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Name: Astro or “Prototype O.A.G.”

God Parent: Hephaestus

Appearance: Astro is made with an outer “shell/armour” of celestial bronze and titanium and is really big and bulky as he is designed to take punches for others and make the biggest target. He is powered by reactant dynamo that sends energy thru his circuits it can run on almost any fuel like modern military vehicles. He has several weapons built inside of him and some on the outside. He has several “eyes” that have different uses such as. Infra vision, “Normal vision,” night vision and telescopic vision. He seems slow and tank like at first but he can move very quickly. Although he is not very agile and he does not have very good motor skills.  

Personality: Astro is not very chatty. He will try to be polite but if Oscar is not around to hold his hand he can become nervous. He is designed to be a guard and this leads him to sometimes take joking punches or mean words as attacks and go into fighting mode. When in fighting mode he is ruthless to enemies and do not care much if he breaks an arm or two. Although he will not usually kill his opponent unless it’s a monster. His priority is to keep Oscar safe and will usually just throw one punch and then try to escape with Oscar. He has started to learn to not attack everyone on just a bad word but sometimes needs Oscar to calm him down.  

History: Prototype O.A.G. was built in Hephaestus forges a couple of years ago as the prototype for a new type of armoured guards he was designing. But after the prototype was designed a new type of bird automaton mechanic that would allow them to fly double as fast distracted Hephaestus and the project was abandoned. He was put into a storage room and was forgotten. But a couple of years later a young women named Alice Blunt asked for help to protect her child that he would maybe give her. O.A.G. was now given a second thought as Hephaestus figured that this would be an excellent occasion to test the prototype. And if no child was born he could easily make another prototype or take O.A.G. back. However a child was born and named Oscar Blunt. The day that the first monster found him the Automaton sprung to life and killed the monster. O.A.G. grew very fond of Oscar as they spent much time together. And when Oscar went onto the camp O.A.G. who had now been named Astro by Oscar followed him as his loyal friend and guard.

Weapons: He has a celestial bronze drill attached over his left arm, which can be removed to reveal another hand. In his thighs there are folded twin celestial bronze swords that he can reveal. Out of his shoulder a canon can also be raised although it holds only one shot and has rather small force. He is very strong and though and can take a lot of hits before surrendering. He is programmed to never be without a weapon and will, if in need use things in the area as weapons.

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