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Name: Biron and Kalila


“Love never meant to be easy or smooth

Be simple or simply gentle

All it needs to be is there..

And you got all that you need to smile” ~aphro

Come and sit as I tell you a short tale, A story about love and about defeat , may it be a normal tale about two love spirit, But for me it’s more than just that. Our story begin with a simple meeting when a child of deimos saw a little cat from a far. He felt obligated to return the cat to the owner and that was when he met the brown eyed aphro kid. Their love was weird and bumpy at first yet as time pass love begins to bloom. You may expect one of the love patrons would make a love nymph for the two but that is not the case for these two as the one that made them wasn’t a love patron but another love nymph. The love nymph (named Sabrina) made the two love nymph taking a chance when their love was still new thus she knew she couldn’t just give the twins to the couple thus she kept the twins far from the source couple teaching the two all she could teach. That was until the twins heard about Evelyn leaving camp. They both felt obligated to at least meet their ‘parents’ thus ran away from camp and headed to where ever hell she is…

Personality: Kalila: she’s the opposite of her mother she is more happy go lucky and lives in the moments not really careful with plans nor is she careful. Yet with her quick wits and smart reply you may never get over her innocent face. She is also a very outgoing individual who likes to talk to people but will show fierce anger if wronged

Biron: He is a very happy individual also quite the opposite of his mother but he is one that will get really mad if he is done wrong, so as long as he is your friend he will always have a smile.

Appearance :

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