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Name: Avian Bayer

Gender: Male

God Parent: Apollo, Hermes, or Notus

Mortal Parent: Silvia Bayer

Appearance: (Photo)


Personality: Avian's a man of action. He'd rather get out and get physical than sit around and do nothing. When he sets his mind on something, he won't stop to complete until it probably gets him killed, injured, or stops being fun anymore. He takes full responsibility in everything he does and says and never backs out of anything. He isn't afraid of anything and will face anything with a grin on his face.

History: Silvia Bayer never truly liked music. Any kind of music she heard, she found too depressing for her liking. It started when she was a little girl at the age of eight. At that time, she used to love music. She couldn't go one minute without singing a song. She spent the most time singing with her grandmother, who would sing along with her. It all went downhill when her grandmother died of cancer when she was thirteen. After her funeral, Silvia never sung or listened to music again. It only reminded her of the pain she felt when her grandmother left her forever. Even as a young adult, she disliked listening to music. Her friends tried to get her like music but failed every time in there attempt. Silvia just couldn't seem to like any kind of music, that is, until she met him.

Silvia met a man, who turned out to be the god Apollo, at the bar just near her University. He was tall, tan, and extremely handsome with blonde hair, toned muscles, and beautiful eyes. Apollo sat next to Silvia at the bar and ordered a "Sex on the Beach". He took a sip of it, internally gagged, and set it down on the surface. "Beautiful woman like yourself shouldn't be here in a place like this," he said, turning to her with a smile. Silvia looked up, startled to see the handsome man in front of her. "Maybe I like to being at places where I don't belong," she said, a slight blush appearing on her face. Apollo smiled.

Silvia and Apollo really hit it off. Apollo introduced himself as Dean McKenzie, a local student from the university. Silvia actually found him easy to talk to, despite blushing the entire time. They talked all night, sharing little things about themselves. Then Silvia's dislike for music came up and "Dean" couldn't believe she found it depressing. Then he had an idea and asked her to come to his place for a while. She was a bit skeptical and reluctant at first, but he assured her that there was no funny business involved.

When they got to his home, Apollo got his got one of his many guitars hanging on his wall. Silvia started to laugh, realizing what he was trying to do. "If you're trying to get me to like your music, it won't work," said Silvia. He smirked. "You'll think otherwise when you've heard me play," said Apollo. He began to play "Groove Is in the Heart" by Deee-Lite. Silvia has heard this song many times, but hearing him playing it made her heart do a little dance. When he was finished, she looked at him in awe. "That...that was amazing," she said. Apollo smiled, moving closer to her. "You still think music's depressing now ?," he asked. Silvia didn't say anything, only pulling him into a kiss.

Fast forward, 9 months later on July 11, 1996, Silvia gave birth to Apollo's child, Avian. Apollo told Silvia to name him that four days before she went into labor, on the night that he left them. Before he was going to leave their lives forever, Apollo decided to come clean and reveal himself as the actual god, Apollo. Silvia was very skeptical when she heard the news. In fact, she started laughing at the thought him being a god. She quickly thought otherwise when he changed his form. He looked the same, only he was wearing a gleaming white toga and glowing slightly. He told her that he was the actual god Apollo and that their son was a demigod. He explained everything that was going on in the world, including the other gods, monsters, and the Mist. He informed Silvia that when Avian gets older, monsters will start to come after him. Silvia started to get scared, worrying about her child. Apollo saw her fear and told her there is place where demigods like him could be safe. A place called Camp Half-Blood.

Avian never really knew what happened to his father when he got older. Silvia told him that he died in a car accident when he was a baby. Avian felt like that wasn't the whole truth and wanted to find out what really happened. As a child, Avian expressed a love for music. He would always find someway to make music, even if the idea was asinine. Ever since Apollo left, Silvia continued to find music depressing because it reminded her of her lover. However, Avian always managed to make her smile with his own creative music.

Even though Avian looked like a regular boy, he wasn't normal. At the age of 6, he was diagnosed with a bad case of ADHD. Avian hated doing nothing, He could never stay in one place and sit still. He had to be as active as possible or he would go nuts. That's when all of the strange events began. In his childhood, Avian had been stalked and watched several times by mysterious creatures from an unknown source. For instance, when Avian was 7, something was watching in a nearby tree while he was playing in the backyard. It appeared to be a type of human/bird hybrid creature. It was small but looked very deadly and it was staring at Avian with its beady little eyes. The harpy seemed to scare Avian so he ran inside to get his mother, Silvia. Once he got her to come outside, he pointed up at the tree, but there was nothing there. Ever since, Avian has been stalked by monsters. Only until he got older was he going to be attacked.

Avian experienced his first monster attack on Halloween. Avian had turned thirteen only three months ago and Silvia thought that he wouldn't be in danger anytime soon. She was surely mistaken. It was 8:00 PM at night, kids and there parents were walking around there neighborhoods dressed in costumes and scoring free candy. Avian, not caring that he was little old to be treating, was dressed up as Luke Skywalker, waving a toy lightsaber and carrying a backpack filled with candy. He had been to almost fifty houses and he was making his way home where he and his mom would devour all of the candy. He took a shortcut through the park, using the lightsaber as a light source to move through the darkness. He was halfway through the park when he heard a loud snorting sound behind him. He turned slowly, only to find a horse standing right in front of him. For a second there, Avian felt relieved. That is, until fire billowed out of the horses nostrils.

As soon as Avian saw the fire, he took off running. The horse reared on its hind legs and galloped after him. It almost caught up with him until a bronze arrow protruded from its head, making it disintegrate. Avian stopped running to catch his breath, hoping he had outran the horse. When he turned, he came face to face with a goat legged man. Avian scrambled back, terrified. The goat-man took off his hood, revealing a young face. He told Avian not to be afraid, that he was here to rescue him. Avian was too scared to be confused. The goat-man told him his name was Elijah and that he was one of the satyr protectors from Camp Half-Blood. "Camp Half-Blood?" asked Avian. "Is this some kind of joke?" Elijah shook his head, a not-at-all joking expression on his face. "This is no joke," he said. "You are not all human. You are only half human." "What's the other half?" asked Avian. "God. Half god."

Avian was going to explain more, but right then, he had to get him to the camp. He shouldered his longbow over his shoulder, as he was about to make a call for transportation. He never got the chance. Before he could call for a pegasi ride, he was tackled to the ground by a hell-hound. It ripped Elijah apart, tearing him limb from limb with its teeth. Avian covered his eyes, not wanting to watch. He opened them when he heard growling approaching him very closely. The hell-hound was approaching him slowly with its teeth bared menacingly. Avian, as terrified as he was, held up his hands. "Nice doggie, good boy." he said. "Stay. Sit. Don't eat me." Then something amazing happened. His hands began to glow bright as the sun. The hell-hound snarled at the sight of light. Before it could do anything, Avian fired a beam of intense light from his palms. The beam hit the hound square in the face. As soon as the blast made contact, the hell-hound exploded into dust. Avian stared at the dust in awe. "D-did I do that?"

Avian got his bag and ran all the way home. As soon as Silvia opened the door, he hugged her as hard as he could. Silvia looked at him with a worried look. "Avian? What happened?" she asked. Immediately, he recounted his whole night, eating his candy while telling his story. When he finished, he half expected his mother to believe he was playing a trick on her. However, she didn't look like she thought he was lying. On the contrary, she looked very grim. "I knew this would be coming." she said, sighing. "I just hoped it would come just a little bit later." "Mom, what's going on? What are you talking about?" asked Avian. "Well, it all started when I met your father."

Silvia came clean and told Avian that his father never died in a car accident. She told him that his father was one of the gods of Greek mythology, Apollo, and that he was indeed a demigod. Avian had to stop eating candy when he heard this. Him, the son of a god? He just couldn't believe. Avian spoke up and said that the satyr guy was supposed to be his protector and that he was going to take him to camp before he was killed. Silvia looked distressed. Neither of them knew where the camp was and were pretty sure it couldn't be found on Map Quest. They both decided to sleep this off and figure out what to do in the morning.

Avian and Silvia decided they would try there luck and stay in the mortal world. For four years they, tried to live a semi-normal life in the mortal world. Ever since the incident with the hell-hound, Avian has seen many strange things in his life. Once, when he was walking home from school, he caught someone or something watching him. He couldn't make out what it was but he knew it was bigger than the average person. Before he could get a better look, the giant man was gone. That happened on his 14th birthday.

As he got older, Avian really tried to live a normal life, despite the force of the Greek world butting in. He's been trying to do well in his schoolwork and practing learning several different instruments. He even started to get the hang of his powers a little bit, managing to create things out of light and being able to heal any wound. All of this really comes in handy whenever he gets attacked by monsters. Avian had been expecting to hear from any more "Satyrs" from the Camp, but he hadn't gotten such luck. According to history, the second Satyr protector had been sidetracked by another demigod he had came across in New Jersey. The Satyr felt the need to get Avian and the other demigod to camp at the same time. Unfortunately, his cockiness had gotten himself and the demigod killed by a group of dracanae tailing them.  The camp would've sent another Satyr, but all the other protectors had already been deployed on other rescue missions. Because of this problem, the Camp decided to send an experienced demigod of their own to come rescue Avian. The demigod's name was Joffrey Baker, son of Athena. He never made it to Times Square. On his way to Avian's home, he was ambushed by a pack of hell-hounds and was torn to shreds. It seemed that no one would be able to get to Avian, leaving him to fend for himself.

He first used his ability to create weapons out of light against a harpy. He was 15 at the time and he just came from the park playing basketball with his friends. The harpy swooped down from a tree with its talons outstretched. Avian managed to duck and cover before it could touch him. When he got up, the harpy was about to make another dive bomb on him. Looking around, he made sure there wasn't anyone around to see what he was going to do. Then, he concentrated hard to form light in the palm of his hands. The tugging in his gut told him that it was working. The harpy was getting closer and closer, screeching for Avian's blood. Finally, when the light had taken a solid shape, Avian threw it at the harpy with deadly accuracy. The solid light, which had taken the form of a ninja shuriken, embedded itself between the harpy's eyes. It screeched in pain as it slowly disintegrated into dust.

Avian's healing powers came into light at the age of 16 when his mother had accidentally cut her hand while she was preparing dinner. She cried out, grabbing a nearby cloth to stop the bleeding. Avian came to her side with a band-aid, but he had a better idea. He removed the cloth from his mother's cut finger, despite Silvia's protests. He pressed his finger on the little wound and concentrated hard. As he felt the tug in his gut, the wound began to magically heal, becoming a little scar. Silvia looked at her son in amazement and Avian just grinned back. "I guess my practicing has paid off." he said, whimsically.

On the night of his 16th birthday, Avian couldn't sleep. He laid in his bed in the middle of the darkness trying to force himself to sleep, but he couldn't. He kept feeling that something was watching him. He decided to stay up until he felt tired. He turned on the TV and started to play Batman: Arkham City on the PS3 he got for his birthday. That's when he heard the growling. The sound made his blood turn cold and stopped his heart for a second. He turned around to find a pair of big red eyes. Without meaning to, he started to emit a blinding light in his room that lighted up the whole house. He managed to make it die down just as his mom came running into his room. When she turned on the light, there was nothing there.

With his abilities as a demigod growing, the time for his trip to camp was imminent. A few months after he turned 17, Avian and his mother took a little vacation to Montauk. They rented a small cabin by the shore where they could watch the sunset. Avian sat there by the water, drawing pictures in the sand. He was so intent on drawing an awesome dragon that he was completely oblivious to the two objects approaching him from the water. When Silvia called him for dinner, he got up just as a black clawed hand grabbed his ankle from the deep. Avian cried out as he was pulled into the water. Without knowing what to do, he thrust out his hand, concentrating hard. Immediately his hand began to glow as he fired a beam of light at the unknown monster. It quickly let go of Avian's ankle as he ran to his mother.

The two creatures emerged from the water, both of their eyes gazing at Avian. They had the bodies of seals, human-like clawed hands. The weird thing about them was that they both had the heads of Dobermans. Avian and Silvia both backed away slowly as the monsters advanced on them. Avian put his hand out again, threatening to blast them again. Both monsters growled and extended their claws. Before they could attack, however, they were both shot in the head by two bronze arrows. As they disintegrated into dust, Avian and Silvia looked back to find another satyr standing in front of a van. He motioned for them to come over and they did so. The satyr introduced himself as Corbin and said he was here to bring Avian to Camp Half-Blood. Avian was a little reluctant to go with the satyr, but Silvia managed to convince him to go. As he got in the van, he gave his mom a long hug as his goodbye and she returned it a little shakily. When they were done, Silvia stood by the road as they drove off towards the end of Long Island, where the camp resides. When they passed through the entrance, the van was swarmed by groups of kids wearing orange T-shirts. Some of them college age, some of them little kids. As soon as Avian got out, he was immediately claimed by his father, Apollo.

Weapons: Bladed Longbow

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If I remember right, gods do not stay for the birth of their demigod children. How is it that no monster came after him for four years when it was in those four years when his powers would grow and his scent would become stronger as well? Not to mention he was aware of his real parentage and had even began practicing his powers. What age was he when he arrived at Camp? Also, regarding the weapon, did he get that after coming to Camp?

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

Fixed and yes, he got his weapon after coming to Camp.

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It seems a bit unlikely that in the four year period from his first monster encounter, there wouldn't have been an appearance by another Satyr. Especially because the original satyr of that area was slain so there would have been a clear need to send someone to replace him. 

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Is there a reason Silvia didn't like music/finds it depressing? Was it rooted from her childhood? This should be explained/mentioned.

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Fixed, again.

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Kindly add a bit more to his early childhood. If you can give specific events (like what he went through in school or if he sighted any strange activity), it would be encouraged. What monsters did he face in the four years after he turned 13? Also, if satyrs weren't available, the next option would be for Camp to send in an experienced half-blood.

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Fixed, again.

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You didn't add anything to his early childhood...

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OH! Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat part. My mistake, fixed it.

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Almost there bro, just this very tiny problem.

According to Wind, 6 is very young to be diagnosed with dyslexia since you aren't asked to read that much but ADHD is fine.

Just fix that and it's all good d(^-^d)

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Aaaaaaaaaaaand fixed :D 

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Finally! xD

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