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Name: Aurore Parthenopaues

Gender: Female

God Parent:  Hecate

Current Age: 16

Mortal Parent: Subastian Parthenopaues



(See photo.)

Personality: Aurore is one of those who would keep to herself. Not really keen to being in the spotlight, she hides to herself. She hardly ever talks to others, which makes it hard for her to make friends. They say her eyes are the key to the soul; well hers are a key you dont want to mess with. When finally making a friend, she can be sort of snotty, yet she has her cute moments. However, she is afriad of bunnies.

History: Subastion met Aurore's mother when they were on a cruise. They first started talking, then soon they fell in love. They moved down to California, had Aurore and they were happy for a few months. That was until her mom left, baring a child. Her father didn't know, until she returned, holding a girl wraped in a little pink blanket. "Her name is Aurore." She announced. Subastion stared in shock, before welcoming them both. After her mom gave birht to her, she stayed to help take care of the child. Unfortuantely, her dad thought it was forever, she left, after helping with the child for about 3 months, when she went grocery shopping. Her dad became depressed, and nearly killed himself, when she was just 6. This had a big impact on her. From then on, she became independent, and refused to let anyone help her.

Before everything odd started happening to her, she had a fairly normal life for someone who's dad was an aloholic. They never lived in nice homes, or apartments, she never went to the niceest schools. But her dad did let her enjoy the very few things that she did enjoy. She loved art, and music. She loved ballet. So the few bucks they could spare, when he was trying to get better, she got ballet. She got a cello and an instrutor, and fianlly, art. Although, he never managed to stay sober, he tried several times. Mostly whenever Aurore was threatened to be taken away. Becuase of her dad, she never had many friends. She never had nice clothes; she was stuck with cheap ones from goodwill that were three sizes too big. Then a few weeks before her first monster attack, she met Kyli. A person who turned out to be her friend, and they had many things in common. She was happy. And then she was thrown a curve ball. When she was about 13, the first monster attacked. It was a large, the size of a pickup truck, scorpian. It was a dark, chocolate brown. It happened when she was heading out of her ballet practice, walking home through the woods that separated the shopping mall, from the apartments. It was waiting on the path for her, as if it had gotten there directly after she went to practice. A rather loud yelp from Aurore woke it up, causing it to start trying to sting her with it's long tail, while snapping it's pinchers. They "played" a game of merry go round for a few moments, until her protecter, a satyr, and friend Kyli, came from seemingly out of nowhere to save her. They lost it, as well as loosing themselves in the city. Soon, therafter she was given her ring and weapon, by a demigod who told her it was cursed. The demigod claimed that whomever used it, would be brought to their doom, and became insane. (He clearly seemed insane, she thought.) Although, she didn't believe it. In fact, it has brought her luck.

However, where most kids would go, directly after their first monster attack, Aurore refused. She had her dad to take care of, and she was about to do a big production on Swan Lake. Not only that, but her cello instructor told her that if she stopped now, she would have to catch up which would be a shame since she was really good. It just wasn't the time to go to this silly camp. Kyli stayed with her, and after each monster attack for three years (another one by the same scorpian, another by a fire horse, a hellhound), Kyli and Aurore managed to convince her dad to move them from city to city. A few days before her 16 birthday, Kyli told her that they needed to go, now. Kyli used that fact that her dad was put in risk with her here,  and that she didn't have any recitals coming up, nor did she have any cell practices for a few weeks. Aurore agreed. 

Before they left, Aurore took most of her fathers money. Which was a grand total of $600 (all of it would've been over a grand! Whoa!). This surprised Aurore, but it helped them make it to camp. With the money, Kyli offered a boat, or plane trip. Both Aurore denied, since she got massively sick on both of them. Instead they took a train to New York. However, they had to take buses, and walk the rest of the way. It surprised Aurore, how short it took by train; only 4 days! But by then, they were low on money. Several times she called her dad, but he was always blabbering drunk, and couldn't even remember who she was, or her first name. So, one night while they were camping a few hundred miles away from camp, she called their hospital, and had him admitted for alcohol abuse.

When they arrived at camp, it was like a castle on a hill, in her opinion. Even though it was hardly anything, it was a miricale in Aurore's mind. She gew up reading about Greek heroes, and learning about the Gods. Now here she was, about to become, if not a minor hero, one. She wouldn't wait. Possenssions/Weopons: One of her most prized possestions is her tree necklace. It's a dull silver, and almost tarnished. She never  leaves her cabin without it. Her weapon of choice is a longsword made out of Clestial bronze. It's enchanted to be a ring, but whenever she touches the dark green emerald on it, it will turn into her sword.

DaughterOfTheLostOne (talk) 16:08, September 1, 2016 (UTC)


Hi! Welcome to Camp and I'll be checking your claim for today!

  • You don't need parent choices. Just pick you first god parent choice. :)
  • Did the mother stay with Subastion after giving birth? Please be reminded that after having a child conceived, goddesses go back to Olympus and give birth there after 4-5 months, then a few more months for mother-care. Then she'll leave the baby to the dad and that's it.
  • What happened to Subastion? 
  • The usual age for first monster attacks is between 10-13 (9-11 for children of Big Three), so any later than that requires a valid reason, like a scent stronger than the demigod's scent that it could mask it.
  • Who is Kyli? Is she a demigod or a satyr?
  • Please clearly define the first monster attack. If you need a monster to feature, please choose here.
  • The wiki has the two-week rule, in where an unclaimed demigod can only stay in Camp for two weeks maximum prior to being claimed. So Aurore stayign in Camp for summer and winter is totally not allowed.
  • For teenagers to cross Canada and US by themselves seems to unrealistic. Considering their resoures, it's pretty impossible. (You can prove your point thought by explainign it thoroughly.)
  • Where did she get her weapon? Also, please state thatit's Celestial bronze (or you may have it Stygian iron if your god parent is an Underworld god).

That's about it for now. See you later!

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Hi! Me again :)

  • So Hecate gave birth in the mortal world? Please refer to my second comment above.
  • Please expand her early childhood (e.g., education,friends, etc.).
  • How long has Kyli been with Aurore? If she's stayed for long, then why didn't she bring Aurore immediately to Camp? A satyr's job is to do so, only unless if there is a valid reason.
  • Where did they get their resources in the long trip? Two minors not even teenagers yet are dangerously vincible outside and monsters will surely come. Please take note that after the first attack, the demigod will encounter/be attacked by a monster each year until she arrives in Camp.
  • There are no orphanages in the United States but rather, they have foster homes. 
  • How did they arrive at Camp? The last of the history says that they were a few hundred miles away. (Also please state how old she was arriving there.)
  • Again, the wiki has the two-week rule, in where an unclaimed demigod can only stay in Camp for two weeks maximum prior to being claimed. Her Age claim states she's 16, yet your history seems to say that she arrived at 13. So three years in Camp is totally not allowed.

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  • Since you said she arrived in Camp at 13, it would mean she had crossed the US from California to NY for a year? If they had it on train, yes 600 $ would be enough, but it woud only take 4-6 days, including the stopovers. She'd still be 12, if ever.
  • What was the whisper that came to her about the weapon? Please have it in the claim. 
  • Again, please be reminded of the two-week rule.

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Well, everything can happen irl :)

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