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Name: (Birth) Layton Taylor-Smith

(Legal) Aydan Taylor-Smith (Aydan being pronounced the same as Aidan)

Gender: Male

God Parent: Deimos, Thanatos, Notus

Mortal Parent: Catherine 'Katie' Taylor-Smith

Appearance: Aydan has ginger hair, blue-grey eyes, pale skin with freckles on his cheeks. He is slightly muscular. He is 6'4".
Aydan Taylor-Smith

Personality: Aydan is very laid back, not having the slightest care. He is very athletic, caring much about English Football, and supporting the team Manchester United. He's not smart, and can believe almost anything, to the point where he got pranked at school everyday. He does have his moments when he is serious, but they can be rare. Generally, he is a nice guy and is friendly to everyone he meets.

History: Catherine Taylor-Smith was a wannabe singer from the United Kingdom, who came to America to make her dreams a reality. She travelled to Las Vegas and got into writing about the thrills of the city. Her singing dreams were soon dropped and the writing reality was pushed in its place. Las Vegas wasn't enough for the 26 year old, she wanted to go see more of the world. So she walked around looking for someone who'd help her. Funnily enough for her, Deimos/Thanatos/Notus was looking for someone who he could conceive a new demigod with. He accepted her wish and he took her around the world, helping her visit cities such as Paris, Madrid and Volgograd.

Somewhere in one of the towns, Catherine got pregnant, and decided to settle in Las Vegas, as it gave her so many memories.Deimos/Thanatos/Notus, now getting his demigod, told her that he was a Greek God, not which one, but he was one, and left, not giving Catherine any support. Catherine, throughout her pregnancy, wondered which Greek God had got her pregnant. Because the God had made her feel special she assumed it could be Eros, yet she never knew.

Adyan was born Layton Taylor-Smith on 14th February 1995, the same day as his mother was born. Catherine never married, raising Aydan as an only child. She moved in with her older half-sister, who was a daughter of Aphrodite, as they both agreed that Aydan would most likely be attacked by monsters and if he had a demigod who had knowledge in fighting monsters. Aydan was now called Aydan as the kids at school teased him about being called Layton, so his mother changed his first name to his middle name, Aydan. When he was 10, Aydan was attacked by a harpy, yet luckily for him, his aunt was with him, and with a few knives into the monster, it went away.

Now rushing home, Aydan's mother and aunt discussed if he should go to camp or not. They both decided that on his 17th birthday, he'd be on his way.

So, when he turned 17, he and his aunt travelled to Camp Half Blood, from Las Vegas. She said goodbye to him and made him promise to visit her every summer. Aydan went in and was soon claimed by Deimos/Thanatos/Notus.

Weapons: Sword (will be named something once clamied :3)

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