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Name:Balthilde Abendroth


God Parent:Melione, Iris, Persephone (I really want Melinoe)

Mortal Parent: Dr.Engel Abendroth

Appearance:Balthilde has long bleached blonde hair and ice blue eyes, her hair falls just a bit longer than half-way down her back. She has a pale complection, with rosey red lips.

Personality:Balthilde's quite a spiteful person, she finds it hard to trust people that are not her friends. She is quite clever and can usually be seen reading, texting or blasting her I-pod.

History:Balthilde was born to Dr.Engel Abendroth and _______ in Berlin, Germany. Her parents met in a cafe where Engel's mother worked. Engel had an ambition to be a doctor and told himself that no one would be able to change that, well, that's until he saw _______. _______ went under the alias of Bridgit Klein, Engel fell ever so in love with her, he pleasured her with gifts, until the day she finally agreed to be his girlfriend. After around 15 months Bridgit left causing Engel to become depressed. Engel was just about to kill himself, when he heard a knock at the door, he answered it to find a young baby girl laying in a basket on the doorstep, and beside her was a note, a note explaining about Bridgit's godliness and that Engel must take the child to camp as soon as she got to a certain age, Engel refused to believe this, until ______ came and told him directly, he was stunned for a second, but the baby awoke and ______ said she must leave, Engel was saddened but not for long as he graduated as a doctor from Humboldt University of Berlin.

Engle was mostly at work from this time on, and mostly asked his parents to look after Balthilde, his parents were not as pleased, being forced to baby-sit their granddaughter was that last thing they wanted, so after a while decided to tell Engle to get a new baby-sitter. Engel got a new baby-sitter this time her name was Bree, Bree wasn't any ordinary baby-sitter though, she was a Satyr. Bree looked after and protected Balthilde though good and bad, where as her father was hardly ever home. Soon after she was 12 Engle remembered what Melinoe had told him, he must take Balthilede to that "camp" she was talking about, he decided not to as he was too busy with work, Bree got worried as Balthilde was quickly starting to get a stronger scent, Bree decided to take Balthilde herself, and while she was sleeping, took Balthilde from her bed and left a note for Engal, and left abruptly. Balthilde awoke to find herself in a car with Bree, Bree told her everything, and they quickly got to the airport and left for New York. When they got to New York, Bree rented a car and they drove to Camp, avoiding most monsters, it was only when the got near Half-blood Hill when a Harpy attacked, Bree told Balthilde to run on, she refused until two campers came running up the hill to see what was going on, the two campers managed to defeat the Harpy and take Balthilde to the big house, which, she was claimed as a child of ______.

Weapons:Radar (ραντάρ), Her sword has a blade with a slight red tint to it, its pommel is shaped like a skull with aquamarines for eyes and an aquamarine in its mouth.

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