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Name:Aurelie Savageau


God Parent:None

Mortal Parent: Unknown daughter of Apollo (Sophie Mousseau)

Title: Priestess of the Fates and Apprentice Oracle of Delphi

Appearance: She is short, standing only at five-foot four, and very slight of figure due to her limited diet when she arrive in New York.  Her skin is an olive skin tone with her complimenting brown hair. The two things that stand out about her are her eyes which are a very-light hazel, almost golden and her blonde highlights on the bottom half of her hair


History:  People always assume gypsies move because they have no home. Because they aren't wanted. That isn't true. Sometimes the gypsies move because they see the truth, where as the others are blinded. Such is the way of the Lovari gypsies.

For generations certain women of this clan have been gifted to see through the mist: to see the monsters and dangers that normal humans could not. Within the Lovari these people were respected, often serving as fortune tellers, an honored career in the Lovari world, for very few can divine the truth from the beyond.  Eventually, these gifts attracted the Fates.

The Moiari saw the Lovari women's veneration of fortunes as a worship of fate itself, and they approached the women fortune teller's with a deal: for every generation, a 'clear-sighted' Lovari girl would be chosen to be a Priestess of the Fates. She would have a direct connection to the Fates, and wouuld be able to divine the fates of men. From that day generations of Priestesses where chosen, and they we're viewed as special, almost god-like amongst their people.

But as the world grew small, and modern beliefs spread, even the Lovari's custums were decaying rapidly. The Old ways faded into decadence as people forgot their way, and long held traditions were turned to supersitions. The groups of traveling gypsies grew fewer and fewer. During this time, in a gypsy caravan in France, Aurelie was claimed as a priestess.

Not much is known about Aurelie's mother, Sophie Mousseau. She had a bad reputation due to the permiscuity of her mother, having a child out of wedlock to an unknown man (Apollo), who was not a man of the clan. Plus her diappearance during her teenage years and ability to attract monsters made people distrust her. Very few were surprised when the woman appeared with Aurelie, only to dump the child once the Aurelie's  power's started to manifest.

Aurelie was ten when she went on a walk with her mother at the campsite. Only she returned, holding a stinger of a pit scorpion and her mother's collecion of celestial bronze daggers. Since that day Aurelie had been able to see the monsters that plagued the gypsy camps. When she turned twelve she was chosen by the fates as their new priestess and sent to live with Magalie Savageau, the current priestess and fortune teller of their caravan.

Aurelie took Magalie's last name and from that day on was raised as her daughter and apprentice. Magalie taught her the ways of the Lovari: how to divine the fates through palmistry, tarot, and tea readings. Whilst she progressed through her studies, she also grew into her powers as a priestess. Aurelie became able to divine possible fates of men, but with that came a certain guilt and weight. She could see their possible demises but knew there was no way to change them, for if the Fates willed it, then so it would be. She aged quickly throughout those years.

But great changes were to come to her people. In France, resentment of the Romani people grew until the French Romani reptriation began. When Aurelie turned sixteen, Magalie caught a glimpse of the caravan's fate. They were to be deported, and sent back to their 'home' countries. This spelled disaster for Aurelie. For Magalie foresaw that if Aurelie was sent back, she would eventually be killed by a monster. Magalie knew it was aganist the Miorai to attempt to change fate, but she had grown attached to the stoic girl who had become her ward.

She gathered up what small money she had, and sent Aurelie on a plan to New York, where she was certain Aurelie might be sheltered at the same place Sophie was for all of those years. Aurelie had no choice but to go. As soon as she set foot in New York, she knew she was out of place. The city was so unlike the old country she had left, so harsh.

Wandering amongst the city, busking for chage and scraping by on the little she had from Magalie, she ran into a demigod. As soon as she looked at him and caught a glimpse of the Camp in his fate she knew she had a place to live. She lead him to camp using her mother's daggers as protection, and relying on readings to divine which ways to go. Upon arrival at camp, the demigod was claimed. She on the other hand was not, seeing as how she was no demigod. Yet, Apollo had been watching this girl, and her propheitcal abilites intrigued him.  He made her an apprentice to the Oracle of Delphi and gave her a place within the camp in the Oracle's Cave.     

Personality: She's very stoic and serious, ariseing from her seeing her mother's assumed death/abandonment at a young age, and also from seeing some of people's fates. Knowing so much about people, choosing what to reveal to them, and knowing that it is beyond your reach has aged her greatly. She rarely looses her temper and is sometimes viewed as apathetic due to her lack of response to things

Weapons: Her mother's celestial bronze daggers

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