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Name: Ayarie Leonhart

Age: 16

God Parent: Ares

Mortal Parent: Reyja Leonhart


Personality: Ayarie was raised in strict rules and discipline, so she is pretty formal but kind and controlled.


As a respected colonel in the German Army, Reyja Leonhart was strict and valiant, and on the battlefield, gracefully violent and merciless, like the soldiers in her family who preceded her. After some years, she was already in line to be the next female general in the army in a young age. Being so determined and devoted in her job to serve her country, she had attracted the Greek war god's eyes. Disguised as another high-rank officer, with his power controlling the Mist and making others think he was someone they knew, he went up to meet her. Reyja never minded him, but after some time of meetings and private conversations together, Reyja realized he was sending her a silent invitation. She denied, but gave in afterwards.

Whenever both of them had nothing to do, they would go out and have little dates. After a few months, Reyja temporarily stepped out of service to take care of herself and her incoming child. Before leaving, Ares told her who he was. Reyja didn't believe him, and Ares took time to convince her. Soon, she accepted the truth. Ares left her with Celestial bronze arrows and a huge bow with a pair of CB small swords to carry with. Months after he did, Reyja gave birth, and named the child Ayarie. She had her cousin then near her, so she asked her a favor to take care of the child, even just for a few years. Her cousin agreed, with Reyja visiting from time to time. But when Ayarie turned six, her cousin left for Japan.

Having no other close relative to watch over her, she decided to keep Ayarie with her. In short, Ayarie was a military brat. She never had a permanent home and has traveled from country to country hundreds of miles apart. She looked up at her mother, and dreamed to be like her. She was taught German as her first language, but had English fluently, too. Most of the bases they'd stayed in had some mentors to teach her and other fellow military brats. Some even gave them the basics and techniques in fighting with the army, especially using huge guns. But whenever she had nothing to do, she would practice archery with the bow and arrows her mother gave her, as well as fighting with the small swords. Most of the base guards had her keep her small swords with her.

Hopping from place to place for her mother was assigned in different non-combat places, sometimes just a few weeks in between each move, she learned lots of culture. When she turned fourteen, she was attacked by a rogue harpie. Reyja was assigned in France that time. In the base, all alone in the small court she used to practice at, the harpy arrived and started cawing. Hearing this, she immediately put on her battle face and started shooting at the monster with her bow and arrows. It took three attempts til the harpie burst into golden dust. She was surprised, but didn't try to know or tell anyone what had happened. 

A month later, still in the same place, during gun practice, Ayarie encountered a small flock of Stymphalian birds. She asked the others what it was, but they only said it was a flock of little birds. Soon, the next round of gun shooting started. Having machine guns in practice, the noise scattered the flock. One soldier was whistling loudly, while tanks roared noisily as they moved towards the field. Having all noises together irritated the birds and shooed them away; Ayarie was safe.

The next year, when she started to attend base military schools. she was attacked by a hellhound in China. She managed to defeat with all the techniques she learned with her own weapons, after realizing gun bullets didn't have an effect on it. A week before turning sixteen, a pair of empousai attacked her in Japan. With enough skill, she had overcome their tricks and slashed both to death. This time, her mother took notice of it, and soon forced Ayarie to tell her everything. After explaining, Reyja told her who she really was. Ayarie at first couldn't believe, but then her mother gave all the proof that they were real. She promised to bring Ayarie somewhere safe - to New York, in a camp where Ares had told her she was safe in. Ayarie then asked permission from her mentor thatshe wouldn't continue anymore, in which he agreed.

A month later, Reyja moved for short in New York and brought her daughter there. Ayarie was sad, since she would leave her mother and her little firends in the military bases. Reyja said it would be all right and they'd see each other again, and watched Ayarie step inside the Camp for the sake of her safety. She has been in Camp for already two days.

Weapons: CB bow and arrow and a pair of CB small swords

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Yo, dummy. Nice claim, huh. Liked the military brat idea.

  • So, military brats don't really start at being a newborn baby, okay? So how did Reyja raised her kid before she gets in military bases?
  • How long has she been in Camp?
  • Also, since Ares acted as a high-ranking officer, wouldn't he be noticed by other soldiers that he really ain't part of the army?

All that I see. Good job (pats head)

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Yah thanks for the comments. Fixed em all :)

--Recon corpWe pay a price for believing.Recon corp 12:36, May 28, 2016 (UTC)

Haiii so, i think you really have a cool history here but there's just one thing i noticed; i assume she killed the Harpy with a gun but only celestial bronze can kill monsters and she only realized that bullets had no effect in her second attack which is kind of confusing. Did she used gun or the bow she had?. Dazz all, good luuckk~~
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She used the bow :)

Recon corpWe pay a price for believing.Recon corp 09:53, May 31, 2016 (UTC)

Very nice claim! Its very close to being ready for approval aside from one thing that needs to be clarified. While a child of a non-big three god's first monster attack can occur at the age of 14, a plausible reason must be provided about why Ayarie was not attacked earlier (since the usual age range is 10 to 13). Was it because Ayarie was constantly on the move that caused her scent to be harder to be detected by monsters?

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Um.. Yes it's because she was constantly on the move that caused Ayarie's scent to be harder to be detected by the monsters.. Thanks for the comment :)

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no complaints

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