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Audra Rainer



~God parent~

Apollo, God of Music and other things




She is patient, loves making friends, and practicing her archery. She is also stubborn, and easily jealous.


How mother met father

A young woman with dark hair and green eyes sat on a park bench, playing a violin. A man walked past, dropping money into her box.  The young man smiled at her, asking if he could join in. She smiled, saying yes, they laughed, smiling, and he brought out a flute.  Months of dating later, the woman gave him a young girl, with her father's blonde hair and her mother's green eyes. She said that the child was now his, and the vision blurred as the scene changed, next they were standing in their bedroom, the father telling her his secret, she was shocked, but did not show it.  Later, the father held a special bracelet, with an symbol of an lyre. He left, face wet with tears. The mother shouted something, before slamming down on the bed  with her fists, near where young Audra lay, watching her angered mother cry in aguish. 

Nightmares of the expectations

Years passed, and Audra, still living with her mother, received her music test results, it was a C+, and when she showed her father, he yelled at her and told her that she should do better, as he knew there were people who got A+ and she wanted her to be like her father, the best at music. Audra went to bed that night feeling miserable, and had nightmares of her mother standing at the other side of a ledge, and an impossible to cross abyss between them, after telling her she was useless, giant scaly hands appeared from the abyss, they grabbed her by the leg, and pulled her into the void. She woke up in a pool of sweat, panting. 

The day she found her bow and arrows.

One day after coming back from school Audra plopped her bag on her bed, she unpacked it, taking out all the things she didn't need and putting in the books she needed. Feeling her foot hit something under her bed, she looked under, seeing a  large wooden box with a golden lyre symbol. Confused, Audra grabbed it from under the bed, and opened it. Inside was a bow, with a quiver and a large amount of bronze arrows, she took the arrows out, examining them under her bedroom light, and carved on each arrow was the name Audra. Audra frowned, and put it back under the bed. 

The first enounter of a monster

Audra sat, trying to concentrate on what the teacher was saying, but the teacher's voice was drowned out by the louder kids. She looked behind her, frowning at the person who interrupted the teacher while she worked. Of course, that wouldn't affect the person for long, they were going to talk again anyways. She was older than them, She was eleven, they were ten. The teacher announced that they were going to the Greek museum, and most of the class groaned. Audra sat up, intently listening to what the teacher said, a few girls giggled behind her back, but she ignored them. The teacher told them to grab their bags, they were going right now. When they arrived at the museum, Audra looked at the marble statues of Greek gods and goddesses, while the rest of the class chatted or played on their phones. Audra wandered off, looking in the gods section, and came to the statue of Apollo. She gazed at it, before hearing the cranky teacher, Mrs Hofferson, walk up behind her. She said that she shouldn't be here, and Audra asked why. She said that she should come with her, and she went with her, unaware of the approaching danger. Once they reached a room that was empty and full of dust, Mrs Hofferson disappeared. Audra looked around, before seeing her atop of the scaffolding that was in the room. Audra was beginning to think something was wrong when she heard a screech. It was like nails against a blackboard, and Audra covered her ears, before seeing Mrs Hofferson swoop down towards her, she was meters away before a twang was heard and a arrow plunged into her chest. She disappeared in a cloud of dust, and a girl who had been standing at the door, held a bow and arrow. Audra ran after her, and the girl panicked and ran out, Audra stood at the door, and the girl disappeared. Weird. Audra mumbled to herself before turning around and walking to the bronze arrow.

The day she ran away.

From her years of being treated like trash by her mother, Audra decided to leave her mother's house. After sleeping in a library, (She was reading books) and found a book about so called myths of the gods, after turning a few pages, she finds the Apollo page. Looking at the bottom of the page is the exact symbol on her bracelet, which makes her wonder who her mother married and why the symbol in the book matched the symbol on her bracelet. She comes to the conclusion that her mother hid something from her. She raced back home, and grabbed everything she needed to survive.  (Money, Her bows and arrows Ect). When she walked out of the apartment, however her mother drove infront of her and came out of the car. She tried explaining but Audra slapped her, and she fell onto the ground, watching as her daughter ran away. After a few hours, Audra needed rest. Her chest was burning, and her stomach grumbled. Walking past a restuarant, Audra walked in, feeling refreshed from the air conditioners. She went straight to the counter and ordered a burger, and sat down in a booth. Feeling relaxed but exausted, Audra thought of what life would be like without her mother. Finally the burger came, and Audra brought out her coins, more than enough to pay the waiter that delivered her meal. She finished the burger, and laid down, content. Waking up, she saw a man looking down at her. She sat up quickly, accidentally  hitting him with her head. She apologized, then looked down. Looking at his legs, she could tell he wasn't fully human. You're a satyr, aren't  you? She asked, and his face went flushed, and he replied that he was sent to look for demigods. Demigods? Aren't they legends, like Heracles? He answered no, saying she was the daughter of Apollo and that she needed to travel to Camp Half~blood, where it was safe for demigods and demigoddesses like her. Audra accepted this, and traveled with the Satyr.

Audra arrived, the night sky dotted with sparkling stars, in the distance a light was seen, pouring out the door. Audra walked with Roy, his hooves clopping on the dirt. At last she reached the entrance, and went in.

Weapons: Bow with celestial bronze tipped arrows, found in an secret chest with an owl symbol with her name on it. Trixie Sting (talk) 05:50, October 15, 2018 (UTC)


Hi! It's Flopfish3, and this is a really good start to your claim! There's a few things you'll need to add:

  • You'll need to describe how Audra's father and Athena met, some details about their relationship, etc. (About a paragraph).
  • Some information about Audra's early childhood (again, probably about a paragraph).
  • A description about her first monster attack. Before they arrive at camp, demigods have their first monster attack (unsurprisingly, a monster finding and attacking them between the ages of 10 to 13, or a little earlier).
  • Where did Audra find her weaponry (e.g. when, and where was the secret chest?)
  • Don't forget to add your signature at the end by typing four ~.

Awesome job so far! Can't wait to hopefully RP with you sometime :)

Flopfish3 (talk) 14:24, October 14, 2018 (UTC)

Almost forgot - for additional info, I recommend reading this.

Flopfish3 (talk) 14:25, October 14, 2018 (UTC)

Hey, well done! I like the style you've written this is. A couple things more:

  • How old was she at the time of the first monster attack? (This should be between 11-13)
  • If there was more than a year between her first monster attack and getting to camp, there should also be subsequent monster attacks (1 for each year that she wasn't at camp). Those ones you won't have to describe in detail, though - just make sure to mention them.
  • A bit of a small detail - but Athena wouldn't have been able to stay for so long while Audra was growing up. The godly parent typically leaves before or just after birth.
  • Who was the girl with the bow and arrow? How did that encounter end?

Looking good! Thanks for your patience, and sorry for the wait!

Flopfish3 (talk) 04:25, October 19, 2018 (UTC)

Excellent! I believe you're all ready to be claimed, so after a full worker double-checks, they'll officially claim your character and you'll be good to go!

Flopfish3 (talk) 03:03, October 20, 2018 (UTC)

  • The model you are using for your character is already in use by Summer June (Lallaine Daniels) and Dirael (Delilah McRae). Unfortunately, you will have to find another model!
  • Athena does not give birth through the traditional means of pregnancy (rather, her children fall out of her head when she has a deep intellectual connection with a mortal) and she is one to favor a mortal's intellect over love (traditional dating).
  • What exactly was Mr. Hofferson? The possible monsters that came to mind would be one of the Furies or a harpy (but both are female rather than male), or perhaps a Stymphalian Bird (but they don't appear as human in their mist form). A little clarification is needed and do keep in mind that, if you intended on him being one of a Furies, they only attack demigods if they were sent by Hades or if the demigod committed a grave crime.

OhWellOh well, karma's a bitch! KMØKarma'sABitch

Ah, sorry for missing those things KMO! I'd assumed Hofferson was a fury but I'd also forgotten the female aspect.

Flopfish3 (talk) 16:29, October 20, 2018 (UTC)

Just a few things i'd like to point out and hopefully we can get them sorted and we can get on with you claiming c:

  • I don't quite understand the reason for your last paragraph... Why is she staying in a hotel and if she is 11 years old, as stated above, how is she able to cover the cost of the room at such a young age?
  • Who was the young woman who saved her from her monster attack? If i missed this then i apolgize in advance... 

Those are really the only notes i have! Your claim was very well written so, good job!

MuseSig Why does it always rain the hardest,on the ones who deserve the sun

Hi there! In addition to what Muse said, do keep in mind that the other points in my last comment do need to addressed as well since you have only changed the model last time.

OhWellOh well, karma's a bitch! KMØKarma'sABitch

While i noticed you edited the claim and change a thing or two, my two point from above still somewhat stand.

  • I'm still confused as to what the purpose of the last paragraph is. It's title "What she does when she not at camp." But, the paragraph doesn't seem to have anything to do with that. Furthermore, even with the right amount of money, i find it unlikely that any motel would give out a room to an 11 year old girl. Surely it'd raise suspicion. 
  • Continuing on with my last note, why was she staying in the hotel to begin with? Because of her age, Her first encounter with the saytr would have been an immediate escort to camp therefor, having no need for her to stay in a motel

MuseSig Why does it always rain the hardest,on the ones who deserve the sun

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