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Name: Ashlyn Pearle

Gender: Female

Species: Demigod

God Parent: Asteria (Female)

Current Age: 14

Mortal Parent: Anthony Pearle

Appearance: Average height girl with pale skin. She normally has her black/dark brown hair tied up during lessons, though she takes it out for special occasions and events. She has deep blue eyes that turn into a navy blue when she is angry.

Personality: Ashlyn has a kind and sweet attitude, having a big imagination and a passion for gazing up at the stars at night. In battles, she has a strong determination and is always willing to give someone a hand. Although she can be shy to those who don't know her, she is a loyal friend.


Anthony Pearle was living a regular life, having a week or so until he completed his master’s degree in Astrology at University and had already found an affluent job that he had been elected into. He basically had a perfect way of living. Except for the fact that he had no involvement in love, whatsoever. Even though he was intelligent and quite good-looking, he never could ask a woman on a date.

One day, he was assigned an astrology project for his course, which required a partner from the other gender. Before he could start stressing out, a girl named Amanda reached out and offered to work with him. With no other options, he agreed and they started to research the next day, side by side. A few days later, reaching the end of the project, Amanda suggested they go to the beach for their final star observing task. They both took out their telescope and looked up, stargazing next to each other. Though it didn’t look like a romance, Anthony felt something he had never felt before: love. And for him, that night was a date. Once they both graduated from University, Amanda promised that they would be together, forever and ever. Having faith in her, Anthony let her go, but he never saw her again. A few days after she left, she left a note next to a newborn child on his doorstep. The note simply said:

Dear Anthony,

This is a gift for you in return of our love. Take care of her, please.



Depressed about the broken promise, he took the child and made up his mind to accept the gift and do his best to take care of her. Anthony ended up named the child Ashlyn as it meant 'dream', the only thing the little girl would do when she was young. Raising up a child was already hard, but he managed to do it even without Asteria by his side. Ashlyn became a girl with a large imagination, roaming the gardens at night just to look at the night sky. Though it may have worked out well unseen by her father for a few months, one night something happened. When she was casually stargazing at midnight, her curiosity led her up to the roof. The slippery tiles were wet from the rain sooner in the day and when she had climbed onto it, she slipped off, the concrete under her. If Anthony hadn’t run outside to catch her, it would have been a very hard fall. That was when he found out about his daughter’s ADHD.

Three years after Asteria had left him, Anthony went out to find another woman that he could love for the rest of his life. When he found Eliza Pearce as a waitress at his favourite café, he was overjoyed and asked her to marry him. She willingly agreed, and they had a child named Alessia, who took her father’s last name, Pearle. She took most of his father’s features like his blonde hair, blue eyes and most of his looks. Ashlyn felt like her step-sister was closer to her dad, while she was close to a woman she had never met. For a few days, Anthony had tried to pair the two up and have them know each other, which caused conflict. Due to this, Anthony decided to separate them both, Ashlyn staying with him and Eliza moving to Los Angeles in California with Alessia. They agreed to stay that way until Ashlyn reached an age mature enough to control herself around her step-sister.

When 5-year-old Ashlyn began school, her father was concerned about her and attempted to keep track of where she was by attaching a small GPS to her school uniform. Feeling a bit more stable, he began to let go of life, drinking, smoking, though it changed the way he acted, mostly affecting his daughter. He became more aggressive and overprotective, never letting Ashlyn do anything without his permission and always keeping an eye on her. For Ashlyn, it felt more uncomfortable than ever, which was why she took her time at school, making sure she spent less time with her father.

On the last day of Year 5, her grade was celebrating in the school gymnasium. Just as they were finishing up, they were attacked by a hellhound, who smashed in through a part of the gymnasium. All the other students tried to run back into their classrooms, which gave away Ashlyn's spot, who was terrified to death. Charging towards the 11-year-old girl and using shadow travel several times, Ashlyn became confused and just missed death. Inhaling, she ran to the destruction that the hellhound made, and picked up a piece of the wall. Using her strength, she threw it up at an unstable part of the roof above the hellhound, and a few seconds later, the monster lay dead underneath another pile of destruction.

A few days after her 12th birthday, Ashlyn was again attacked, this time by a group of harpies. That day, early in the morning, the creatures started screeching outside Ashlyn's house and clawing at the brick walls. Anthony, his first time seeing a monster, was frightened and pretended he was asleep, leaving Ashlyn alone to fight them off. Without realising, she looked a few minutes into the future and learnt how she would have taken down the harpies. Then she left the house, leading the harpies to a very busy road. Running across it just before the red light, the harpies got squashed by several cars, disintegrating into ashes a second later.

Her third attack, when she was 13, was an encounter with a Scythian Dracanae at the local park. The creature appeared in front of her and attempted to make itself look friendly to her. Ashlyn, who was deeply sunken into the illusion, started to talk to the Dracanae, but when the illusion faded and she saw it's real identity, she screamed and just missed the monster's first strike. Not knowing what to do, she ran out of the park, continuing until she thought the Dracanae was gone. But it kept on following her. Suddenly and unwilling to, she shot a beam of plasma towards the monster. A few seconds later, the Scythian Dracanae had turned into a pile of ash.

The night before her 14th birthday (July 1), her younger step-sister, Alessia, was spending the night with her. They both slept in Ashlyn's room that night. At midnight, Ashlyn woke up from the breeze coming in from the window, the glass panes nowhere to be seen. Under the windowsill was a letter and a small box, attached to two small duffle bags that were sitting on the wooden floorboards. The letter read:

Dear Ashlyn,

This is your mother, Amanda. I understand why your father is concerned about you. Firstly, you must know that I am not what you see. My true identity is Asteria, the Titaness of Astrology and Prophetic Dreams. Your father and I marrying make you a demigod, half god, half mortal. I must warn you that being a demigod is unsafe, as monsters like the one you have encountered with can sense your presence. You must flee to Long Island, a place called Camp Half-Blood will be your home. There you will be safe, amongst others of your type. I will see you there, and remember, follow the stars, they know the way.



After reading the note, she woke up Alessia, showing her the letter and how she had to flee to a place called Camp Half-Blood. At first, Ashlyn told her not to follow her and stay behind to take care of her father, but Alessia was determined not to leave her. Finally agreeing to her step-sister coming, Ashlyn walked back to the windowsill and opened the black box, which was embellished with miniature gems. A gold dream catcher necklace sat there, and without hesitation, she put it on. Each taking a duffle bag and Ashlyn gripping the letter, the two sisters climbed out of the window and slid down the roof. Then jumping to the ground one storey below them, they began to make their way towards Long Island Sound, following a line of brightly lit stars in the night sky. Not long after, Anthony hastened outside, alerted by the noises they made when leaping off the roof. He proceeded to pursue after them, though he eventually lost the two girls. Giving up, he walked back to the house in depression, once again.

Just outside the borders of camp, they were attacked by another monster, this time a Chimera. They both tried to dodge it’s fire-breathing, though Alessia was badly burnt on her leg. Ashlyn in determination to make it to camp safely, she took a look inside her own duffle bag, finding a Celestial Bronze sword and dagger. Taking out the sword, she managed to cut off all three for its heads with no experience. After the creature turned into ashes, Ashlyn helped her step-sister up the hill. So that Alessia could protect herself, Ashlyn handed over the dagger. It was just before sunrise on her 14th birthday when they crossed the borders of Camp Half-Blood.

A few weeks after she had been claimed and had settled into Asteria's cabin, she was invited to join the hunt and become a Huntress of Artemis. She refused to, as her sister refused to leave her. This was when she found her fatal flaw: loyalty.

Note: Alessia could get through the border because I was planning to make her a Priestess of Asteria.

Weapons and possessions: A Celestial Bronze sword and a gold dream catcher necklace in memory of Asteria.


Inside her duffle bag: Clothing (Camp Half-Blood t-shirt, etc.), the letter from Asteria, toiletries, a Celestial Bronze sword from Asteria + a bit of ambrosia and nectar for emergencies

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Hey there, and welcome to the wiki! I'm Flopfish3, and I'll be helping out with your claim today. I like your creativity in the history! Just a few things that need editing or clarifying and you're set to go!

  • What age was Ashlyn when she was first attacked? (According to our policies, she should have been attacked between the ages of 11-13, and also once a year thereafter.)
  • What monster was involved, and can you elaborate on the fight? You can find suitable monsters here (choose from the easy category):
  • How was she able to kill the monster? Most monsters are only vulnerable to celestial bronze, similarly magical weapons, or (if the demigod is lucky) extreme trauma (being crushed, impaled, etc.)
  • Where/when did she obtain her silver bow and arrow?
  • How did Ashlyn's father successfully keep her locked away without notice of the authorities such as police or child protective services?

Thanks so much for your patience, and I can't wait to see you around the wiki!

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Thank you for the feedback! I will change the claim as soon as possible! Also, I am extremely sorry for making my user profile. I had a misunderstanding and I thought I had been claimed by the ‘entry level’ notice on my profile. Again, I am really sorry for doing it.

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Another thing, one of your feedback points says ‘How did Ashlyn's father successfully keep her locked away without notice of the authorities such as police or child protective services?’ Well, I kind of got the inspiration from Harry Potter, and I’m not exactly sure how Ashlyn’s father did it. Could you suggest a way that won’t have the police or child protective service from noticing? Thanks

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Hey there! Don't worry too much about your profile :) You're doing just great! A couple more things:

  • I love the creativity - but while being crushed by a roof might kill the hellhound, slashing at a Scythian Dracanae wouldn't be able to kill it without a Celestial Bronze weapon, and small pieces from a fireplace are likely to just make harpies mad.
  • As for your request, one suggestion I had thought of would be the father having registered Ashlyn as homeschooled, which would help to evade the notice of the school system and various authorities. However, it actually looks like you might have already gotten around this a little by making the lock-in-room punishment only over the summer.

The rule about mortals not being able to enter camp is flexible and a bit ambiguous in the books, with Rachael Elizabeth Dare being able to freely enter, so you should be able to have Alessia enter camp. That's about all I can think of asking about! You're doing great :)

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This looks great! I think you're about ready to go - I'll have a full claim worker double check, and then your character should be claimed! Thanks for your patience :)

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