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Name:Audrey Thrane


God Parent:Nyx, Aphrodite, Notus

Mortal Parent:Kyrian Thrane


Personality:She's nice enough, flirty with guys, and gals, she finds attractive, and extremely strong willed, never giving up. Even with her childhood, she grew up to know and understand love, but can be cold if she deems it necessary.

History:Kyrian Thrane spent most of his days as a lawyer, part of a large law firm. Kyrian worked there for 20 years without much problem, he had a wife, and 3 young boys. Kyrian was entirely pleased with his position in life. While he wasn't the best lawyer to ever live, Kyrian rarely lost a case. However, one day, a notoriously infamous person came to be Kyrian's client.

This man was the leader of a gang. The reigning gang of Los Angeles at the time. Now, he had arranged for this law firm to be paid are very large sum of cash, were he found to be not guilty. This gang leader had been brought in on suspicion of murder. A gruesome murder, and Kyrian couldn't believe that he had to defend him. The case started off as well as any case, no hard evidence, easy accusations to deflect, an alibi, but the prosecution had something that Kyrian was unaware of. Video evidence that clearly shows the defendant committing the aforementioned crime.

There was no defense against this, and as such, Kyrian lost the case, along with the money promised to his firm. Enraged that they didn't receive the money, the firm decided it best to lay off whomever had kept it from them, and Kyrain lost his job.

Kyrian's wife, Maria, was able to provide for the family until Kyrian found another job. Sadly, the grief of losing his job drove Kyrian to drink, and Kyrian was never sober enough to attempt to find a job. At the bar he frequented, Kyrian was drinking, not quite drunk yet, but not sober enough to understand that having affair with the broad that exuded a dark feeling was a bad idea. Kyrian bedded this mysterious lady, never learning her name, or ever really remembering her face.Kyrian hid this late-night escapade from Maria, until 9 months later, when a crying baby showed up at their doorstep, saying the baby inside was Kyrian's daughter.

Maria was furious, but she tried to stay together for the children's sake, even trying to raise Audrey as her own. Audrey was able to learn to love her father, even with all his faults. Maria couldn't stay with Kyrian as she learned more of his affairs. She divorced him, and got all the children, including Audrey, who was destroyed to have to leave her father. After she divorced Kyrian, Maria thought that Audrey wasn't worth her time anymore, and Audrey became nothing more than an afterthought, forced to sleep in the dirty, mucky Ontario attic, without a bed or a blanket that covered her thoroughly.

She was always picked on, always blamed for things and beaten for them. Eventually, being on the receiving end of such torture, Audrey started fighting back, kicking and screaming, until child protection services took her away when she was 7. Audrey was placed into the foster home system, and even though she was switched between houses a lot, she was always given to a loving family, and Audrey slowly learned how to love. 

At age 11, Audrey was playing innocently at a park while her foster parents were at a barbeque. As she played, swinging merrily, a harpy, appeared, slingly claws and everything everywhere. Terrified, Audrey ran to her parents, but the harpy did not let up. Harpy chasing after them, Audrey's father carried Audrey to their car, and drove fast enough to lose the harpy, with nothing more than minor scrapes and bruises.

The next time Audrey was going to move houses, about 4 years later, at age 15, she noticed she had a different agent. After getting into the car, ready to be taken away, all her things packed, she noticed her legs were extremely hairy, and upon further inspection, hooven. She screams, appalled, but she can't very well jump out of a moving car.

The satyr, named Mikael, quickly quieted her down, explaining where she was taking her, Camp Half-Blood, and that she was a demigod. As he dropped her off at camp, he waved good-bye, and that's the last she ever saw of him. She walked through the gates, and was claimed as a child of <insert god here>



Just a question of curiosity: Did she go to school or was she home-schooled during the years when she was "switching" families? Could you explain why exactly she switches families when she could have simply stayed with one loving family? Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

She was in public schools, and foster homes are only temporary things, until a permanent solution can be found. if no such solution can be found, they keep jumping until they're considered adults, which is 18 in California. Facillis descensus averni, Sed ut observetis ortus. ~Onyx 07:12, June 23, 2013 (UTC)

What age was she when she arrived at Camp?

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

15, 4 years after her first attack. Facillis descensus averni, Sed ut observetis ortus. ~Onyx 07:24, June 23, 2013 (UTC)

Kindly state her age in the history. Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

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