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Name:Azaran Zeladrin

God Parent: Poseidon, Hades, Apollo

Mortal Parent:Liliana Zeladrin


Appearance:See image

Personality: Az is fun-loving, free spirited, and a rebel. He will never hesitate to stand up for himself and others. He believes in fighting for what is right at all costs.

History:Liliana had a simple view of the world when she left Camp Half-Blood at 22. "Magic is might." And this was the mantra she lived her life by for years. Being a daughter of Hecate, she took to hunting monsters, often destroying them instantly with her own custom spells. And when not in battle, she would use her powers frivolously for various reasons. A few extra dollars on her paychecks, a few extra fries in her meals, a slightly nicer room when she went on vacation. It was on one such vacation that she met a man who introduced himself as Philip. Liliana was immediately attracted to him, but noticed that the man seemed off. As a precaution, she used a spell to see if there was anything he was hiding, and saw through his guise, revealing him to be the god Poseidon. Flattered that the god would be interested in her, she began a brief affair with him. She prayed that her goings on with the god would leave her pregnant, but alas, a few months later, she received word that she was with child. For a majority of the pregnancy, Liliana was bitter and angry, not wanting to bear the child of one of the Olympians, but too terrified of Poseidon's wrath to abort the child.She lamented her pregnancy up until she gave birth to her son. With one look into his seafoam green eyes, she was in love with the child, and named him Azaran.

Liliana loved Az and did her best to raise him right, or as well as she could in New York. From a young age, Liliana began Az on a tight training regiment, trying her best to have him better prepared for the inevitable monster attacks then she was. She had him take self-defense and gymnastics classes from a young age, teaching him to use various weapons early on. As he got older, he excelled in sword fighting, though he often wondered why she always pressed him on it.

Around Az's 14th birthday, monsters began to attack more and more frequently. After one particularly nasty harpy attack where she stepped in and killed the monster before it could harm Az, Liliana began to doubt if she had properly prepared her son. In a moment of weakness, Liliana traveled to Olympus and appealed to the gods of how she worried for her son's safety. When they heard her concerns, few of the gods were moved. However, Nemesis had sympathy. She struck a deal with the woman, offering protection for Az from monsters and suppressing his powers until his 21st birthday,or until Liliana died, in exchange for Liliana powers. While she loved her magic, Liliana cared more for her son, and agreed as long as she was allowed one last spell. She then used it to erase Az's memory of the monster attacks, and then continued to raise him as a normal mortal.

When Az entered high school, he didn't have many friends, with his dyslexia and ADHD, he didn't have much self-confidence, and only felt comfortable in his school's pool. His closest friend, Miranda understood how he felt, as she also suffered from Dyslexia and ADHD, and was just as socially awkward.

It was on a school field trip in their history class to Ellis Island that everything changed for the both of them. While walking around, Az noticed one of the tour guides talking to Miranda was getting progressively aggressive, eventually grabbing at her arm, trying to drag her away. He quickly ran to help her when he noticed another boy from their class doing the same. He reached the tour guide first,saying "Hey, get off her!" before he noticed what looked like a belt whipping at him, grazing his hand and immediately began to feel woozy. Miranda screamed "Let go of me!" and a fireball erupted from her hands, and the tour guide staggered back slightly, just as the other boy reached them and he drop-kicked him, causing his shoes to fly off, revealing hooves underneath. He then got up and turned to Miranda. "C'mon, you have to come with me, you're in danger!" He then took her hand and began to run for the exit. Miranda, without thinking, grabbed Az's hand and he began to run along with them.

While Az was on the trip, at home, his mother's apartment was being broken into. A local thug from the neighborhood who had always been bitter at Liliana for not wanting to be with him. Unaware Liliana was home, he proceeded into creep into the apartment, and noticed the woman there. He moved closer to her,pulled out a gun, cocked it, and said shakily. "Gimmie all your money." Momentarily forgetting that she no longer had her powers, she quickly turned and shouted the words to a spell. In a panic, the thug shot her, and upon seeing her crumple, ran out of the apartment,panicked.

The boy lead Miranda and inadvertently Az to the Ferry back to Manhattan when he noticed Az. "Look, I know he's your friend and all, but he can't come with us. He's not.....special like you" She folded her arms and stared at the satyr. "If i go, he goes." "Well....I guess he can come iwth you while you get some stuff from home, but he can't come to camp, though?" "Camp?" "I'll explain later...Hey, is he ok?" Az had been feeling progressively weaker since touching the tour guide. While he had been leaning on the edge of the ferry, he leaned forward to far and fell into the water below. "Oh shit! the chimera's tail must've stung him....Oh well, he was mortal, so he wouldn't have made it anyway" Miranda ran to the edge of the boat, screaming his name as the ferry began to leave the island. Az, now unconscious, just sank into the water, the poison from the Chimera's bite leaving him paralyzed.

As Liliana lie, slowly bleeding out on her apartment floor, she prayed to any god that was listening that Az would be safe, and died there on the floor.

Upon Liliana's death, Az's powers returned to him, making him able to breathe, and the water seemed to give him a rush of adrenaline. Suddenly coming awake, he panicked slightly, inadvertently using his powers to propel himself out of the water like being shot out of a cannon, landing on the ferry in a splash, much to Miranda's and the satyr's surprise. The satyr staggered back, holding his nose. "Whoa! How the hell did I not smell that before? Ok,ok, you're coming with us, too. And if I got two,forget going home, we're going straight to camp now." Once in Manhattan, the satyr explained the gods, camp, etc. to Az and Miranda, and escorted them to Long Island to camp, where they were claimed, Az by Poseidon, and Miranda by Hecate.

Weapon: A sword called Fang

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