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Name: Aurora Nightshade


17 year old Aurora

Gender: Female

Age: 17

God Parent: Zephyrus, Apollo, Hermes

Mortal Parent: Tracy Nightshade

Appearance (The Image 1. Current age.) : Aurora has light olive toned skin she has wavy blond hair with natural brown streaks and wears a feather in it to show freedom, and is her sword. Her eyes light blue, and wears a light grey t-shirt and blue jeans. Her eyes were inherited from her father and hair from her mother. Aurora has a light muscular build, though it is not very well defined. She as a good posture and is athletic and fast due to her long legs.   

Image 2: (10 years old): When she found out about her mothers death, standing with her mortal uncle, James with his antique camera. In this image, Aurora hair was a pure blond since the brown streaks hadn’t grown through. Her hair used to always be in a braid and she is wearing the crimson jacket that her mother gave her. Her skirt is a pale yellow colour with red and white chequered patterns.


10 year old Aurora with mortal uncle, James.

Image 3: Auroras long sword which turns into a feather when not being used. It is kept in a silver sheath when she doesn’t wear her feather, and will immediately turn into a sword when she needs it to be one. It was the gift Zephyrus gave her mother Tracy before she left Greece.                                                                  

Personality: Aurora is kind and caring, though can be stern. She has a generally happy personality much like her mother, though tends to loose confidence when her life before camp is mentioned or discussed. Her mind cannot easily be changed and when something is difficult, she never gives up, so she is strong-willed and determined. She is adventurous like her mortal uncle who was previously thought to be lost. And is independent and will proudly sacrifice her life for someone she knows or doesn’t know, like her mother when she sacrificed her life to save Aurora when she was a baby. She is resourceful and quick thinking so she can adapt to different environments easily.


Auroras Longsword

History: Her parents met when Tracy was touring around Greece for a University project, and they fell in love. Zephyrus showed her around Athens and Tracy learnt more than she had in her classes, since she loved the Ancient Greek culture and especially the mythology, she was happy to have learnt much more on the trip. Tracy was so thankful that she offered to pay for dinner, and one thing led to another and then she had to leave her trip in Athens early since she was pregnant with Aurora. But before she had left, Zephyrus had explained everything to her; about being a god and she will be having a demigod child. Tracy took it very well and was okay with everything that she had been told, though she didn't know that it would be a very challenging life for her daughter. She was given a silver feather by Zephyrus which he explained would turn into a sword when needed. Tracy was instructed to give it to the child when they were ready, though Tracy would never be able to give it to her child when they were ready.

When Aurora was born, she was extremely sick. So in a desperate attempt to save her child’s life, Tracy pleaded with Asclepius to cure her and Asclepius did so, but at a price. To cure Aurora, a life had to be willingly sacrificed, and her mother agreed to the terms that when Aurora reached the age of 10, Tracy would be willing to die. And with no regrets. Tracy died of cancer when Aurora was 10. Years went by and Aurora grew a love for photography and the natural world, she was given a camera by her grandmother when she was eight with a few words etched into its base. 'Seven times down, eight times up.' It was to remind her that she must keep going when things get tough. Aurora began to take pictures, looking threw old family photos she found one of her mother and a man. When she had questioned Tracy about the photo, she was told that is was a person she met when she went to Greece.

"He showed me around Athens, nothing much. He was a really nice person" her mother had told her, and for 9 years, Aurora didn't think much of the excuse. She's kept the photo ever since and has it concealed in the bag she carries her camera in.

When she was 8 and 9 years old, she had trouble fitting in at school. She was more stern and secretive due to her mother’s condition in hospital; she wasn't a talker, but more of a thinker. She was smart for her age and skilled in sports, though was terrible at math and disliked science. Though her mother kept telling to try her best, which she always tried to do. Everyday after school she would go visit her mother in hospital, her mother was speaking to her doctor and Aurora listened in on their conversation. The doctor said that her mother was unlikely to live, and to Aurora's surprise, her mother replied with "I know." Aurora ran from the hospital and to her favourite field to think. How could her mother have already of known? Why wasn't she surprised? Aurora finally settled on thinking that her mother would prove the doctors wrong. That she will live and beat the cancer. Though she was sadly mistaken.  

Aurora was playing in a field at her grandmothers when she was told that her mother was dead. At this point in her life, she was only 10. She cried all night, not being able to get any sleep. Her family were worried for her, since she had stopped taking pictures. Aurora spent all her time in her room, crying and looking at the photos she had pinned to her walls. The ones she took, and the old family photos, but she had put the one of her mother and the man in her lap. The only way she could see her mothers face. After her mother’s funeral, which was held three days later from when Aurora was told about the death, she met a man that she didn’t know, but he knew her mother. He was apparently Aurora's long lost uncle, James. She was taken care of by her uncle but before her mother died, Tracy had written Aurora a note which was hidden in her favourite book; 'Robin Hood' and she didn’t notice it till she was 13. It explained to her about how her parents met and who she really was and contained the silver feather which was given to her mother by Zephyrus. She thought that her mother was just being crazy, though she kept the feather in memory of her mother.

A week later, when visiting her mothers grave on a spring day, a bright blue Hyacinth flower (Related to the 'Death of Hyacinth' myth and was a clue to who her father is.) was at the stone in the middle of a bunch of white Lilies. Neither Aurora nor her Uncle knew who put it there, or why it was put in the Lilies from the funeral. But they both thought it was very strange. By the next year, she was taught history by her uncle, by learning the facts in song when James would play piano for her, he taught her Ancient Greek History and Mythology from what he had learnt on his travels around the word, and Aurora learnt it all in song. Aurora was fascinated and wanted to learn more so she began to study the subject as a hobby, but thought nothing on the 'Mythology' (until she was 17. More included in 2 paragraphs.).Aurora was only 13 when she first found out that she was a Demigod, though this was explained to her in the letter, she thought it was crazy and didn’t believe it.

When she was 13, she was attacked by a Giant Scorpion when she was at a beach. Aurora was standing on a sand dune though, when it began to move, she found out that the Scorpion was covered in sand to sneak up on her. Scared for her life, she ran away down the beach. Without witnessing the transformation, her feather had turned into a sword and landed in the sand. She stopped and was able to retrieve the sword and stab through the monsters under belly. She was found by her uncle unconscious in the sand, about to be drowned by the coming high tide. Her legs had large gashes on them, because of the Giant scorpion attack. She was taken to hospital due to the cuts and what Aurora called a "scary nightmare." After a few days of recovering in a hospital bed, she was allowed to go home though she thought she might have gotten attacked again by the monster, which fortunately, did not happen.


\When she was 14, she had one of her scariest encounters. It was at the local park when she was walking home from her new school. A lady appeared from behind a tree and tried to grab Aurora. She was caught and struggled to get away, but was unable to. When the lady turned out to be a monster with double snake trunks for legs, she was shocked. Aurora was scared out of her mind, she couldn't move her arms or legs, but was able to bite the monsters hand. She was dropped to the ground and with a clatter, the sword from her last monster encounter appeared. Aurora retrieved the sword and ran away. She was able to climb to the top of a wall and when she saw the monster, she was able to slice it in half when she jumped off the wall. Though, she had badly sprained her ankle and was found by police who took her back home. The sword had once again vanished, just like the year before. But the feather was still in her hair.  

At 15, she was attacked by a Harpy in the hall of the school she attended. She didn’t know what to do, but had the instinct to wait for the sword to appear like the last two times. And to her surprise, it did. Aurora was able to hide in one of the side rooms behind a piece of plywood (which was to be used as part of the set of the schools play). When the Harpy was close to where she was hiding, it perched on a wooden box and Aurora was able to cut a deep gash in its back before it combusted into dust. She collapsed due to fright and passed out, when the teachers found her, she was taken to the school office, Aurora couldn’t find the sword she used to kill the Harpy, though she had found a feather dangling in her hair, (it is what her sword turns into when not being used.) She thought that the monster attack was all a dream and thought nothing of it.


At 16, she was almost killed by Orthrus, the two-headed dog in a music room. She was petrified from fright since she is scared of dogs; Aurora once again had no idea what to do. But once again like last year, she had found the sword. Aurora hadn’t seen the sword since the incident with the Harpy, but none the less, she was able to trap the Orthrus in the base drum of a drum kit and kill it. She left school early that day saying that she was unwell and was brought home by her uncle. She woke up at home on the couch and told her Uncle about what had happened, concerned for his niece, he took Aurora to hospital thinking that she was suffering from hallucinations. But, of course they went.

 It wasn’t till she was 17 that she really believed that she was a Demigod. She went on a school excursion to study the wild life in the area close to camp and was partnered up with a boy named Gale, who claimed to of had his legs shattered in a car accident when he was 6. She still remembered her encounters with the two monsters the previous years before, though as not to worry her Uncle she referred to it as a 'bad dream'. Aurora still had the feather in her hair still having no idea that it was the sword that she had killed the monsters with. Whilst answering questions on the Hyacinth flower with Gale, which looked much like the one that mysteriously appeared on her mothers grave stone, she was attacked by a Fire-Breathing Horse.

Gale helped her run away from their class; Aurora found out that his “shattered legs” was actually an act to hide the fact that he was a Satyr. Gale directed her to the camp playing his pipes to redirect their trail to camp though the horse had caught up easily. Aurora was badly burned by the horse during the encounter, after tripping over a root and having her arms burnt by the intensity of the flames. Though she was injured, she was able to stab her sword through the horse’s underbelly and it dissipated into gold sand. Gale helped her get to the camp and get her burns treated. After being claimed and realising to her horror that everything her uncle had told her in his lessons was real she pieced every event in her life together. And from that point, she knew that the memories will haunt her.

Weapons: Celestial Bronze long sword that contracts into a feather in her hair. It was found during her first encounter with the Giant Scorpion when she was 13.

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