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Name:Avis Brady


God Parent:Melinoe



Mortal Parent:Peter Brady


Appearance:   Model:Aspyn Ovard


Personality: She is quiet and observant. Many find her to be unnerving. She loves taking pictures, at any moment, at any time of day, but not with a smart phone. Avis prefers her dad’s Polaroid, and her newer Canon EOS 7D. With friends, Avis is shown to be fun, funny, and slightly vulgar. No one would expect her to be so fun and awesome, a treasure left only to her friends. When it comes to photography, she is a pro, and charges heavily for her employment. Unless you’re a friend.

History: Peter Brady was a deep believer in the power of a camera. He felt that it was the window to the soul. It marked past and present, and gave a hint to future. Looking at photographs, it was as if seeing the ghosts of people past… In fact, there have been claims as to camera’s being able to catch glimpses of real spirits. He grew up in this belief of a camera, and based his job off it.

Peter took photos of all occasions, but he was most excited to take photos of funerals. He felt there was a more emotional connection to it, as if the dead spirit enhanced the experience. Once in a while, he would catch a peculiar figure in the background, one he assumed was the ghost of the deceased. Or, at least, that’s what he thought at first. But the figure was always the same, a vaguely put woman, obviously quite beautiful. He began to believe he was being haunted. Turns out, he was right.

He met the mysterious woman on a trip to New Orleans. Peter’s mother had just passed away, and he was distraught. As a promise made long before, Peter came the funeral, and took pictures. When reviewing the images, he gasped. He saw his mother there, smiling, but that wasn’t what shocked him. The figure of the woman had presented itself, and looked at him with knowing eyes. Then, it disappeared. A knock on his hotel door alerted him, and he went to answer. It was her.

By the morning, the woman was gone, much like a ghost. He knew it’d been a brief affair, but it was one that had burned brightly. What he didn’t realize, however, was how bright.

After a month staying in New Orleans, Peter decided to move on to Montgomery, Alabama. On the same day he was leaving, he found a baby girl in a black cloth (much like a shroud), waiting for him at the door. A note on the shroud read “yours.” Also by the shroud, there was a simple set of bronze knuckles. The note on this said, “when she’s ready.” Bewildered, Peter packed the knuckles in his suitcase, and bought a last minute ticket for his newfound daughter. He decided to name her Avis, after her grandmother.

As Avis grew up, she moved around the country a lot. Her father being in photography, prices were steep, and sometimes employment was hard to find. Besides, her father seemed to also be in search of a special someone. Someone he lost and hadn’t seen since Avis’ birth. She could only assume it was her mother.

This meant they went to many funerals. It was no surprise when, at age 5, Avis started seeing the ghosts, wandering around the cemetery, or just sitting around during a funeral. They intimidated her, until she saw the photos. Family members of the deceased would show young and vibrant photos of said deceased, the ghosts of their pasts. It was nice to compare them to the ghosts of their present. She found this interesting, and took up photography.

At first, she wasn’t any good. That, however, didn’t dissuade her. By age 8, she found her first REAL muse. Avis found that, if she took a picture of the deceased, they would appear in the photo. Some would seem as young and vibrant as their family depicted them. Others were grouchier. Others showed up in the form of how they were deceased. Although only she could see it (her father could barely see the outlines of the beings), the photos were beautiful to her, and she started a collection.

By age 10, she started taking more photos of other things. She took pictures of living, dead, inanimate, animate, rivers, streams, you name it. She felt as if she were collecting little ghosts of history, as if she held hostage snippets of the pasts ghosts.

Kids at school thought she was weird. She was always taking photos, taking in the details. What an oddball. She made no friends, but that was okay. She moved around just enough to only care a little.

By twelve, Avis was a pro. The old polaroid her dad gave her was just what she needed. She took many shots, all of them spectacular. Peter, seeing this, decided to take her under his wing, and they had a photography business together. This is when he bought her the canon, quite the expensive piece of equipment. Father and Daughter ruled the spirit world of the abandoned ghosts of times pasts.

Being a demigod, it was surprising no monster had attacked them yet. In truth, it may have had a lot to do with the travelling. But the end was coming near, and they received a warning.

When Avis was 14, they moved to Charleston, West Virginia. Peter was looking through the funeral photos, looking for the woman, as usual. At first, he thought it was like all the other times, until he saw her. He gasped, surprised. It’d been awhile since they’d encountered each other. He took this the wrong way, thinking they were meant to stay here longer. He was wrong.

Avis had been in the park, taking pictures of some dead ghost couple. They were okay with it, until something frightened them off. Curious, Avis turned around, trying to see what it may have been. This is when a giant dog growls at her, obviously hungry. Avis is shocked by the size of the dog, and material. It seemed to be made of shadows. It was, of course, a hellhound. It leapt onto her chest, ready to open up it’s meal. She didn’t know what went over her. One moment, it was clawing at her, the next, it fell back, stunned. A burst if ectoplasm had erupted from her, somehow. Not wanting to risk her life anymore, Avis took off running, exhausted. By the time she’d reached the house, she was at the verge of passing out. Her father treated her to the best of his abilities, but the wounds were deep. Peter drove her to the hospital, where she was cared for.

Peter didn’t understand what had happened. He waited until Avis could speak to him before he asked. When she told him the unusual story, he was reminded of her mother. And the gift. Why had she given him the knuckles? He assumed for reasons such as these. After long contemplation, he gave Avis the knuckles, saying they were her mother’s inheritance. Avis accepted them silently. In the night, when no one was looking, she tried them on. This is when she discovered they were not only knuckles, but also, somehow, a sword. The knuckles grew around her hand like a hilt, and a sword blade sprouted. She’d always known there was something odd about her and her mom, these events only deepening her conclusion.

They moved soon after, onwards to Baltimore. There, Avis asked her father to put her in some sort of martial arts, just in case. So, she began taking brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Her life there consisted of fighting, photography, and investigation. She questioned the ghosts, she questioned her pictures, she questioned her father. None would give answers, only one because he too, was ignorant.

A year gone by from the monster attack, Avis was walking to a job interview in a department store. She’d decided to start making some money off of her hobby, and figured she had enough skill to pull it off. She’d sent in some pictures, and the store had been impressed with her work. Ergo, interview. During this walk, a thing had been creeping behind her. She sensed this, and turned to look, just as the giant scorpion struck. Using the athletics of a year on jiu jitsu, Avis barely managed to dodge. She rolled onto the ground, grabbing her knuckles, which she always kept handy. The sword extended, and she dove to grab ahold of one of the scorpions legs. It shrieked and began to buck, but it had caused the distraction Avis needed. The tail momentarily out of range, Avis lunged her sword into the nearest body part the beast had. It blew to dust as the sword struck its belly. Avis shivered, seeing a monster die for the first time. (15 years old)

After notifying her father, they moved again, this time to Trenton New Jersey. There, Avis befriended a young ghost named Lyle. He was funny because he wore armor, and looked like a greek soldier. Avis especially enjoyed taking pictures of him. Lyle was kind to Avis, and was happy to have a friend since he’d been alone since his death. They grew close, and Avis told Lyle the story of her weird life. Lyle, then after, realized what she was. Maybe he should’ve guessed the moment she started speaking to him, but some mortals did have the power to speak to ghosts. But, considering the monster attacks and strange mother, she was no mortal. One day, Lyle revealed himself to her, proclaiming that, in life, he’d been demigod. He then also proclaimed that she too, was a demigod. It was hard to digest, but Avis knew Lyle wouldn’t lie to her, and, considering the weirdness of her life, could find it logical to believe.

Lyle took it upon himself to teach Avis the secrets of her life, and how she was a demigod. He began teaching her sword technique, which she mixed with the Jiu Jitsu lessons she’d begun receiving in Trenton. He taught her about monsters and gods, to the best of his abilities. He wanted her to go to a special camp, but she refused, stating she wanted to be there with him. She knew his spirit was attached to the town, but knew not why. It was one of Lyle’s secrets.

The problem was that Avis was growing attached, and developing a crush. This crush didn’t allow her make rational decisions. That’s why, when a monster finally attacked, it was a wake up call. She’d been on her way to meet Lyle at the cemetery when a harpy attacked. Avis quickly pulled out her knuckles, extending it to sword form. She sliced and dodged, but the damned thing was fast. The harpy clawed at Avis’ face, and clawed at her knees. Avis was bleeding from multiple wounds. Finally, using some of Lyle’s taught technique, Avis jammed the sword in what would be the monster’s rib cage, and she fell to dust. Avis alerted Lyle, who made her promise to go to the special camp. They raced home, Avis becoming ever more exhausted. Peter applied bandages and rubbing alcohol, much to Avis’ pain. Meanwhile, Lyle gave them the address for the special camp (Camp Half-Blood) urging them to leave that night. It was better not to leave Avis in anymore danger.

So, Peter drove Avis to Camp Half-Blood, away from her dead best friend, and crush, forever. They arrived, and Avis entered camp, explaining everything. She hugged her father goodbye.

(Note:She was sixteen by then)

Weapons: Celestial Bronze knuckles that turns into a celestial bronze cutlass


Hi ill be your claim checker today. (Hi Wolf :3) and i would first like to say this claim is very well written but there is one thing i think you should fix. How did peter know where camp was? if im correct Melinoe never reveal her her identity to him. Did maybe lyle tell them and i just missed it?? If so pls let me know

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