" The two went back out of the kitchen and found Ashlyn's parents still tied up.Kevin ordered Ashlyn to pack a few stuff up; because they were going to a safe place. Ashlyn listened with her parents as Kevin explained what her was 'a saytr' and what Ashlyn was. Ashlyn ran back into her room and threw some stuff into a bag. She quickily hugged her parents, because as Kevin said now monsters had her scent. Before Ashlyn left Larrisa gave her a package and said it was from her dad. It came today; as if Hypnos knew all along. Ashlyn hugged her mom again, and jumped into the red pickup truck with Kevin. They then started their 5 hour journey to Camp-Halfblood, listening to the Best of 90s country the entire drive. Ashlyn finally made it to Camp as an exhausted,frightened, slightly excited 13 year old girl.TheSleepyOne (talk) 22:58, February 11, 2013 (UTC) Weapons: Ashlyn has a dagger named Αιώνια Όνειρα. This is called Eternal Dreams in English. The celestrial bronze blade has a tiny feather engraved at the edge of the hilt; a gift which showed up on Ashlyn's 12th birthday.

TheSleepyOne (talk)


First, I love the history!  Next, was that 30 pieces of regular paper (bond paper, art paper, etc.) or 30 pieces of newspapers? If what she took was regular paper, then it shouldn't be able to block her vision at all. Also, it's not possible to kill a monster using only a kitchen knife... unless of course, said knife was made out of celestial bronze, though it is highly unlikely that mortals would own such a knife. What age was she when she reached camp? Lastly (I'm going to simply confirm it), the gift from her father was the dagger, yes?

Take your time.I've got forever to wait- Demi ღ

Thanks!Alright; I will fix the places that need to be fixed (paper, monster disracting, and age of camp reaching) And yes I was making it so that the gift was from Hypnos. Is that all right? TheSleepyOne (talk)


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