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Name:Briallen Prichard


God Parent:Persephone

Mortal Parent:Dorian Prichard

Appearance:See picture

Personality: She's a very relaxed girl not letting much get under her skin. Because of her father's death she often looks down a people who are obsessed with their looks and feels a strong amount of pity for them.

History: Dorian and Persephone met in a very strange way. Dorian was just like Adonis really, charming handsome, everything any goddess would want in a human.Originally, he was meant for Aphroditie, but Ares found out about their little 'fling' and became insanely jealous, so she turned to Persephone to hide him for a while until she could calm Ares down. This process took quite a while understandably since time passes differently for gods than humans and let's just face it Ares is a very jealous man. But you know what they say, w


hile the cat's away, the mice will play. And did they ever play. During this time Dorian wooed Persephone with his ever-so-handsome wit and charm, and they conceived a child. After giving birth to the child, she left Dorian leaving him to raise the child on his own, which considering he was a permanent bachelor, he did pretty well.

By the time Aphroditie returned to claim her human playmate, Briallen was a ten-year old bundle of joy. Aphroditie grew enraged at Persephone once she realized who Briallen belonged too, but knew that there was little she could do to her, for Persephone had moved on and long forgotten about the charming human she had Briallen with. So in liew of the goddess, Aphrodite decided to get revenge on the man. She made the handsome man hideous, so that his looks could attract no goddess, or mortal, ever again.

This threw Briallen's father in to the deepest pits of depression, for what can you do when you've been attractive all your life, and suddenly get thrown into a new world in which everyone is disgusted by you? After only two months, he ended up killing himself, leaving his 10-year old daughter to go live with her unmarried aunt.

Briallen grew up normally with her aunt, living as her daughter and being the light of her life. Things were all going normal until Briallen turned 17 and her powers started manifesting. She could grow flowers amazingly, coaxing them back to life or making them appear seemingly out of thin air. She became fairly well known in her home town and participated in many plant shows, often winning them, which caught the attention of Jude, a satyr sent from Camp Half-Blood to patrol for demigods. He thought she may have been a daughter of Demeter or Persephone and tried to keep an eye on her.

One day Briallen was walking in the woods around her Aunt's house, looking for a kind of flower, when she had the misfortune of running into a particularly angry Dryad who's forest was being cut down by the town. The vindictive nymph decided that this human would face the full brunt of her wrath, and caused one of the trees next to Briallen to fall over on top of her. Briallen in a state of fear quickly tried to think of something to do, but saw no way to avoid the tree. But somehow, as if feeling her distress, her powers suddenly spiked and she made a thorn barrier around herself to deflect the tree. Jude, who had been trailing her, found all the proof he needed that she was a demigod. He quickly ran up to her, freed her from the tree, and told her what she was. He then took her to Camp Half-Blood, where upon arrival she was claimed by Persephone.

Weapons: A small celestial bronze dagger that Jude gave her upon her arrival at the camp.

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