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Name: Bara

Gender: Female

Creator: Hades

Species: Death Nymph

Appearance: Bara has medium-length black hair, ending a bit below her shoulders. Her eyes are a soft grey. She is commonly seen with a bow in her hair. 

Personality:  Bara is rather dark and mysterious. She enjoys the shadows and the night. She is rather cold to almost everybody, except her creator. She enjoys violence, and death. Bara's only fear is of Thunder and Lightning.


History:  In the early 21st century 4 gods (Hephaestus, Bores, Demeter and Hades) made 4 nymphs. Completely unaware that the other gods where also making nymphs they made then at exactly the same day and time. These four nymphs became mentally linked with each other. The nymphs help there parents a lot. Weiss helped her father in Canada, controlling the terrible weather. Ruby helped her father Hephaestus creating and smelting ores. Bara was created to help her father after the horrible deaths of the sinking of the MV Salahuddin-2 which killed 450 people. Yalene would help her mother harvest the honey on Olympus.

After some years of this Weiss was sent by her creator to Camp Half Blood. She was sent here as Bores was angry that there where no snow nymphs at Camp. Hephaestus sent Ruby to camp as there wasn't a lot of forging going on there. Her job was to motivate the Hephaesuts kids to make bigger, better things. Not just swords and shields. Bara was brought to camp to take care of the Hades kids. Hades was pretty concerned as a lot of them where getting into constant trouble and where making a mockery of his name. Yalene was sent here as the bees at camp where starting to die out. Demeter wanted Yalene to try and make them re-populate the area.

NOTE: This claim shares the same history with three other nymphs (namely Ruby, Weiss and Yalene) since we (Demi, Gruff, Hyu and I) were originally going to make one big claim but chose to make separate claims instead.

--Little Unusual Me (talk) 16:55, March 3, 2013 (UTC)

Death nymphs are created during a time when there are massive amounts of mortal deaths, wars, famine, disasters, they aren't just radnomly created

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Fixed! -- Little Unusual Me (talk) 20:16, March 3, 2013 (UTC)

There's already a death nyymph for 9/11, pretty sure it's Raid's death nymph

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Fixed, again! --Little Unusual Me (talk) 20:52, March 3, 2013

PLease add her to the nymph sanctuary, photo album, and also the user/char forum!Thank you and enjoy!

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