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Name: Benedict Zoomer

Gender: Male

God Parent: Posiedon, Appolo, Prometheus
Varun-Dhawan 0

Mortal Parent: Rose Zoomer

Appearance: In the picture...

Personality: Ben is a rockstar in all ways.Although he is short tempered, he has a good sense of humour.Trust me, getting him angry is the last thing you wanna do.

History: Ben was born in an Anglo-Indian household.His mom, Rose had met his pop when she was working in London.He was so charming that, his mom who was not so into "the love  thing" fell for him instantly. She got pregnant and his father told him he had to leave. He revealed to Rose who he really was. She thought he was trying to get rid of her, but found out soon that it was true when he showed her a little trick. She knew he wasn't safe in Europe with all the monsters. So she moved to her home in India which she shared with a friend, 8 months prior to his birth. She thought it would be safe there.But god had different plans.

He was poor in studies. So poor that he couldn't even read. He was later diagnosed with dyslexia and with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD) when he was 8. But he was a natural swimmer. His coach predicted he would be an olympian (as in olympics). Little did anyone know that his father was an olympian as well!

She was scared of what might happen to him if a monster smelled him.She didn't let him make friends.She never told him about his father and neither did an understanding Ben ask.While he was in 5th grade, she refused to let him go for an excursion.That's when his power was revealed.He was so angry at his mom that the nearby tap broke and water hit her in force.

He was so surprised by this. His mother placed her head in her hands. He asked her why he was this way. She looked at him lovingly and told him about his father. She revealed the fact that he was a demi-god. He was so happy (and shocked) to know that he was a demi-god.But then she told him about the monsters around who could sense him.She took out a bag from her locker and told it that it was a gift from his father.He was excited but got disheartened to see a screwdriver!. She told him he would know what to do when a situation came.

It happened when he was 11, he had gone out to play and his new "friend" was with him. His friend made them go to a secluded spot. He said "Did you think you could hide from us if you are here, eh? We have branches in every country." A second later Ben was standing facing a giant scorpion. Ben ran. He suddenly found something appearing in his hands.It was the screwdriver.He stumbled upon a rock and fell down.The scorpion laughed and walked over him. It was going to sit on him! He closed his eyes.He felt someone saying in his head to hit the screwdriver on the ground. He felt stupid, but he could do nothing else.He was surprised to see the screwdriver transform into a beautiful sword and he pushed it into the scorpions soft underside and fell down dead. He was walking with his sword in hand when he noticed his best friend looking at him smiling. "I knew you were! Oh my gods I've found one of your son." He happened to be a satyr and he took him to his mom who understood that the only where safe was the place he was headed. They were on their way when the satyr urged him to drive faster. He had sensed some monster. Ben looked back, it was a huge black hound, a hell hound. It was speeding towards them. Suddenly he braked. The hell hound hit the car and fell down. Ben reversed on it. But the car stopped as soon as the were over it. The satyr was standing in his seat, shaking. They heard scrubbing sounds from below. The satyr asked Ben to drive his sword in. He took the screwdriver, hit it's back on the wheel and then drove the sword in. The sounds stopped. Then they drove towards Camp Half-Blood and reached there in no time.

Weapons:What can you call it?... A Screwdriver-cum-CB Sword


MC-YC-719BL I'm an olympian, but who cares! ME1603600-blue-handle-screwdriver-isolated-on-white-backgroundAshikkansar(Call Me) 18:56, April 4, 2015 (UTC)


  • Hi. Welcome to the wiki. Please can you make a few edits to complete the claim, this would include: 
  • More detail on his early childhood. Why did his mom move to India etc? DId she know he was a demi-god? These would be good details to add. 
  • Please add a first monster attack, for a child of the Big Three, this normally happens from the age of 7-11, make sure you choose an appropriate monster and explain how he was able to survive the attack. 
  • Please add some detail on how he found out that he was a demi-god and how he managed to find his way to camp. 
  • Please list his weapons. These should be celestial bronze, and one should be a substantial weapon like a sword. Items like daggers etc are classed as secondary weapons and cannot be used on their own. 
  • Please sign the bottom of the claim. You can do this by pressing the script button in source mode.

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What is it exactly about all of Europe that Benedict's mother deemed unsafe? Skullwindleft "No wind is of service to him that is bound for nowhere."  -WindSkullwindright   

She thought monsters were present only in America and Europe MC-YC-719BL I'm an olympian, but who cares! ME1603600-blue-handle-screwdriver-isolated-on-white-background

Heyya, Ashkan! I'll be your helper for today! And these are the things I've noticed:

  • In addition to what Wind said above, how did Benedict's mother know all about these monster things the reason for her to be afraid?
  • Lastly, how did Benedict manage to stab the underside of the large scorpion without proper training? Was he under the large scorpion that time that's why it was easy for him to stab from under?

EzghadWOFSig"They are the food and we are the hunters!"  —EzEzghadWOFSig 

Hey there, Ben's mom was warned by his father that he wouldn't be safe in the world as monsters were present who wanted to kill him.That's how she knew about the dangers.She knew Ben's father was a god. And secondly the scorpion had moved over him to sit on him.So he just had to lift the sword up and it was his only chance. MC-YC-719BL I'm an olympian, but who cares! ME1603600-blue-handle-screwdriver-isolated-on-white-background

hi there I'll be your claimer today and I have to say your claim is good but before I can claim it I have to say that monsters would kill any demiogds rather than sit on them (Sorry if I'm nitpicking >,<). Still thats all the problem I can see hope to see you again (sorry again for nitpicking)

Behind those cold hard computer screens.....SuitIsASexyWhoreThere’s a human heart beating away its emotions… 18:08, April 6, 2015 (UTC)

Hey there, Things don't happen the way it always happen in the real world.Maybe the scorpion was looking for a change. It knew that Ben was vulnerable and he didn't have any training, so it might have thought of squashing him to death. MC-YC-719BL I'm an olympian, but who cares! ME1603600-blue-handle-screwdriver-isolated-on-white-backgroundAshikkansar(Call Me) 18:25, April 6, 2015 (UTC)

Heyya, Ashkan. I'll be your helper again today.

  • First, since you mentioned above, does that mean that Poseidon already explained everything to Rose? And then on the first paragraph, Poseidon and Rose had sex and Rose fled back to India?
  • Second, if you could state the age when Benedict got diagnosed of ADHD and also remember that demigods also should have to have dyslexia along with ADHD. And those two can be diagnosed between ages 7-9.
  • Lastly, if you could summarize something that on the way to CHB, monsters could still sense the scent of a demigod there and that's why it's pretty obvious that they could still encounter a monster. You could summarize something like "They encountered some minor monster on the way to camp but easily defeated it thanks to.. blah blah" Something like that.

EzghadWOFSig"They are the food and we are the hunters!"  —EzEzghadWOFSig 

Done it. MC-YC-719BL I'm an olympian, but who cares! ME1603600-blue-handle-screwdriver-isolated-on-white-backgroundAshikkansar(Call Me) 09:36, April 8, 2015 (UTC)

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