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Name: Astrid Myx   

Gender: Female

God Parent: Nyx,Asteria,or Athena,

Mortal Parent: Dondi Myx

Appearance:5'6, athletic built, brown skin, black hair,gold eyes, long hair
Astrid myx

Astrid Myx

, wears a lot of black, Age 17.

Personality: I have a bit of a dark personality, but I'm really nice if you get to know me. I love to read, but also like to stay active. I love the night, my dad used to call me his midnight owl before I left home. I feel complete when I'm under the moon and stars; that's when I act more like myself. I can be a bit of a flirt and fall in love easily. Sometimes I can be stubborn, but I'm wicked smart and cunning. I'm also really good at sneaking around and getting out of trouble.


How They Met: My mom and dad met at this "astrology in the park" neighborhood thing when they were around 19. My dad is Native American, but he hated the reservation so he moved into the city, but missed the stars. He knew a lot of star stories from his tribe and started telling them to my mom who fell in love. They dated and had me a year later, then she vanished.

Growing Up: I grew up daddy's little angel, but the girlfriends little nightmare. My dad was mine and mine only, no one else could have him. I was always super smart, keeping up straight A's and always getting/staying out of trouble. My teachers loved me and all the boys were wrapped around my finger. Occasionally I would get wrapped around one of theirs too, but I would always end up with a broken heart. So, I became a heart-breaker; I ended every relationship before I got too involved. That's why I always had a"date" somewhere and never a boyfriend to bring me. The only person I will truly love is my strong, intelligent, caring, compassionate, goofball of a dad.

Weird Events: All through the years of growing up my dad and I were constantly moving. From Arizona, to Florida, to Louisiana, to Colorado, to California, and now New York. Whenever I would ask why he would say his job, but he just works as a professor on an online school. By the time we were moving to California (age 13), I'd realized it was always after something strange or dangerous had happen. Arizona(age 6) two big guys with dark shades on asked me if I wanted candy and to follow them if I did, but I had ran off. Florida (age 8) I was at the beach swimming when something I couldn't see started to tug me down, luckily me dad was near by. Louisiana (age 9 1/2) I was playing jump rope on the school play ground, when an older kid came up to me and started dragging me to the school gates, but my teacher, Ms. Mercier, was there in a jiffy. Colorado (age 12) these women who were helping me get home from the grocery store because it started to snow, started pulling at me to go into the woods; suddenly I heard a laugh that sounded like bells ringing and a gust of wind blew them off of me. That gave me a chance to run, to this day I don't know who that laugh came from. California(age 14) I was at a house party when a "police 0officer" barged in and ONLY dragged me out. That is when I first saw Arkin, he punched the "officer" which caused him to chase Arkin, that's when I ran off. I never got a chance to know his name and I didn't really remember his face until I saw him again.

Leaving Home: New York(age 15): Before I got into homecoming with my "date", we stood outside to look at the star; when I looked at him again he didn't look like himself. I was told that what he had become was a manticore. Anyway, it scared the crap out of me so I broke into a sprint and took off running towards my house, but the darn thing was fast! By the time I got home I was gasping for air and trying to hold the door shut when my dad got his gun and put a golden bullet in it saying "Thank the Gods your mother left this... I only have one shot". When he shot at it with the gun he missed his head and shot his shoulder instead. It didn't die but it jumped away from the door and growled in pain, we hurried to lock it. We also piled stuff up on it for precaution. That's when my dad explained that I was a demi-god and that's why my mom had to leave. He also told me that I had to find this camp in New York, although he didn't know the name or where exactly. Then he gave me a beautiful black choker and told me that when I was in danger all I needed to do was take it off and say mastígio skiá" meaning shadow whip (it had special power placed there by my mother.When I asked how he knew all this he told me that after mom left, he'd found a letter explaining everything and also saying to burn it after he read it. Then he gave me a bag and pushed me out of the back door.

My Arrival to Camp Half Blood: It took me three days and a lot of hiding, before I met the guy frow the house party in Cali. He was a satyr named Arkin without him, I probably wouldn't have made it once the manticore found me. He gave me a celestial bronze/stygian iron dagger/sword, named dónti zó̱ou (or fang that turns into a black/gold coin. The moon side is gold and the sun side is black)saying it was a gift from my mother. With it I was able to kill the darn thing while gaining only a few bruises. After doing so, we finally made it to camp half blood safe and sound; a few months later I turned 16.</span>

Weapons: A choker necklace that can either be a bullwhip or a leather cat o' nine tails, depending on what side of the necklace I hold. A silver sun and moon coin that turns into a celestial bronze dagger when it lands on moon; when it lands on sun it turns into a Stygian Iron sword . 

--AstridMyx (talk) 01:26, December 27, 2012 (UTC)--D33ds98 (talk) 05:26, December 17, 2012 (UTC)AstridMyx


Please put your sig on this. Gods and goddess' don't stick around after birth. What happened between the age of one and prom? how old was she when she arrived at camp?Joker by NerdXV Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? -The Joker 03:19, December 17, 2012 (UTC)

Fixed it --D33ds98 (talk) 05:26, December 17, 2012 (UTC)AstridMyx

How did she make it to 17 without any monster attacks?Joker by NerdXV Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? -The Joker 02:22, December 20, 2012 (UTC)

Fixed it--+Astrid+Myx+ 02:44, December 22, 2012 (UTC)

Could her dad see through the mist? Also, the only way the monster would've died is if the bullet was made of CB

"long and lost" ~~ Minx the Banshee    

She never got a chance to ask, but when I was writing the history I was thinking of him as one of the few people who can see through the mist... and I never said the monster died it just jumped away from the door. It's the same monster that attacked my char when the saytr, Arkin saved her. --+Astrid+Myx+ 21:08, December 25, 2012 (UTC)

Well, if the bullet wasn't CB it wouldn't have even hurt the monster "long and lost" ~~ Minx the Banshee    

I fixed it --+Astrid+Myx+ 22:47, December 25, 2012 (UTC)

Were the strange things monster attacks? "long and lost" ~~ Minx the Banshee    

Yep ^.^--AstridMyx (talk) 00:56, December 28, 2012 (UTC)

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