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Name: Blake Isley                          

Gender: Male
Anime Boy1

Blake Isley

God Parent: Persephone,Hebe,or Algaea

Mortal Parent: Andrew Isley

Appearance: (Look at photo)

Personality: Blake is very nice and gentle.He has a very caring air around him and tries to be as friendly as possible.He doesn't like fighting but when he does,he is very deadly.

History: My name is Blake Isley and this is my my story.My parents met at a public garden in New York.My dad,Andrew Isley,loved to see different varieties of flowers,and loved to paint them for fun.He was looking at a beautiful rose bush,when she caught his eye.The woman he saw was beautiful and the flowers seem to agree,because when she walked by them,they turned to her direction.She stood by my dad,eying the rose as well."Beautiful rose,isn't it?",he said.She looked at him and smiled."Oh yes,it is very beautiful indeed",she said.He said,"I could say the same thing about you",he says and smiles.She giggles,"Why thank you kind sir." "My pleasure." He holds out his hand. "Andrew" She shakes his hand,"Persephone.". And that is how my dad met my mom.They've dated for a couple of days,had their first kiss and all that jazz,before they got a little XXX.

9 months later,the woman,Persephone,gave birth to me,Andrew Isley.I had the same eye and hair color as my dad:brown hair and green eyes.I don't remember much when I was a baby,but my dad told me that the first days I was born were the best.I didn't cry at all,I was just happy a lot.He and my mom loved me very much.He...also said that my mom left us when I was a week old.She didn't leave a note or anything,she just left.My dad was devastated when she left but he got over it over time.He had to be strong and take care of me.He took me to a lot of gardens when I was a year old.I loved seeing all of the different kinds of flowers and such.It was very enjoyable.When I was 9,I started a little rose garden of my own.It was very impressive and on Valentine's,I gave every girl at school a rose.Hey,I'm sweet like that.

When I turned 14,that's when stuff started to get a little crazy.I was at the park one day with my dad.They're weren't many people there so we had the park to ourselves.We took a walk down the path,admiring the nature,when something huge and black jumped in front of us.It was one of the monsters I read about in one of my mythology books:a hell-hound.It growled at us,baring its fangs.I didn't know what to do,and neither did my dad.We were both paralyzed by fear.Then the monster pounced at me,claws extended.I couldn't move but I didn't have to.My dad pushed me out of the way.The hell-hound tackled him to the ground and begin to slash him all over.Hearing the screams of my dad being mauled by a giant dog is...very unsettling.After the hound was done with my dad,it turned toward me.I froze yet again.It stalked toward,about to pounce again when I heard a shrill sound.Then the grass started to wrap around the hound tightly as possible.The hound whimpered as it was being squeezed to pulp.Then it just melted into a pool of shadow,and disappeared.I looked around to see where the sound came from and found myself face to face with a goat man.I backed up quickly,trying to take in what I was seeing.She told me to calm down,and that everything was going to be alright.Wow,how cheesy can you get?Her name was Eunice and that she was a satyr.She was my protector and that she had to take me to a place called Camp Half-Blood,where kids like me go where they are safe.I didn't get the whole "kids like me" thing,but I had to check on my dad.He was pretty slashed up and looked like there was no hope for him.He told me that he knew this was going to happen,and that he brought me to the park to tell me something:I was a demigod.He told me that my mom was the goddess Persephone and that everything from Greek mythology is real.Given that I just saw a hell-hound in the flesh,I had no choice to believe him.I didn't want to leave him there to die,but Eunice stepped in.I said my good-byes as she played the shrill tune I heard on her reed pipes and turned my dad into a rose bush.Yeah,a rose bush.She told me that we had to get me to camp pronto.I asked how are we supposed to get their and she told me she had a car.How she got one,still remains a mystery to me.So,it was a long drive but we finally arrived at this camp.Turns out,its lies at Long Island.We pulled in through the entrance,and just as I get out of the car,I get claimed.

Blake's Sword

His weapon of choice

Darksigimage TheDarkMerc 僱 The New Merc with a Mouth 傭 Merc for life 兵 08:48, February 18, 2013 (UTC)


Alright. Persephone gave her name out? I mean, did his dad take it as a joke? Since goddesses don't give immediately their names. If Persephone didn't leave a note, how did his dad know? Im guessing his dad could see through the mist to see the hellhound? Or did he see it as a dog? Also, the hellhound shadow travelled away right? Since it wouldn't be disintegrated, not being SI or CB, or anything Greek metal180.194.244.252

Yes the dad can see through the mist.He's seen a lot of stuff when he was younger.Persephone did give her name and told Andrew that one point in time,she will leave them.He saw the hell hound as a hell hound,which shadow travelled away.Darksigimage TheDarkMerc 僱 The New Merc with a Mouth 傭 Merc for life 兵 09:59, February 18, 2013 (UTC)

So she fell in love with Andrew and knew she will a child with him even from the start to trust him?There is a crime, but no criminal. ★❣Broken❣★Jap32

Yes.Andrew is a very trustworthy man and tries to get to the bottom of things Darksigimage TheDarkMerc 僱 The New Merc with a Mouth 傭 Merc for life 兵 10:09, February 18, 2013 (UTC)

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There is a crime, but no criminal. ★❣Broken❣★Jap32

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