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Sorry if it isn't very good >.< I'm a tad bit rusty.

Name:Bishop Ventus


God Parent:Aeolus, Zephyrus, Notus

Mortal Parent:Nazareth Mckinney

Appearance:Alex McKee

Personality: Borderline sociopathic, though high functioning and can easily hide it. Usually calm, Bishop can be quite dark and demented when angered, or if he feels the need. The fake Bishop (I.E the one portrayed to the public eye) is well reserved and level-headed, usually the voice of reason. Rarely is he found without a (fake) smile on his face, when in reality he is a cold, conniving little bastard.

History:Spring break Cancun, 1996. Amidst the drunken ramblings of college students and friends, an attractive teen stood upside down at a keg, gulping down pint after pint of cold beer. Admiring her from across the alcohol drenched floor, Aeolus plotted to take her as his own, as he'd been left with blue balls, but this time he would be getting what he wanted.. Striding across in all his glory, Aeolus got a bit more grabby than Nazareth wanted him to be. Nazareth tried to push him away, spouting needless obcenities, before she looked Aeolus in the eyes and he took her breath away.


Nazareth awoke in a gritty, run down apartment on the outskirts of Cancun, and though she had no recollection of the actions that had transpired the night before, she still had a good idea that she had been raped, which was likely a reason for her sleeping arrangements. Making the walk of shame back to her hotel room, she asked her friends if they remembered anything about the night before. To her dismay, the others were just as shit faced, and the best they could offer was the fact that Nazareth was carried away from the scene by a man. As vague as it was, Nazareth was certain by now that this strange man had his way with her, and the first thing she did once back in Maryland was get tested. 

Luckily, the only thing she contracted from the man was his child, and though the baby was the child of rape, she cherished it's life, naming it Bishop, an important political figure in the days of old, as her little Bishop was the most important figure in her life. Bishop lived a normal mortal life for a few years, being spoiled by his mother, and adored by her parents even though he was born out of wedlock.

Alas, as fate would have it, 6 years after the birth of Bishop, Nazareth was driving down to Georgia to visit her parents, when a man on a motorcycle blindsided her, popping of two shots from a .44 into her tires, forcing her to lose control and swerve off the road into the steel hill on her right, as she had been driving on the Appalachian mountains. The shaking of the van awoke young Bishop, causing him to cry senselessly as his mother tried to gain control of the vehicle. Another loud pop of a revolver later, and Nazareth's brains adorned Bishop's face. Bishop would never forget the face of the man that murdered his mother in cold blood, nor the face of pure joy that followed soon after the man discovered Bishop's frail body in the back seat. 

With only a moments hesitation, the man, whose name was Adam Ventus, decided to take poor Bishop, and raise him as his own. Adam thought the shock of losing his mother would force traumatic amnesia, which it did. Bishop was unable to recall his life with Nazareth. He knew Adam was not his real father, but Bishop didn't question it apart from asking if he was adopted when he grasped the situation. The shock of losing his own mother, and being drenched in her own blood, knocked a screw loose in Bishop. The process of emotion slowly subsided from him, and eventually, Bishop lost the ability to feel much of anything, apart from physical pain. The next few years followed slowly. Bishop's interaction with the local Pennsylvanians was kept to the bare minimum, school, getting groceries, etc.. Adam took wonderful care of Bishop, not hiding the fact that he was a serial killer, though Bishop couldn't care less. Hell, Bishop even learned how to fight to a minor extent thanks to his "father", which was handy in defending himself from the many coyotes and wolves that roamed the mountain range. In seclusion from the rest of the world, nothing could hide Bishop's scent from those pesky monsters, and at 13 years old, a giant crimson bull charged into the small opening that housed a tiny shed, filled with several gardening tools and weapons, one being an unrealistically sized longsword, about the same length as Bishop himself was. The blade few into that air, colliding with the bull, though it didn't actually make contact, just sliding through the bull harmlessly (As it was mortal steel). Bishop's condition did not leave him without fear, as he found out that day, and he sat in the cellar with Adam, cowering in fright, tears running down his face as the bull ravaged his country home. Adam, beat Bishop senseless, berating him for being a coward, that he was no better than the whore mother that splattered across Bishop's face that night. The last moments of his mother played back in Bishop's mind, the gunshots. The blood. The shushing of a stranger after watching his mother end in front of his very eyes.

Bishop lost himself. Screaming in a fit of rage, Bishop just lost himself. Wind surged around him, lashing out in every direction at various speeds until, just as quickly as it had came, the wind calmed. Adam's blood fell from the sky, drenching Bishop. The house above Bishop was practically non-existent from his rage and the destruction the bull had caused. Even the bull was no match for the piercing winds of Bishop, and along with the sanguine shade of Adam's blood, gold glittered around him; the bulls remains.

The massive outburst of power completely drained Bishop, and he passed out in what was left of the cellar. He awoke a few hours later to the howl of a coyote, but fended them off as he always had. When he was safe, Bishop decided it was time to leave this place, and made his next plan to seek out help. The blade that flew through the bull's hide had Bishop's attention, however, and he made sure to hide the sword away. It was not an easy task considering the size of the blade, but he managed to fit it into an old oak tree. With his new favourite toy hidden away, Bishop started for the nearby police station miles down the road, acting terrified as he could whilst still covered in his caretaker's blood. Bishop pointed out the old mountain home to the authorities, and Bishop himself was escorted to a hospital to be checked over. When found to be completely healthy, Bishop was first searched in the national missing persons database, and was discovered to be the very same infant that was abducted 7 years ago. His grandparents were still alive, and so Bishop was sent to live with Jean and Robert McKinney, though he chose to still go by the name Ventus. The next four years of his life followed quickly. He became a natural in faking a personality for the normal people about his town and school in northern Georgia, and his powers once again fell dormant, though the attacks of monsters were quickly fended off by them in a lessened fit of rage that Bishop fell into during the bull's rampage.

On his seventeenth birthday, June 20, Bishop was visited by a dream. In it, a man that smelt of summer winds spoke silently to Bishop, and he hadn't a clue what was being said. Soon enough, however, the vision shifted, to a dying oak tree. Wind surged around it until the tree ripped apart, revealing a gleaming blue sheathe, the same Bishop had hidden at 13.

Within the swirling wind, the blade seemed to disappear, and Bishop awoke then with a cold sweat. Outside, a blunt THUMP could be heard, and Bishop looked out his window to notice that the old willow tree outside had being changed into the same oak, but Bishop was in too much disbelief to think straight, and fell asleep again thinking it was all a dream. When he awoke, Bishop rushed out to learn that the willow tree HAD been switched, but no matter whom he asked, nobody agreed, stating the oak had been there longer than the house itself. The old tree still had the hole Bishop theorized held the sword. Reaching in cautiously, lo and behold, the sword was there. He quickly slid it out, revealing a new blade. It was originally a pure damascus steel, but now the blade appeared to be a solemn bronze, though it kept the folds of it's original damascus. A warm breath of air filled his lungs. The words in the dream became clear to him. Aeolus had told him to venture to camp, and told him exactly how to reach it. With no reason to doubt, as the sword was enough proof for him, Bishop started in the direction of Long Islands, fending off hellhounds and telekhines in the days before arriving on it's shores.

Weapons: Custom longsword

OnyxVolcano (talk) 00:00, January 27, 2014 (UTC)


Please sign your claim. Okay. Nazareth is a male name, but the person you're describing is female? Please fix this >.< If Aeolus wanted to keep her around his palace, why did he abandon her as soon as he'd raped her? Please elaborate on Bishop's childhood between the ages of 0-6. Why on earth would a man who had just killed a woman take her child, or even find joy in the fact she had a child? Did Bishop use his powers to make the blade fly into the air? Was it CB? It seems highly unlikely to me that an untrained demigod would be able to release such a chaos with only wind as a weapon. (Sure, I know wind can be strong, but what you've described seems a bit OP, he would be very drained at the end of an attack like that.) If the bull was a monster, there would be no blood, just dust. Could you maybe elaborate the fours years of his life at his grandparents? 

Harlequin Moon   Bring me the Moon and Stars -  Bird    11:56, January 26, 2014 (UTC)

Nazareth is unisex, or at least every Nazareth I've ever met (Around 3) has been female. Adam, much like Bishop, was a sociopath AND a sadist, and was happy in the fact that he could watch the pain and agony of a child losing it's mother. As for why he took Bishop in, I wrote in that he "thought the shock of losing his mother would force traumatic amnesia, which it did." The blood was Adam's, and I fixed it so that it's more obvious. The blade was sent flying by the bull, which charged into it at a high speed, wrecking the shed it as stored in and sending it, along with other gardening supplies, flying.  OnyxVolcano (talk) 00:00, January 27, 2014 (UTC)

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