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Name: Braelyn Nance Gender: Female Godparent: Eros Morpheus Mortal Parent Eva Nance was never quite right after the man she had Braelyn with left. It was like a fog had been cleared from in front of her and realized that something didn't quite add up with Braelyn's father. That he was different. How he had powers and how he told her the child would have them too. Eva tried to tell others tried to get them to help her, but they all thought she was making stories up trying to gain pity for her and her abandoned child, at worse they thought she was crazy. When Braelyn reached the age of for her mother had a nervous brake down and had to be sent to a hospital. Two years later she was released and she took Braelyn up too New York City. Thinking that the crowds would keep Braelyn safe from whatever Braelyn's father said was going to come after her.

Appearance No doubt that Braelyn's lovely, with an always barely-there blush that coats her cheeks, her peaches and cream skin tone that never seems to burn, and her slightly upturned nose that gives her the look of an elf or pixie (depending on who you asked). But her physical traits weren't that rare. She has long, thick, blonde hair that seems to rotate from a golden honey color to a few shades darker than platinum depending on the season. HEr body is lean from years of dance that her mother subjected her to, but she always seemed to have a layer of lean muscle. Her most stunning trait are her Pale violet eyes, that always seem to know more than they let on. They are almond shapped and framed in long brown eyelashes that she inherited from her mother's Italian/Irish family.

Personality Braelyn always was a charmer, she realized her aptitude for it at a young age. She always could get what she wanted, and that fact scares her nowo that she's oldder and realizes that that's not natural. SHe always smiles and tires to make friends with the girls, but when people get to close to her or boys randomly approach her she goes into cynical/sarcastic mode to try to ward them off.due to her ability to get people to do things for her she often distrusts those that come near her or find too much about her, and it certainly doesn't help that she has Daddy issues too. One thing she always does before approaching someone, it to watch them; to figure out their true motives and what they really want from her or the people around her. But make know mistaske, a friend with Braelyn is a friend for life.

History After spending the two years after her Mother's nervous breakdown with her grandparents in Louisiana, Her Mother scooped her up and moved up to the Big Apple, and growing ip there was an experience. She and her mother lived in an 2 bedroom flat above an Italian bakery and grew steadily accospumed to the hustle and bustle of the big city compared to the small town they both grew up in. By the time she was 10 Braelyn didn't feel comfortable unless she was in a crowd or fell asleep to the smell of canolis and half-moons baking. Also by then she had been in dance for 3 years and had a steadily grownign passion for it. When she was twelve she finally convinced her mother to let her try out as a background dancer in a brodway show. Needless to say, it went well! Better than anyone could have predictied. But also Braelyn noticed that the casters for the show or the other dancesrs would treat her differently, they would give her things that she wanted or dance solos that should have gone to better dancers. That's also when she realized that her mother might noit have been so crazy after all. After that night she became more drawn back and often took to trying to make herself more unappling during audicion so that she would just get in for talent alone. A year later she stoped audicioning completely, sadly during her last show she had a run in with a monster. The imp-like creature jumped on stage and started chasing Braelyn around calling her name and such. SHe only evaded it by running out the door backstage catching two different subways and a ferry. The next day she was sent to camp half blood.


Approved as a child of Eros, though I may suggest that you add a little more to the end of her history as to how she got to CHB. - Azrael the Sorrowful 18:39, June 14, 2011 (UTC)

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