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Name: Bella Kleip

Gender: Female

God Parent: Aphrodite, Zeus, Nyx

Mortal Parent: Max Kleip

Appearance: Katherine Mcnamara



She overexaggerates and dramatizes every single thing. She is very polite and stylish, always caring about presentation. She is always center of attention in a room, but she is also very generous, letting her friends share the spotlight too. She tends to obsess on every single detail, wanting to please, even if it means adding to her workload.


Max was a British tourist when he met Aphrodite. He was taking photos of the Statue of Liberty, when she spotted him. He was a very handsome man, so usually women did approach him. But she was different. Her hair was golden curls bouncing off her shoulders. Her skin fair, not one blemish. Her eyes a deep blue. Her cheeks and lips a rosy pink. She smiled at him and introduced herself as Isabella. He invited her for a drink and they went out. They started dating. After a couple of days, they wanted to go to the next level. So they did, but the next morning she was gone, leaving a note that said, "Sorry to leave, but my cosmetics company in Manhattan needs me." And she was never seen again.

Max moved to Manhattan and searched for her. He could not find her. He continued a new career in Manhattan, hoping that he would stumble across her or her company. 

Bella was born on August 7. Max found her on his doorstep in a basket. There was a note that read,

Dear Max,

           This is our daughter. Name her what you would like. But send her to Camp Half-Blood, a place for children like her. Sorry again for leaving you. XOXO

                                                                    Lots of Love,


Max cared for the girl and named her Arabella, or just Bella. They lived in a fancy apartment, since Max hailed from a wealthy family. She always wore the best clothes, and she never wore any clothes twice. He sent her to a private school from kindergartan to middle school, where she had many friends. The boys there loved her. And for some reason, they did whatever she told them to do. There was this kid, Hornbeam was his name, who was picked on. He had trouble walking, he ate a lot, and he had hair on his face. Bella felt bad for him. She invited him over to her apartment to meet her father.

Just when they got inside the apartment, they found a hellhound, and Max petting it saying,"Look what I found outside our apartment today, Bella! Isn't he adorable?". The hellhound lashed out at Bella knocking her out. Since he was trained, Hornbeam killed it by shooting arrows. It took three to kill the hound. She was twelve at the time.

Bella woke up in a car. Hornbeam and Max were in it and they were talking in hushed voices. Bella asked what the heck was going on and why did the dog attack her. Hornbeam explained everything. 

They arrived at Camp Half-Blood. She turned sixteen and Bella likes it there, though she does miss her dad.

Weapons: Archery

Don't judge me; I was born awesome, not perfect. Theawesomeperson202


Please expand on the monster attack and her early childhood, also please state how old she was when the hellhound attacked.

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Don't judge me; I was born awesome, not perfect. Theawesomeperson202

Correct me if I am wrong, but she is twelve as of arriving at camp correct? if she is twelve I'd suggest finding another model, because that one looks 19 >.<

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Yeah, but she turned sixteen.

Don't judge me; I was born awesome, not perfect. Theawesomeperson202

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