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Name: Brooklyn 'Blaze' Andrews

Blaze Andrews

Gender: Female

God Parent: Hephaestus, Apollo, or Hermes

Mortal Parent: Helen Andrews

Current Age: 17


Personality: Blaze is a stubborn, short tempered teen. She is a spirited girl. She is a loyal friend and flirt. However, when she is serious about a relationship, she'll never betray you. She is far from immature and has nightmares frequently. She's a fighter and won't back down.She can be a witch when she's angry though.

History: Hephaestus met Helen at her mechanic shop. She asked him out and he accepted. They met for dinner the next night. Over the course of a few months, they dated. She found out she was pregnant and told him. When she did, he told her the truth and said he had to leave. Helen was devastated and even after Blaze was born, pined for her lost love.

She married the first man who looked her way and he abused Blaze. Helen neglected the young demigoddess. She frequently got in trouble at school for yelling and fights. She was finally shipped off to boarding school when she was nine. She didn't have many friends and was outcast. She kept her head down and worked hard at school.

Her first monster attack was when she was twelve. Her class had went to the zoo and she'd wandered off. A hellhound had attacked her, knocking her to the ground. She's pushed her arm against it, trying to keep it from killing her. It suddenly turned to dust and a satyr stood over her. He pulled her to her feet and asked if she knew what that was. When she answered no, he explained about the gods and monsters. He gave her a bracelet that turned into a sword. He told her she had to go to camp, but she asked if she could say good bye to her mother. When he took her to the subway, she ditched him. She went home where she found she was expelled for frequently skipping school and low grades, because of her trouble sitting still and reading..

She stayed with her mom and step-dad every summer until she was seventeen. She stayed at boarding school the rest of the year. Any monster who attacked her, she managed to kill. Monsters that attacked were hellhounds, empousai, ect.  It was then, she learned she had powers. Her mom died in a car crash when she was seventeen. Blaze ran away the next day. She made her way to camp after sneaking on the back of a deliery truck heading towards Rhode Island., which the satyr had told her the location of. She remains there to this day.

Weapons: A bracelet that turns into a sword.


She sounds more like a spoiled brat than someone with real reasons to join the BC, also why was a satyr never sent for her, and how would she survive for over 5 years with no real training and just some random BC demigod that briefly explained things to her after he saved her from the first attack at 12?

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Okay, do you think If I changed the history a little I could make her just a demigod? I like her, but I changed my mind about her being a BC demigod.

There ya go, now just take out the BC bits and make it like a normal camp claim, also you'll need 3 god parent choices.

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Okay, thanks!

I didn't realise you already had a camp claim so this will have to go on hold until the other is finished..

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On hold until Claiming:Camp/Sophia Torrents is approved

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Sophia's been claimed. DaughterOfWisdom (talk) 01:42, February 3, 2014 (UTC)

changed it back to original title since sophia torrents has been claimed. oh and please add in how old is she now so it makes it easier to read the history! thanks

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Please give more detail on those monster attacks between 13-17.

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How did she get to camp?

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