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Name: Bennett and Heather

Gender: Female and Male

God Parent: None

Mortal Parents: Alexander Hunt and Scarlett Hanson

Appearance: Bennett has blond hair and brown eyes. Heather is short and slim, with dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Personality: Bennett has a playful personality and loves messing with others; especially his sister. Heather is more reserved unless she's around her brother, who brings out her fun side. She's a bit mischievous, but also sensitive, so she knows when a joke has gone too far. She'll always listen to someone's problems and balance out her brother's abundant energy.

History: After a prank on the Demeter Cabin and some trouble with one of the campers in the cabin, Alex and Scarlett started dating. Their love works like clockwork. Alex is the one who makes everything seem okay, while Scarlett is the one to stop his insane mind. Soon after, they went on a few dates, had some good times, etc. Alex usually found himself accustomed to sleeping in Scarlett's room. After a while, they finally slept together and that was when Bennet and Heather showed up. They were startled at first, but Bennet explained everything and managed to calm Alex and Scarlett down.

Weapons: None

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