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Name: Bituin (lit. meaning Star in Filipino)

Species: Star Nymph

Creator: Asteria

Age: 16 years (Physically), 2 years (Biologically)



Model: Stefanie Scott


Bituin is a shy nymph. She would rarely approach anyone unless she really needs to and usually be found by herself. She will open up once she gets comfortable around someone. One thing that would make her talk a lot is astronomy, which is why she would often favour the Asteria and Astraeus kids.

Bituin has a really bad habit of eavesdropping. She would constantly hear about things she is never meant to hear and thus knows lots of secrets which she keeps to herself. 

She would usually roam around in camp during daytime and would spend half of the night looking at stars.


Bituin was created as one of the many handmaidens of Asteria. She faithfully served her mistress and would attend to her needs. Even though she was a shy one, she was became fairly close to her fellow star nymphs, particularly one nymph named Ginevra whom she affectionately called Ginny.

When Asteria noticed that she's beginning to have too many handmaidens, she decided that on random times, she would send a Star Nymph to Earth and would sometimes send a whole group. Ginevra and Bituin hoped that they wouldn't be sent to Earth since they were happy being with their mistress.

Their wish didn't come true since Bituin was chosen to be sent to Earth while Ginevra stayed behind. Having no other choice, Bituin went to Earth, promising Ginevra that she would always Iris-Message her.

Bituin was sent to Camp Half-Blood where she lived in the Nymph Sanctuary. She still has her shy personality and had difficulty opening up. 


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Do you have a lot of sad thoughts? ...Doesn't everyone? ~Ava Ire Tumblr mqb6t1mLTM1sbc0poo1 500

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