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Name: Audrey Ludington

Gender: Female

God Parent: Persephone, Demeter, Hecate

Mortal Parent: Vncent Ludington



Personality: Audrey is a curious smart girl who always likes to be right. Shes the sweetest girl you'll ever meet.

History: Vincent Ludington was a sweet guy who liked to take pictures. He was the son of Apollo. He met Persephone at the community garden while he was taking pictures of the flowers. Persephone was sitting near the flowers when Vincent asked if he can get a few shots of her with the flowers of course she agreed. Vincent took the pictures and Persephone introduced herself as Kathleen Taylor. Vincent knew it was not true but he said nothing. Vincent as Kathleen out and they went for coffee.

Persephone and Vincent dated for 2 months when they had an affair one night while they were drunk after coming back to Vincent's upper class apartment building in Cooperstown. Vincent got Persephone pregnant. Persephone did ot stick around. She left after the affair only leaving a note about everything and the camp address . 9 months later, Audrey Marie Ludington appeared on Vincents doorstep with yet another note. He took the baby and the note.

Audrey grew up in Cooperstown New York as a spoiled rich girl. She went to a private school called Cardian School for Girls. At the age of 6, Audrey's reading got really bad and she was diagnosed with Dyslexic. Her ADHD was diagnosed at aged 7 when she ran the full 6 miles in gym.

At the age of 9, she met her grandmotther Mary and her step grandfather Joseph. She thout Mary&Joseph were nice but she decided against liking them. She was a horrible child when Mary or Joseph came near. When she aged 11 she trusted them the least bit because Mary had hit her.

At age 12 she met Cameoren Doyce. Cameoren was a satyr but Audrey didn't know. Cameoren and Audrey got along well. Cameoren was the only one that really heard and understood Audrey yet he didn't know about Mary, Joseph or Vincent who were Audreys family.

At age of 14, a hellhound attacked Audrey. Cameoren fought off the hellhound and told Audrey about gods and goddesses. She went home and told her dad who took out the notes from Persephone. He also took out his own bronze knife which he gave to Audrey. He brought Audrey to camp where she was claimed by Persephone.

Weapons: her dads only celestial bronze knife


Being attacked for the first time at age 16 is a bit late for a demigod. She should at least been attacked since age 13 or 14. Also, did Audrey know that Cameoren is a satyr in the first place?

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