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Name: Aurélia Lucrecia delos Reyes

Age: 19

God Parent: Terpsichore

Mortal Parent: Alonzo delos Reyes

Appearance: Eva Noblezada

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We dance to seduce ourselves. To fall in love with ourselves. When we dance with another, we manifest the very thing we love about ourselves so that they may see it and love us too.

–Kamand Kojouri

If Lia had a third middle name, empathetic would be it. With her gentle and non-confrontational side, she is the one people go to when they have troubles and problems and need to talk it out with someone. She listens without judgement, gives advice where she can, and often ends up more invested in the situation than the person themselves. An element of change, she finds it easy to drift between different groups of friends and match her personality to others, which encourages them to confide in her. Her overly trusting nature, however, causes others to unevenly offload onto her, which ends up causing rifts in the friendship as it’s hard for her to say no. Thus, her hyperempathy can lead to compassion fatigue and burnout.

An artistic and creative soul, Lia lives to surround and drown herself in her passions, and with her imagination comes a dreamer and a fantasist. Though this can be to the awe of others, she sometimes uses her hobbies to escape from reality, particularly the reality of others when they confide their secrets to her. Always hoping for the best and wanting to protect herself from the real world, it can be hard for her to admit that the world is always as bright as she makes it out to be.

All things considered, Lia is an intuitive, wise and peaceful being. She is true to her friends and will stand by them through thick and thin, though she finds it hard sometimes to talk to them straight up, fearing that she will cause disharmony. Despite having a soft personality majority of the time, she seems a different person in only a few instances: when she’s performing; when she’s fighting; and when she’s well and truly pissed off.


The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

–Eleanor Roosevelt

Ballet is the most alluring and elegant, yet critical and cruel art to love. And yet there are some who pursue it with the deepest passion and all they are worth. Alonzo Emilio delos Reyes was one such man.

An unknown, faceless young dancer, Alonzo spent all of his money, effort, and life chasing his aspiration. He was talented, hard-working, and lucky, though, perhaps being a child of Nike assisted in his success. At eighteen, he joined The Australian Ballet. The decision seemed easy, but Alonzo was wary about leaving his aging parents by themselves. His parents, on the other hand, were filled with delight and pride, and encouraged their son to continue with his passion. Of course, not without reminding him to stay safe; he was now an adult, but still their eldest child. And so, the son of Nike travelled over 6000 kilometres around the world to start the life of his dreams.

With his father’s and step-mother’s support, Alonzo began to flourish and attract attention within his home country’s dance community, becoming one of the nation’s pride. Over the years, his name began to travel further around the world as the Philippines’ greatest ballet dancer. After seven years with The Australian Ballet and another eight years performing with The Royal Ballet in London, he decided to retire as a dancer and focus more on teaching instead. He was invited to work as an assistant ballet master for The Royal Ballet in London upon his retirement, and he accepted graciously and gratefully.

At the beginning of summer in his second year, the ballet company employed a guest choreographer for their winter ballet, a renowned resident choreographer from the National Ballet of Cuba. Having been cognizant of his heritage for most of his life, Alonzo knew the consequences of a god-mortal love, and was determined not to fall for Ramira Ortiz, Terpsichore's mortal alias.

It didn’t happen immediately, and he didn’t even notice it at first. In the beginning, it was just working together and seeing each other everyday. Then it was just grabbing lunch together during a busy day, which then turned into dinner after a long week. Before he knew it, they were spending most of their time with one another both at and outside work.

Come November of the new millenium, Alonzo and Terpsichore had been officially dating for four and a half months and were like teenagers in love. The beginning of December marked the opening of the great Ramira Ortiz’s winter ballet, which Alonzo had been greatly involved in. With their hearts full of pride and eyes full of tears on the opening night of their creation, the couple conceived a child, a product of their love.

Alonzo had accepted that this was his fate: to fall in love with a goddess, unattainable for more than a few months, and eventually raise their child as a single parent. He was still, however, understandably upset at the future ramifications of their relationship when his lover told him of her pregnancy. They spent the next three months, watching both of their creations come to life and flourish. But as the ballet must eventually come to an end, so must their relationship.

The morning of the 6th March 2001 bore the most alluring and elegant baby girl into her parents’ lives. As she came into the world, the sun began to rise, painting the sky various shades of gold. Was it a surprise, then, that the couple decided on the name Aurélia, meaning exactly that? And with the knowledge that the babe, too, would one day become a sensational dancer, her father decided to also name her after one of the female pioneers of Filipino folk dance, Lucrecia Reyes Urtula.

Terpsichore stayed for a few days after her daughter’s birth, but the inevitable couldn’t be delayed. An emotional day for all three of them, she left a gift of an elegant ring for her daughter, bid her family farewell, and Alonzo was left to raise his first daughter alone.

There was no grudge held towards his former lover nor his child, and his only intent was to do right by his daughter. He wanted to give her all that his parents gave him, and promised to do the best and all that he could.

Dance was the one undeniable thing in Alonzo’s musings of parenting. Sure he had younger siblings and he helped a lot to take care of them, but they weren’t his children, and he didn’t have to call the shots or make these all-important life decisions. Now with his own child, he came to respect his parents even more for what they had done for him, his brother, and his sister. So whilst he was debating the other aspects of how he would raise his child, dance was the one thing he didn’t even have to question. Even if she hadn’t been the daughter of the muse of dance and choral song, Alonzo would have raised her with his deepest passion, at least until she no longer loved it.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.

–Helen Keller

Luckily for him, dance was to Lia as water was to fish. He brought her up with various styles of dance, including ballet and Philippine folk dance, the latter after the pioneer she was named after. With her godly heritage, he knew he also had to teach and train her how to fight from an early age, especially with the celestial bronze jian her mother left her. He didn’t have a mortal scent to mask hers, and so, both of their demigod bloods together would be an obvious target for monsters.

But for Lia, that was okay. She grew up in a loving family and had a great relationship with her father, with the two of them bonding over her seemingly-polar-opposite loves, dancing and fighting. Though, that isn’t to say that there weren’t tensions between them, as there always would be when your father was an expert and your teacher in both of your hobbies.

Nevertheless, the father-daughter duo were thick as thieves and went through everything together. There weren’t many women who could attain little Lia’s approval and enter their world. Except one: Sarah Vasiliev. Sarah was a long-term colleague of Alonzo’s at The Royal Ballet, and had been quite influential throughout Lia’s childhood. For years, the two adults had kept their feelings at bay to protect her, but eventually, with his seven-year-old’s approval, Alonzo decided to make it official. Two and a half years later, the two got married, with Lia as their flower girl.

It was around this time when Lia discovered a natural talent and newfound love for singing. Her parents had taken her to see her first musical, Matilda, and that was when her life changed. Those child performers couldn’t have been much older than her and they looked like they were having the time of their life on stage. It wasn’t that Lia didn’t have the time of her life when doing ballet, but in that instant, she had fallen head over heels in love with musical theatre.

That night, she confided in her father that she no longer wanted to be a professional ballerina, but rather a musical theatre actress. Alonzo didn’t know how to react. He wasn’t angry, but somewhere inside him, he felt like the one thing they loved together was being taken away. He tried to talk with her, explaining that she had so much potential in ballet; did she really want to throw it all away because of one night?

Only a few days later, he came to understand. Lia had been listening to the Matilda soundtrack on repeat since that night, and the first time she sang along, Sarah, being the only one home, was moved to tears. She encouraged her step-child to perform for her father, hoping that it would help to ease the tension between them. And it did; Alonzo was in awe of his daughter.

You can change the world if you change your mind.

–Raise You Up / Just Be, Kinky Boots

From that day forward, Lia began rehearsing weekly with an amateur musical theatre troupe, as well as continued with her dance training, deciding that ballet was the style she enjoyed the most. The autumn before her eleventh birthday, in her last year of primary, she auditioned for The Royal Ballet School and was given an offer to study at White Lodge, where the other students her age up to sixteen would live. Concerned about her safety, her father agreed with the school that she would board during the week, and return to live at home on the weekends.

That Christmas, the family found out that Sarah had become pregnant, and Nicholas Viktor delos Reyes was born the summer before Lia moved to her new school. Suddenly becoming an older sister from an only child was a jarring experience, but she loved her baby brother and would grow up to have a great relationship with him.

For the first year and a few months, everything was going well for the small family. Lia fit in well in her school, and it was a nice change to not have her father be her ballet teacher for once. Her teachers remarked on her talent and hardwork that allowed her to be the top of her class. She appreciated her chances to return home for the weekends; boarding at a young age was hard and it had been fairly difficult for her to adjust from spending all her time with her family, to just two days a week.

Her first monster attack came during her Christmas holidays of Year 8, just a season before her thirteenth birthday. The small family were on their way home from some light Boxing Day shopping, when a Chimera picked up her and her father’s scent in the park they had to pass through. Sure, she panicked at first, but it was finally time to put the skills she’d trained with her father for the past eight years of her life to good use. Together, the two of them turned the monster to dust in no time, Lia with the jian her mother gifted her all those years ago and Alonzo with his celestial bronze short sword.

Sarah had been informed of the circumstances of her husband and step-daughter; she even had the Sight, but that hadn’t settled her shock. Who wouldn’t be after their family was attacked and all they could do was stand in fear and try to protect their two-year-old? But with the duo’s ability to quell the threat promptly, the situation could have been a lot worse, and this was what she had married into. She knew she could deal.

The delos Reyes family lived their life pretty normally again after this small blip. Lia returned to ballet school after the holidays and studied there for the next three years, with only a few subsequent monster attacks happening when she went home to her family, most likely because of the stronger, combined scent of her and her father.

After each performance Lia had, there always sat a bouquet of flowers in her spot of the green room. Even without reading the small notecard that sat within it, she knew that first time that they were from her mother. All these years she had wondered whether Terpsichore had watched her dancing and performing, she finally had an answer. This was the first time (and, in the future, only way) she’d ever interacted with her mother, and to know that she was making her proud made her tough training worth everything.

Deciding that she wanted to pursue a professional education in musical theatre after her GCSEs, Lia spent half of her Year 11 writing applications to and auditioning for performing arts schools. She graduated The Royal Ballet School at White Lodge in the summer of 2017, and began her musical theatre and A-level studies at ArtsEd Sixth Form.

Finishing her first year with a strong performance as the female lead, Lia was recruited to make her West End debut with a secondary named part. The decision seemed easy, but Alonzo was wary about his daughter cutting off her studies without properly graduating. But the opportunity for her big break was too close to give up, and so Alonzo and Sarah supported their daughter in starting the life of her dreams.

The cast rehearsed for five months before performing their opening night not long after Lia’s eighteenth birthday. This time, flowers weren’t waiting for her in the green room after every performance, but they were fairly regular at once every few months. But she didn’t mind; she knew that her mother was watching from wherever she was and that she was proud of her daughter. And she was having the time of her life on stage, and that was all that mattered.

That changed, though, on the show’s unexpected last performance the next year. Unbeknownst to everyone, the cast had just made their last performance for who knew how long, and waiting in the green room, sat a bouquet of flowers. Lia felt her heart skip a beat; she’d been looking forward to them for a while. But when she read the note, her heart no longer skipped and her smile no longer pulled upwards.

Alonzo was the first person she told immediately when she found out. What could he do, except to reassure her that everything was going to be alright? Such a last minute trip to Long Island was hardly feasible: all three adults were still working, and they had an eight-year-old to look after.

Coincidentally, the following day, everyone was made to work from home, and there were no more barriers to travelling cross-country (well, except the global pandemic, but that’s irrelevant really). They’d managed to find a last minute flight to New York City and Lia packed for a long trip, while her father packed for less. She’d insisted that she could travel alone, but Alonzo was a worrier and was determined to see her to the door. She relented without much of a fight, and Sarah and Nick bid them a safe journey.

Following their landing in JFK Airport, Alonzo hired a car to drive them to New Athens. He did the best he could to calm her distress about her mother’s note throughout the journey, but neither of them knew what had and would happen. As they pulled up to New Athens, Lia wondered how her life would be from now on. Would she be able to figure out what the notecard was all about? How long would she stay? What would life be like?

Her father left to return to London after a few days and finding out about her living situation. They were told that while they were fixing up an apartment for her to stay in, she would be housed in the Mnemosyne Cabin for now.

Weapon: CB jian that takes form as a ring

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