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Character Background

  • Name: Azael Demenos
  • Age: 16
  • Appearance:
  • Personality: Because of his curse, it truly depends on the day. Each phase of the moon he feels a little less happy and kind. Once the New Moon hits, he is completely without emotion, and slightly dangerous.
    • Full Moon: Full of joy and kindness. Very nice with a great sense of humor. Nothing, I mean NOTHING, can upset him.
    • Waxing Gibbous: He isn't as peppy, more normal. Still, his patience is pretty abundant and it's still difficult to make him upset.
    • First Quarter: He's more on the bi polar side. He can fall either way. From happy to upset, it all depends. It's much easier to upset him, but it doesn't take much to push him back to a more positive side either.
    • Waxing Crescent: Harder to catch him in a good mood, easier to catch him in a bad one. His sense of humor is much darker and probably not amusing to most. He's more insidious

New Moon: Quite frankly, he's soulless. For one to feel sadness, one must have joy to begin with, and at this time he does not. Everything is more instinctual; so if he feels threatened, he'll attack.

    • Waning Crescent: He's irritable, but he has emotion. Since the moon is filling back in, his emotions are filling back up. He's pretty morbid and more depressed. It's not quite the same personality he has during a waxing crescent.
    • Third Quarter: Also not exactly like first quarter. It's a bit easier for him to be chipper. Instead of falling into angry moods, he just suffers from bouts of depression.
    • Waning Gibbous: This is the only time he seems normal. He can get upset, but it's rational, and doesn't send him into any type of deep end.

Heritage and History

  • Father: Luca Demenos
  • Mother: Pandia


Luca was a handsome and wealthy man. An orphan, he learned he had to work to get what he wanted, and work he did. By the time he was 18, he had his own business. By the time he was 26, he was a tycoon, all thanks to investments. In Chicago, the city he lived in, he was voted one of the most wanted bachelors. That meant when two beautiful women approached him at a gala about "Mythologies of the World", it came as no surprise to him. The women on the other hand, seemed shocked to see one another and neither were very happy. It was clear to him that he'd have to choose, but he decided to make a bit of a game out of it. He spoke with them each, switching off who got more attention, before he settled on the woman who called herself, "Pamela."

He didn't regret that choice until ten months later, when she came back to him with a baby in her arms. It was hard for him to accept, he had a lot of one-nighters in the past, and a lot of women claiming he was the father of their child. Though this time it was different, he could look at the caramel boy and see himself in all of the baby's features. He brought Pandia in, allowed her to stay the night, and again it was a wonderful night for him. The next morning though, she was gone, although his son was not.

With his son was two letters. One requested that it was not to be opened until Azael was, "old enough," the other was for Luca himself. It read:

"Take care of him, as you would take care of me. Thank you, for such fond memories."

As Azael grew, Luca found himself filled with everlasting joy. His boy was the happiest baby he'd ever met. Despite never sleeping at night, he never cried either. This way of life went unthreatened until Azael turned ten. The boy received an anonymous gift, that was both a blessing and a curse, though one that would not affect him until he was much older. With this gift came a note that read:

"Forget me, you must not; for you, I fought. When Azael takes this in his hands, it will transform to a bronze lance. But with this comes the phase of the moon, for this is where they got the term loon. -H"

You see, Hera already hated the Pandia, just because her existence was another reminder of her husband's infidelity. To top it off, Pandia had the nerve to challenge her for a lover, and win. She was that other woman at the gala and she couldn't believe the gal of Luca either, treating the two of them like a game. So out of spite, she cursed the outcome of Pandia and Luca's love.

Of course, the riddle confused Luca. The lance wasn't so much a weapon as it was a keychain made to look like one. He thought perhaps it was a gift from "Pamela" to her son, but couldn't figure out why it would be signed "H". Still, he put it aside with the letter that was meant for Azael when he was "old enough." But Azael was curious and curiosity killed that cat, or in this case cursed it. While the keychain didn't transform into anything when he took it, it did change him inside, although he didn't know it yet.

The changes in mood started out small, even when it hit his first New Moon, he was odd but not enough to raise alarm. It wasn't until his third phase that the symptoms began to truly show. His father tried writing it off as teen angst, but his boy was barely ten. Each month it grew worse, but not overly concerning; until one New Moon, when Azael tried to harm himself. He was confused and empty, he didn't know what he was doing. Luca began taking Azael to a shrink and for awhile, the meds prescribed worked. Two years of a complacent son before everything went back to the bad, except much more drastic.

After alternative routes of therapy proved to also be a bust, Luca decided to get his son a couple of personal nurse to watch over him. By this time, Azael was 16. One nurse seemed very kind and always checked in on him, her name was Sinclair. The other nurse always seemed to try and get past Sinclair for some reason. After a week of her oddities, her motives were finally revealed. On the night of a New Moon, Azael woke to find her looming over him. She no longer looked human, instead she was hideous and had talons. She was a harpy, though he thought she looked more like a vulture. Without a thought he kicked her away from him and his lack of emotion shocked her. She'd yet to see this mood. His instincts told him to grab the keychain that always found its way on him and when he did, sure enough it became a real size lance. Because this was the time of a new moon, he also carried no fear, which made it easy for him to defeat her. Just in time to see the harpy die, Sinclair had scrambled in; oddly enough, she didn't seem shocked and she was prepared to calm a hostile Azael.

She spoke with a calming voice that manage to soothe him. She explained that she was a nymph, there to help him, and she explained to him who he was. His father, while a little late to the party arrived to Azael ransacked room, and Sinclair reiterated everything. In a hurry, Luca found the first letter from Pandia and gave it to his son. In the letter were directions to camp half blood. With the help of Sinclair and his dad, he made it there. It was he, who defeated the beasts on the way though. A few hellhounds and another god forsaken harpy. It was a lot harder for him to defeat the second one because she posed as a flight attendant and he got kicked off of the plane for causing a ruckus, but he did it.

Now, he has said his goodbyes to his dad, and stands before the curious camp half blood.

  • Weapon: Lance disguised as a key chain.
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