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Name: Barry Cane

Age: 17

Gender: Male

God Parent: Thanatos, Prometheus, Eris

Mortal Parent: Elizabeth Crane/Johnathan Crane

Appearance: He stands at 6'4 and weighs 188 pounds. His body is relatively slim but extremely fit

Barry Crane

Personality: On the outside, Barry is an easygoing, caring, and kindhearted individual. He enjoys having a good time more than anything. This often results in him ignoring the ideas and opinions of others to satisfy his own wants and needs, but he is quick to apologize for doing so. While he shows that he enjoys life and cares for everyone, on the inside he is a spiteful and manipulative individual. He hates most everyone and enjoys any pain that he can cause. He loves the feeling that he is better than everyone and is extrememly prideful. His personalities often collide, leaving him in a somber and quiet mood as he mulls over his actions and thoughts. This results in him becoming very cold and angry very suddenly and often while talking to someone else, though again he is quick to apologize.


Parents Meeting

Elizabeth Crane was a very gentle and kind woman who lived in Bucharest, Romania. She taught at a highschool and her beauty brought her much unwanted attention throughout her life although this wasn't the only thing. When she was younger she had realized that she saw things that others could not. She saw creatures along with other things. She never told anyone that she was able to see these things as she assumed she would be labeled as crazy. Elizabeth would often try and researh what she saw, going through books of greek mythology, once she actually figured out what she was seeing was of greek origin. Even though she had her secrets, on the outside she was still beautiful. As she was such, she had a husband. This man's name was Jonathan Crane, who was also a teacher. The two were married at the age of 24 and lived a good, but somewhat stressful life as they did not have much money. It's unknown why Elizabeth came home to her husband laying still on their bed, but for whatever reason, he had died. Of course this greatly upset Elizabeth and she became full of hate and spite. Three days after her husband had died, a man visited her. She had no idea who he was or what he really wanted. He was dressed in a suit and looked very kind and gentle. "Elizabeth." He had stated when she answered the door. "How do you know my name?" She replied rather angrily. "I would just like to tell you how your husband died." He said very gently, looking calmly into her eyes with a blank expression. She stared back for a few moments before she opened the door wider and allowed him in. They both sat down and she asked him if he would like anything to drink. "No thank you dear, I would just like to talk. Your husband died recently, Jonathan. He was a very kind individual and I can understand why you are upset. You do not need to worry about his death though. I know you have been staying up wondering if he died horribly or painfully. He did not. He slipped away peaceful. There was no pain involved." He stated smoothly. "How do you know this?..." She asked quietly, her eyes full of tears. He embraced her gently, pulling her close in a sympathetic hug. "I know that this will sounds ridiculous but my name is Thanatos." He said gently. "Like the god?" She replied. "Yes." He nodded as he released the hug. Her eyes seemed to be full of a fire of pure hatred, but they were soon quenched by her tears as she fell into his shoulder. Over the next few days Thanatos actually came back to visit, for some odd reason checking to make sure that she was okay. They soon became very close and actually had a child. Once Elizabeth figured out that she was to have a child, she became distraught and left Romania, heading to New York. Thanatos stayed with her, giving her as many pointers and hints to what she should do. He did not tell her that he would be leaving as soon as they arrived and she had a place to stay. Once the reached New York and found a small house to stay in, Thanatos gave her a sickle. That night he told her that the sickle isn't only for gardening and to keep her mind open to sending her child to camps. She took note then went to sleep, waking up with him gone. Once again she became distraught and angry, raising Barry on her on.

Early Childhood, Demigod, Camp

Throughout his childhood, Barry home life was full of anger and depression. His personality became the same. He would go to school in terrible moods and disregarded most things said to him. He made no friends until he was 14. At this age his mother seemed to realize how she had acted for the past years. She told Barry that he could not act like her, no matter what. Barry took this to heart and at this point of his life, he became very social and likeable. He made many friends and started to create a good social life for himself. After a year of a good life, Barry came home to his mother being surrounded by three Telekhines. Elizabeth standing, holding an arm as it bled, a sickle beneath her feet. Once he came into view she kicked it towards him. "KILL THEM!" She yelled as she kicked one of the Telekhines weapons away. Barry quickly came in and slashed one of them clean in half and quickly dispatched the other. The last stood with no weapon but started to move towards Barry, who impaled its head quickly. Although Elizabeth was injured she wouldn't go towards the hospital. Instead she decided to talk with Barry about the weapon. She asked if he would like to try and make it into another weapon. He continued to ask why that had happened but she would not explain. After persisting for awhile, Elizabeth told her who his father was. Barry was rather shocked but proud by who his father was, that he was important. Elizabeth did not tell him about the fact that Thanatos had told her about camps. At that point onward Barry became very active in sports and working out, trying to make himself fit. He was attacked a few more times by Telekhines over the next 3 years. It actually turned out that Elizabeth had been looking at camps in that time period, seemingly looking for one that could be the one that Thanatos was talking about. When Barry was 17, while his mother was out one day, looking at camps, a satyr had went to their house and told Barry that he needed to come with him. Although he didn't want to without telling his mother, a chimera's appearance ruined that chance. As they ran a bit, her mother actually saw them in her car. She drove over and they hopped in the car. She was extremely confused, the satyr told her to go a certain way. They soon arrived near Camp. The satyr got out and said he would try and slow down the chimera, and Elizabeth went to help. Both of them told Barry to run towards the Camp, and he actually made it into the camp, although both of his companions were killed. Barry still keeps his mother's promise, being happy on the outside, although on the inside he is extremely depressed.

Weapons: Sickle, wants to make/get a staff like weapon. 

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Hi there I'll be your claimer today and must I say this is good but I just have one problem with it which is the mom....How could she see the monster? cause you know the mist?? is she a clear sighted mortal? or a demigod??

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Sorry about that. I had totally meant to mention that she that was able to see through the mist, my fault. Should I put that in the story? -Bigmar6775

I also added his age and another line to his personality. -Bigmar6775

Hi ill be your claim checker for today and to answer your question yes please put that in the story just so it is clear she is a clear sighted mortal. After that i think this will be ready :)

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Added! Hopefully it's good enough! It's in the first few sentences of the history! -Bigmar6775

Looks good to me :)

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